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Created: 15 July 2020, 18:00:18 PDT
Last updated: 7 April 2023, 00:38:12 PDT
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What are Quests?

Quests are multi-part adventures that your character can complete during their time in Eyre. Each quest has a specific end goal, and the rewards you receive during your quest will generally be focused towards that goal.

  • For example, the Resonance Quest is centered around reducing the requirements needed to mature your elnin. "Maturing" in this case refers to both the growth of a kittom into an adult, as well as the progression of an adult through the mp ranks [Villager, Adventurer, etc]. The rewards received throughout the Resonance Quest directly impact the ease of moving through the mp ranks, as well as awarding a few perks that can help develop your elnin further [namely bonus AP and MP].
  • Other examples include quests that are focused on acquiring special mutations or traits, where an elnin is aiming to gain a difficult trait not often available. Mutation and trait-focused quests, unlike the Resonance Quest, align closer to the amount of work it would take to typically acquire normal mutations. Keep in mind, these types of quests will not align one-to-one with how normal mutations are acquired, as the traits being acquired are not normal! Generally these quests will involve a little extra work and more specific acts that must be taken. They are also intentionally more limited.

Quests will generally consist of several parts, called Acts.

Acts can be any number of possible tasks, from performing some sort of community service in your hometown to venturing out into the world to find a lost item.

Acts should generally only be done while undertaking quests.

Some Resonance Quest-specific acts may be done by themselves if you are trying to fulfill any missing rank requirements you need for purchasing growth/rank up slots. (Note: The Resonance Quest is the only quest associated with growths/rank ups, so this does not apply to other quests outside of that one.)

Each Quest can only be completed once during an elnin's lifetime. For Special quests, if a trait gained from a quest is dropped and no longer present on the elnin, only then will a user be allowed to repeat a quest to re-earn it if they change their mind later. Keep in mind that repeating a quest for an elnin might need to happen the following year since repeat quests will count towards the availability limit a quest might have. (See our Quests Directory page to see what availability certain quests may have.)

Some Quests may be adult OR kittom only, please be sure to check the participation rules for each quest before you start it!

Some Quests may be limited and only able to be completed a certain number of times within a timeframe per user! Please check the quest's availability section to confirm if there are any limits.

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Benefits of Questing

Benefits for Quests will vary! In general, anything that results in big changes to your elnin's personal storyline will be made into a quest. Things like the Resonance Quest, which brings your elnin into better attunement with the world itself, and other activities further down the line such as profession unlocks, combat training (both magical and martial), earning titles and achievements, and more will all likely be very quest-heavy.

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Are Quests Mandatory?

Not necessarily. You are completely welcome to use your elnin in the monthly art and writing prompts, participate in group events, grow and edit your elnins, and enter breeding events without ever touching questing. However, if you want to delve deeper into your elnin's character, questing is a great way to do that and earn some very nifty perks along the way.
Additionally, certain trait lines (subtypes/profession-specific traits/rare or exclusive mutations/etc) will likely be locked behind quests, so if you want to obtain these outside of USD purchases then questing will be the way to do it!
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Do I Have to Finish a Quest for Rewards?

Yes, you need to finish the entire quest in order to claim your rewards. Be sure to check each quest's Rewards section for specifics.

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Where Are Quest Rewards Tracked?

It depends! Be sure to check out the Rewards section of each quest for a breakdown. Some rewards could end up being tracked on masterlist entries or your character's bank.

Regarding claiming rewards, the only time we check your quests and record them in an official capacity are when you file a claim for a specific quest.

  • For example, when you claim resonant status for an elnin, we will review and approve all your submitted acts, mark your quest claim as completed and update your elnin's masterlist entry with the "Resonant" status.
  • For special mutations or traits earned, these will be recorded under the "Notes" tab of your elnin's masterlist entry when a claim has been submitted. These mutations and traits must also be applied to the art the next time an elnin undergoes a design update.This holds true even if an elnin is resold or traded. If a new user is not aware a trait has been earned and does not apply the mutation/trait alongside the next design update, that mutation/trait will be lost and need to be re-earned.

You do not need to use all AP or RM rewards at once, since we will be able to reference which ones were earned and used during previous deposits and withdrawals to your character's bank. For rewards that are listed under an elnin's "Notes" tab on their masterlist entry, those must be applied alongside an elnin's next art update, as they are harder to keep track of and "Notes" entries do not carry over with design updates.

