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Account / Bank Setup FAQ

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With the site launch a lot of folks are getting stuck on similar issues, so this post is to cover common things you'll run into when first trying to set up your account and banks!

How do I submit my legacy prompts so that my AP shows up in my character's banks?

How do I claim my EC?

  • Go to your Profile Settings and hit the "Update Logs" button at the bottom.
  • If there is an error or it doesn't work, please ask us for help in either in #questions in discord or by noting the group on dA. Also please let us know if you have updated your DeviantArt username in the past few months since that is most likely the issue!

How do I claim my SC?

  • Go to your Patreon Account info in your profile settings and verify your Patreon Account
  • There should now be a button at the bottom of this page to claim your SC
  • If there is an error and it doesn't work, again ask us for help in #questions or by noting the dA group. Again, if you've changed your Patreon name or deleted your Patreon account etc please provide us with any information you think is relevant.

How do I claim my Undine Tail / Patreon specialty items?

  • These will be distributed manually and may take up to a week to show up in your banks. No need to contact us or do anything, just check your bank in a week and if you're still not seeing it then you can let us know in #questions or dA group note!

How do I claim my Patreon Lifetime Rewards / Noble Growth?

  • You can claim your Noble Growth slot (and any future Patreon Lifetime Rewards) by going to your Patreon Rewards tab in your account settings

Site Launch!

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Welcome to the World of Eyre site!

We’re in the first phase of the site’s release so please keep in mind there may be areas of the site we’re still polishing and refining a bit! Most of the critical information should be live but we will continue to expand on provided info as time goes on!

With that said here are the things you’ll be able to access right away. Most information on the site can be accessed through our Directory of Resources, the directory is also linked in the menu for easy access!

Relative to the specific things you can access and use right away:

  • Customizing your Elnin’s names and profiles!
    • You can also redeem the free “Bloom” frame if you desire!
    • To walkthrough how to use these features visit the Profiles & Framing section of our Helpful Walkthroughs page.
  • Questing / Acts
    • Information on Questing and Act submissions can be found on our Questing Guide page.
    • For a walkthrough example of doing a Resonance Quest for an elnin specifically please check out the Resonance Quest section of our Helpful Walkthroughs page!
  • Prompt Submissions
  • Redeem AP from legacy prompts / participation so that it shows up in your Elnin’s character banks
  • Check out all the new guides, resources, and new processes for edits, growths, rank ups, prompts, quests, etc!
    • There is a lot… but there will be a highlighted pink tag by any major changes or updates during the site transfer if you just want to look for those!

Keep in mind all walkthroughs found on the Helpful Walkthrough’s page are intended to help visualize some of our processes if you’re seeking guidance or direction on your approach! They are in no way all inclusive or a full substitute for familiarizing yourself with the general rules and processes of each activity you wish to do.

Linking Your Accounts!

  • To link your DeviantArt account you must be logged into that deviantart account in another tab in the same browser window you are logged into as the World of Eyre site. You should be prompted to link your account upon joining the site.
    • This will be the account used to pull in your EC bank!
  • To link your Patreon account, again you must be logged into that account in another tab while in the same browser window.
    • This is the account reference that will pull in your SC bank!

Please let us know if you have any trouble connecting your accounts in the #questions channel on discord or through a note to the Berry-Bazaar Group.

Bug Reports, Website Questions, & Site Feedback!

We've moved instructions on how to submit website questions and bug reports to their own resource sections.

If you want to help out a fellow member with a link to a resource you’ve found we ask you also supply that in the #elderberry_lounge channel. While we appreciate the willingness to help we would like to keep #website_bugs and #questions channels free of user response for the most part, just to make sure the info getting across is accurate and clear! There's a lot of new things to cover so we don't want to miss anything.

Thank you once again for your continued support and patience with us as we navigate these changes. We're excited to be able to share our efforts with everyone!

Growths, Rank ups, and Edits are Open!

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Hello everyone!

Growths, Rank ups, and Edits are open on the site now, as well as general art updates without stat changes/edits!