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General Requirements for Quest Completion

Quest art/writing must include a full background or backdrop of some sort.

  • In the case of cropped or stylized backgrounds [circle borders/platforms/etc], please try not to block out too much of your backgrounds with the subject elnin(s). There are no percentage value requirements on this for now, but if we feel too much of the background is not visible (especially if you wish to claim AP where applicable), we will ask for adjustments.

Quest art/writing must include EITHER:

  • Clean lines and flat colors. No shading required.
  • Rough lines/no lines with painted or cell style rendering. Shading required.

Art/writing must include at least most of the primary subject's body. We're talking like 75-80%. This can be a bit subjective, but please try to be careful with hiding too much of an elnin's body via perspective or backgrounds/props/etc. If including a secondary or additional elnins to fulfill resonance/rank requirements, the additional elnins must also show 75-80% of the body. For writing, the primary subject must be shown clearly interacting with any additional elnin (around a paragraph's worth) to fulfill additional elnin requirements.

AP bonuses, when applicable, require a clear visual or written indication of the region you're claiming the AP for. For instance, a rainforest background would not be appropriate for Zevija AP. For written entries, there should be an adequate amount of regional descriptors (roughly a paragraph's worth) in order to claim AP. Regional descriptors should also be from the perspective of the main subject/elnin earning the AP. For more details on regional requirements, check out our Regional Affinity Guide as well as the resources section on the info page of the region you would like to earn AP for! Not all quests allow AP to be claimed for each act, but some quests may have non-region locked AP or a more specific kind of AP as a general reward at the end.

Written entries are allowed in place of visual art. Written entries must be a minimum of 900 words in addition to any previously listed applicable requirements.

All completed acts in a quest must first be submitted to their respective Act prompt on site before you can claim those Acts for a quest and its related rewards. The prompts for submitting quest acts can be found here: Resonance Quest Act Prompts or Special Quest Act Prompts. (Please note that the category used depends on the type of quest you're doing.) You will not automatically receive feedback on your acts right after submitting them. By default, quests are not "counted" until you actively go to claim the rewards. To learn more about claiming rewards, see our "Claiming Quest Rewards" section below.

The comment text on Act prompt submissions must clearly list which elnin is completing the act/quest. Please also include a link to their masterlist entry along with clarifying which region's AP, if any, you are claiming AP and a quest specifically allows AP to be claimed. The following form can be used in the submission comments:

  • Regional Affinity: [ Eyre Region name (e.g. Ahza, Bellmoril, Ealei, Enmir, Faerindell, Kyendi, Palu'au Islands, Silveil, Strynhalde, Zevija ) ]
  • Elnin ID: [ Link to masterlist entry or their ELN# from the masterlist ]

Act art/writing must be original art done by you. Pieces heavily referenced or otherwise copied from outside sources will not be accepted.

Art/writing should be canon to Eyre. Try not to include things that are too heavily out of character for the world unless specifically mentioned in the act description (the "Mushroom Madness" act, for example).

Please do not rush your art/writing! There is no time limit on when quest art has to be completed. Stylization is ok but please be sure that stylizing doesn't mean "omitting" important details that make it easy to tell what elnin is being used and where they are located. Make sure you are adding details to your background if you're going for AP and a quest allows you to earn AP. Quests and acts are supposed to be events that are pivotal to your elnin's personal development, so please take your time and enjoy the journey.

Open Species/Semi-Open Species/Closed Species outside of the World of Eyre species may be included in your submission if permission is granted for them to be used in the World of Eyre setting. Proof of permission to use the species in World of Eyre or a screenshot of the species' TOS stating the species' character can be used in outside settings should be provided upon submitting your piece to the website. If the character is a species that you have personally created, you may include them in your submission, but the group will need written permission for other individuals to use your CS in World of Eyre submissions. (For a short list of species that have granted permission to multiple users, see the "General Prompt Guidelines" FAQ section.) In an effort to be respectful and to keep elnins from potentially disrupting other groups, please do not submit your "Berry Bazaar" ARPG art to other CS galleries. This is especially true for CS such as Esk, which have a very insular universe and we don't want to step on any toes. Basically, treat this as an alternate universe experience for any outside CS that you bring to Eyre just to be safe.

One-off designs that are not a part of an Open Species/Semi-Open Species/Closed Species may be used within the World of Eyre setting. While we will not be requesting proof for these characters to be used in prompts, we encourage users to check the TOS of the artist who created the one-off design to make sure the artist’s TOS will not be broken if used in the World of Eyre setting.

Please do not reference any franchise characters, cosplays, and so forth (no Pokémon, Final Fantasy, etc)!

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Claiming Quest Rewards

When you are ready to claim a quest's rewards, you will need to follow a few steps.

  1. First, you will need to submit all of the individual acts that make up the quest you are trying to complete to their corresponding act prompts. (Either Resonance Quest Act Prompts or Special Quest Act Prompts.)
    • Please note we ask that you do not submit individual acts until you are ready to claim quest rewards and have all related acts reviewed!
    • Since quests are typically composed of many acts, all of which are required to earn rewards, we won't be reviewing acts independently before a claim for the rewards comes in. Submitting acts one at a time months before you're ready to claim your rewards will not expedite your questing experience. It will just mean we have more acts to sift through in our queue to find your acts later. So please submit all of your acts together right before you plan to claim the rewards.
    • We will not check any acts without a claim since the claiming step should be what gives us the whole context. (ie. What mutations, traits, or rank you're questing for/if you want to be sure you've met the rank up requirements in addition to those for your quest, if you've done all the acts for an elnin kittom compared to an adult elnin, etc.)
    • If you have a rank unlock requirement present in an act, be sure to include the name of the rank unlock requirement in the optional comments field.
    • If you are claiming an AP reward for an act, please attach the character you are questing for to that act and add a reward to that character for the 1 regional AP you would like to earn for that background.
      • Remember you can only earn a lifetime maximum of 3 AP through the Resonance Quest for the elnin that is Questing.
      • Acts will not be approved without a claim, so we will be checking that AP amounts do not exceed the total lifetime maximum of 3 AP.
      • Double-check that you have selected the correct AP currency for your act. We will be using this to review the background to make sure that it meets the corresponding requirements for earning that AP. If the background location does not match the AP you are trying to earn, we will reject the act and request adjustments. After appropriate adjustments have been made, only then will we approve your claim and respective acts.
  2. Once all acts have been submitted, you will need to submit a claim! You can submit a claim by going to the "SUBMIT" link in the upper right corner and clicking on it. Then click on "Submit Claim"
    • In the URL form field
      • Link your elnin's masterlist entry
    • In the "Comments" text for the claim please include the following:
      • Name of Quest undertaken:
      • Links to each completed Act:
      • Resonance Quest Only Desired rank of elnin: (What rank are you growing/ranking them up to, if any? Leave this off if you are not doing a resonance quest.)
      • Resonance Quest Only Standalone Rank Unlock Requirements: Any other links to art for rank unlock requirements you want recorded down as completed. (Leave this off if you are not doing a resonance quest.)
      • Special Quest Only Mutation being acquired: (Be specific if the quest has options for which mutation you can earn from it. For example, if you do the "Breathing Exercises" questline, specify which breath mutation you are trying to earn: Cloud breath or Fire breath. Leave this off if you are not doing a special quest.)
    • In the Rewards section:
      • Add your character: (ELN### or MYO-ELN### format)
      • Once your elnin appears, click "Add Reward"
      • In the Reward dropdown, select the character currency reward associated with a quest (if applicable).
        • Resonance Quest Only You would put "Resonating Mana" and put 3 for the amount! (Leave this off if you are not doing a resonance quest.)
        • Special Quests Only You would put "AP (Any Region)" and put 1 for the amount! (Leave this off if you are not doing a special quest.)
    • If you have any questions about a mutation, trait, or resonance quest claim process, please submit a ticket with the Ticket Type "Prompts & Quests".
  3. After we have reviewed your claim and acts, we will approve the claim first and then the related acts mentioned in that Quest claim. Once approved, approval mods will let the masterlist mods know what rewards need to be added to an elnin's masterlist entry.
    • Where rewards are added to the masterlist entry will depend on what type of quest was undertaken. For the resonance quest, the "Resonant" status needs to be added to your elnin's masterlist entry stats along with a mention of what rank unlock requirements have been met. For trait or mutations acquired these will be added to an elnin's "Notes" tab on their masterlist entry.
    • Please allow time for the masterlist mods to update your elnin's masterlist entry on this website. If the masterlist entry is not updated within a week after your claim has been approved, then feel free to send us a ticket to let us know your masterlist entry needs updating. We will do our best to get things updated quickly. Thank you!
  4. At this point, your quest for that elnin should be complete! Keep in mind if you are working on a growth or rank up, you will still want to make sure you have met the rank unlock requirements.
    • Rank unlock requirements can be done alongside resonance questing or separately.
    • If you complete the rank unlock requirements separately from resonance questing acts or monthly prompts, then you will need to submit the art to the corresponding rank unlock requirement prompt if the mini-requirement is not a listed act prompt. Once the rank unlock prompts are submitted, you can either add them to your quest claim to have the rank unlock info added to your masterlist entry or claim those rank unlock requirements separately.