You can find resources on these processes on the following pages:

If you're looking for example walkthroughs (with linked screenshots) on how to do some of these processes, please visit our Helpful Walkthrough's page.

There are sections on:

We currently do not have an explicit walkthrough for rank ups. The process is very similar to growths, however, pricing is different between the two processes so please be sure to check out the Adult Elnin Edits & Rank ups page! We also do not have an explicit walkthrough for what an art update without stat changes/edits would look like but this will be on our list of things to add in the future.

Historically, growth slots/edits were purchased separately from submitting art. That is no longer the case. All growths, rank ups, edits must be accompanied by updated art to be submitted. WIPs are completely acceptable and encouraged. Full payment should be attached alongside any WIP. If we do not see payment attached, feedback will be deprioritized.


Prioritized Submissions

For this initial launch, we’ll be prioritizing the first submission any user makes. If you plan to submit many growths, try to submit the one you want us to follow up with the most. If we experience a low volume of submissions, we’ll turn our attention to other submissions in the queue, but we suspect it will be pretty busy!

Patreon growths/rank ups/edits that have already been paid for are currently listed on the masterlist and can be found under the “Notes” tab next to the “Info” tab of a masterlist entry. If you have purchased a growth/rank up/edit through Patreon, just mention it in the comments of your submission so we know to check for it.

  • We’ll also be checking those to make sure Patreon submissions (which do not have EC/SC/AP payments attached do not get deprioritized on accident.)
  • Patreon submissions will not get more/less priority over first EC/SC submissions.
  • Patreon related submissions will get priority over second/third/etc. EC/SC submissions during this initial release.


Deprioritized Submissions

Outside of your first submission, the following will always have low priority. This means these types of submissions may take us a week, if not longer, to respond to. If we have a low volume of submissions, we may get to these quicker. Do not inquire if we’ve seen your submission yet, it will be in our queue and depending on how things go the queue may be quite long!

  • WIP submissions for growths/rank ups/edits without full payment attached.
    • It was mentioned above, but these sorts of reviews will make it harder for us to get through the queue, as we have to sift around them to give priority to those who can pay immediately. 
    • Please also note that if you submit a WIP without payment, you cannot delete your submission to add payment later. This means if we don’t get to it quickly and suddenly you can pay, you will not be able to edit your submission to add the payment to flag the growth/rank up/edit as a priority. We highly recommend not submitting growths/rank ups/edits you cannot pay for right away.
    • Please note modberry, or post in the #eyre_website channel, if you need a design update approval sent back to a drafted state or rejected entirely, so you can submit it at a later time.
  • Minor standalone edits (beyond your first submission to our queue).
    • Again, it may take us a week if not longer to review these, so we encourage grouping your minor edits even if it means they may appear to be a medium or major edit later.
    • Edits are always evaluated primarily relative to the current design, and secondarily relative to the original design. At a base level, we’ll be evaluating edits relative to the current design, and then looking at the original to make sure edits are not straying too far. An elnin should, at most, always look like it could be a sibling to the original design.
    • Original, in this context, is considered to be the first design of an elnin (whether it was a kittom or adult design purchase).
    • The edits system will be monitored for abuse. If we believe a user is trying to bypass the EC cost, then we retain the right to adjust the cost to a higher tier.
  • Art Updates without stat changes/edits
    • Like the above items, these will have lower priority as they should be for the most part cosmetic and potentially have no bearing on events.


Overall, priorities will be roughly as follows:

  1. First requests from users with EC/SC/Patreon payment
  2. General requests from patrons (ie. Anything paid with USD that wasn't their first patreon growth/edit/slot)
  3. Second, third, etc (growth/rank up/edit) requests from users with EC/SC
  4. Minor edits/mutation additions that are standalone (paid with EC/SC/AP and not grouped with a number of other edits+additions)
  5. Requests with no payment attached (images just for review/feedback that people want to know but didn't attach payment on)


Growth / Rank up / Edit Questions

You can find a resource on how to submit questions related to design updates and feedback here.


Thank you for your patience on this everyone! Sorry, this got a bit long but all of this information is really important.