If you need an example walkthrough of doing a Resonance Quest, we provide one here with screenshots of submission examples. Submissions are not required to use the provided example formatting. However, having information displayed clearly will help moderators verify requirements are met completely.

Where do I submit my quest acts?

  • All acts can be submitted to their respective act prompt on site. We will only review acts once a quest claim is submitted for rewards on our site.

Can I use my AP on any of my elnins?

  • No, AP is currently a "character bound" group currency, so you can only use AP on the elnin you completed your quest(s) with.

Can I feature another of my own elnins or a friend's elnin in my quest?

  • Absolutely! Right now we don't have any bonuses for doing this, but we are considering adding some in the future. For the Resonance Quest specifically, you will be required to include an additional adult elnin in two of your acts if this is completed while the elnin is a kittom, but the adult elnin can either belong to you or a friend. However, please note that the main focus of the act should still be the elnin who is completing the quest.

I'd like to do two versions of the same act in one quest, is that possible?

  • Previously, this was possible. However, we have made adjustments since then so for now, each act prompt you do in a quest must be a unique one.

I'm in the process of growing my kittom, but I already have their adult art prepared! Can I just use the adult version for my quests?

  • We ask that people refrain from doing this for any quests, resonance or otherwise. The resonance quest specifically is supposed to be a journey where they go on adventures, see new places, learn new things, etc., basically acquiring life experiences, so it only makes sense that they do it as a kittom and come out at the end as a shiny new adult elnin.

I have edited my kittoms stats but not the masterlist art yet. Can I draw my kittom with these edits in their resonance quest art?

  • Yes, if the edit is already listed on the masterlist entry. If the mutation/edit is one you are adding with the growth slot itself using the AP you would get from completing the resonance quest acts or other bank currencies, then that mutation should not appear in the art as it does not exist yet! Please refrain from adding any mutations/trait changes to questing art if they are not yet listed on the masterlist entry.The resonance quest is supposed to be a journey where they go on adventures, see new places, learn new things, etc., basically acquiring life experiences, so it only makes sense that they do it as a kittom or elnin as they are currently and then come out at the end with their shiny new features after the questline is done.

Can I use my "Fey Sojourn" prompt for the "Peculiar Self" act?

  • They are similar concepts, but we ask that you submit a new version for this act. It's ok to base your quest around your elnin's old "Fey Sojourn" form though- it'd be a cool callback! But we suggest that you try to update the form, or expand upon it, rather than doing a straight copy of the same exact design. They're not based solely on masks this time, after all!

Can I reuse/repurpose any of my other current/past prompt entries or personal art for Quest credit?

  • Please refrain from reusing old art/prompt entries for quests. Act art for a quest should be new and unique art drawn for that purpose. If the art has already been posted or used in the past for something else, we ask that new content is created. Thank you! If we discover that old art/prompt entries have been re-used, we will request that the quest is redone with new content.

Can the Act(s) I submit for my Quest be done at different stages of my elnin's life (kittom/adult)?

  • You must complete an act at the stage your elnin is currently at unless otherwise specifically noted in the act description ["Flashback" acts allow adults to complete them as kittoms if desired]. Just be mindful that quest requirements may change depending on if they're undertaken as an adult/kittom so be sure to read all of the quest rules beforehand!

Where can I find info on previously done Quests and Acts (legacy ones finished prior to the new system) for credit toward the new Resonance quest?

  • Please visit our Legacy Quests and Acts section of our Prompt Archive page. This page should explain how you can claim any unspent AP from Legacy Quests as well as info on what counts as a Legacy Quest or Act.

If a kittom has a growth slot listed (from a previous owner or otherwise) will I be able to do the resonance quest to get discounts for future rank ups?

  • It depends on the nature of the growth slot...
  • The first step would be to check if your elnin has resonant status listed on their masterlist entry.
    • This would mean they have quested before and therefore do not need to do the Resonance Quest again for discounts!
    • You will also be able to see if they have spent all their AP or MP from that past Quest in their character bank.
    • If the elnin has not spent or earned all their AP from a Resonant Quest and you were not the original artist of those pieces, you will need to do additional acts for that elnin to earn the remaining AP (up to the lifetime maximum cap. If 2 of those lifetime AP were spent on a mutation in the past, you would only be eligible to do an act to acquire the remaining 1 AP).
    • If the elnin has not spent all their Resonating Mana currency but has resonant status, you can apply that remaining MP to hair, ear fluff or tail lengths at any time so long as the noble 13 MP cap is not breached. Keep in mind also if the added MP breaches a rank threshold, you will need to pay the respective discounted rank up price.
  • If your elnin has not quested and has a growth slot, you would not get the discounts for future rank ups nor the 3 Resonating Mana currency and potential 3 AP.
  • Elnin who would like to quest while they have a growth slot with unapproved growth art will need to do questing either by:
    • Using "Flashback" acts only as their kittom self
    • Getting adult art approved for that slot and following the normal resonance quest process with their approved adult design.

I have an elnin that is a noble that has never done the resonance quest! Can I do the resonance quest for that elnin to gain more AP or MP for them?

  • Yes, any elnin can do the resonance quest for the AP or Resonating Mana bonuses.
    • AP requirements will still need to be met to earn the AP.
    • Resonating Mana currency received from Questing for a noble elnin that has never quested before is only usable towards applying MP towards an elnin's respective ear fluff length, hair length, and tail size up to the 13MP cap. If your noble elnin quests with 13MP, this means they will not be able to take advantage of the MP earned from questing.

Can I use the bonus AP I earned from questing as a standalone edit if I do not want to grow my kittom or rank up my elnin?

  • Yes, you can use the AP earned from questing before growing or ranking up your elnin assuming the resonance quest and AP requirements have been met.
  • Note: This does not mean you can use any mutations you would spend that AP on in the quest art itself! It would be like spending currency before it has been earned. For that reason, please make sure your quest art reflects the current state of your elnin's masterlist entry.
  • Questing AP is spent on a kittom as an edit (after that AP has been earned and approved).
  • Keep in mind, if you have a mutation or trait earned from a quest in an elnin's "Notes", that mutation must still be applied alongside the elnin's next art update regardless of if you're spending AP or not.

Do you have any examples of what Questing looks like?

  • Yes! You can find an example of what questing looks like in the Resonance Quest section of our Helpful Walkthroughs page. Keep in mind requirements will vary depending on if you are questing as a kittom or an adult elnin! The example does not cover other quests for mutations or traits at this time.

My act or claim was soft-rejected! Do I have to have the changes completed within a specified time frame?

  • No, you do not need to complete the changes within the specified time frame for acts or claims! Staff are required to add a cooldown when soft rejecting all prompts, acts, and claims due to our site's setup, but if you're unable to get the changes in before the edit period expires, simply re-submit the resonance claim or act with the updated links/info and you should be good to go!
  • It's worth noting, trait or mutation quest annual limits per user are based on when a claim is approved or if the claim was submitted within the last month of the prior year. This means if you submit a claim for an annual mutation or trait quest in December of the year 2022, and it takes potentially a few weeks to be approved, the goal between the moderator team and user would be to have the claim fully resolved by the end of January 2023. If any requested edits are not made promptly by the user early in January to try to speed up the process, the moderator team is not responsible for claims possibly lapsing further and counting for the next year (2023 in this example).

If I submit art, do I need to include a written portion as well?

  • While a written portion is not required, it can help provide context on what is happening, especially if the art doesn't clearly portray this in the act. If we're unsure of what's happening within the act, we may request that some context be provided via text (generally no more than 2-3 sentences), though you are also free to edit the art instead if preferred!

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