EC Edits Pricing

Created: 26 July 2020, 16:07:44 PDT
Last updated: 7 April 2023, 00:51:49 PDT


This information only covers the cost breakdowns of individual traits and stat changes. It is meant to be used as a reference when choosing how to do design edits/growths for your elnins.

To acquire edit/growth slots, please refer to the appropriate pages:

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The edits system will be monitored and adjusted based on community feedback and observation. With group systems there is always the potential for future changes (and as there should be, we want to keep making them better for you guys!), and it’s possible you may feel negatively impacted in the event an edit is made cheaper in the future. However, we will not do any retroactive refactoring of past purchases or issuing refunds. Thank you for understanding!

IMPORTANT Always check with the original artist when seeking to edit art that is not your own! We will be requiring users to provide some form of proof in the comments tab of their design update submission that they had permission to edit art that is not their own, or that they hired the original artist or another artist to edit the art knowingly and with permission from the original artist!

  • Proof can be in the form of a screenshot of the artist allowing you or another artist to do an edit. Please make sure wording is clear. Make sure to check all of the following:
    • Can I (or another artist) edit the artwork you did of ELN###?
    • Do you want to see the edit before I submit it?
    • What sort of edits do you allow? I was hoping to edit _____ on the original design.
  • Alternatively, proof can be in the form a screenshot of showing you asked or paid the original artist for an edit. (Be sure you are familiar with the artist's TOS! They may not volunteer their time to do edits to completed art for free. Some may factor minor edits into their pricing at no cost. Please check.)
    • Screenshot of the commission being requested.
    • Screenshot of the commission being completed/delivered.
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UPDATE Dropping MP tiers for lengths or styles is now a flat 2 EC cost instead of costing 2 EC per tier dropped. If you are dropping the MP tier of multiple things you still have to pay 2 EC per type of trait. For example, if you changed your hair length from 4MP to 1MP, and your tail style from 4MP to 3MP, it would cost 4 EC.

[Hair], [Earfluff], and/or [Tail] adjustments to size/length

Important Note(s)
These traits share pricing values but are calculated individually. Example: Going from 0MP to 1MP in both hair and ear fluff would be 4EC.

  • 0MP → 1MP = 2EC
  • 1MP → 3MP = 6EC
  • 3MP → 4MP = 10EC
  • 0MP → 4MP = 18EC
  • Swapping [Hair] and [Earfluff] lengths = Free
    • Note: Please only put in a design update submission if you have more to change than just free edits. You are free to draw your Elnin with the swapped Hair and Ear Fluff lengths whenever you want!
  • Dropping a stat to a lower tier = 2EC
    • Note: Elnin have the ability to make their hair and tails shorter for practical purposes. Going on an adventure with luscious locks can be quite the hassle! You are free to draw your Elnin's hair, ear fluff, and tail at shorter lengths in acts, prompts, etc. Masterlist art, however, must reflect accurate hair, ear fluff, and tail lengths.
[Tail Style] adjustments

Important Note(s)
When purchasing an upgrade, you may use any tail style in the new MP tier.

For all current tail styles, please see: [Elnin Tail Guide]

  • 0MP → 1MP = 4EC
  • 1MP → 3MP = 10EC
  • 3MP → 4MP = 10EC
  • 0MP → 4MP = 24EC
  • Swapping styles within same MP tier = 4EC
  • Dropping style to a lower tier = 2EC
[Crown Style] adjustments

Important Note(s)
When purchasing an upgrade, you may use any crown style in the new MP tier.

For all current crown styles, please see: [Elnin Crown Guide]

  • 0MP → 1MP = 6EC
  • 1MP → 3MP = 10EC
  • 3MP → 4MP = 16EC
  • 0MP → 4MP = 32EC
  • Swapping within same MP tier = 4EC
  • Dropping style to a lower tier = 2EC
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UPDATE The pricing for changing your Elnin's colors or markings has been greatly simplified. There are now only three price tiers that evaluate the color and marking changes as a whole rather than calculating individual color and marking adjustments and adding them together.

Read the following category guidelines to determine what category your design changes fall under. When you put in your design update submission put the following note in the Comments section:

  • Color/Marking Changes: (Category)

Please do not request quotes or ask how much can you change a certain color or marking while keeping it within a certain category, etc. We ask that you just make your best guess, and when we review your design update request if we think the edits would fall under a different category we will let you know and send it back to you. Rest assured if the price would be lower or higher it will be sent back for you to make your own decision on how you want to proceed with the design update, and you will absolutely not be obligated to pay if the edit ends up costing more than you expected.

NOTE Please keep in mind this process will inherently be subjective. We will do our best to be consistent, and get the opinion of multiple mods, but it's possible you will end up disagreeing with our evaluation. Although this process might be more subjective than the previous one, we believe the vastly reduced complexity will be more enjoyable to work with both for you guys and for mods (instead of ending up like the woman doing math meme).

General Notables:

  • Minor standalone edits will have a lower priority. It may take us a week if not longer to review these types of edits, so we encourage grouping your minor edits even if it means they may appear to be a medium or major edit later.
  • Edits are always evaluated primarily relative to the current design, and secondarily relative to the original design. At a base level, we’ll be evaluating edits relative to the current design, and then looking at the original to make sure edits are not straying too far. 
  • Original, in the context of edits, is considered to be the first design of an elnin (whether it was a kittom or adult design purchase).
  • The edits system will be monitored for abuse. If we believe a user is trying to bypass the EC cost using minor edits, then we retain the right to adjust the cost to a higher tier.

Category Guidelines

Minor [2 EC]: The change isn't obvious. You need to look twice or compare to the original to notice the change.

Medium [8 EC]: The change is obvious but also still clearly similar to the original. When you look at it you would recognize it as the same design at first glance, just with some adjustments.

Major [16 EC]: Not recognizable as the same design at first glance. Still maintains some similar themes like markings or colors. 

Outside Range of Design Edits: Not recognizable as the same design even after comparing it to the original. Does not share enough themes with the original. 

We will continue to update these criteria as we process design updates and get feedback from the community.

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Costs are determined by rarity. You may purchase mutations with either EC -or- AP (combination purchases could come at a later date). That being said, mutations are intended to be obtained via AP, and as such will have a higher curving EC cost. Rare and exotic mutations especially curve high and will still require 1AP from the appropriate region when purchasing with EC.


  • The rare mutation "Inner Fire" requires 1AP from Kyendi on top of its 26 EC cost.

AP (Affinity Points) are acquired from group prompts and quests. Initially, AP acquisition was capped to only being able to carry AP from two different regions at a time. We've judged that the new system should be stable enough to allow people to collect AP for as many regions as they like. Reminder: It is up to players to have their AP banked prior to spending them.

Standalone mutation additions/drops/overrides, like minor edits, will be treated as lower priority and may take us a week or longer to approve unless there are a low volume of submissions coming in. Again, we highly recommend submitting this type of request alongside other edits or grouping mutation additions/drops/overrides.

For all current mutations, please see: [Mutation List].

Adding Mutations

NOTE Only mutations that are hereditary (marked yes next to "Is Hereditary?" on the Mutation List) and have a listed regional origin are purchasable with group currency. If either of those things is missing, then they are not available for AP or EC at this time (new mutations tend to stay exclusive for a period of time, but may open to public purchases in the future).

As an offset to the high curve and one benefit of choosing to purchase with EC: costs are halved if inheriting a mutation directly from a parent that had the mutation at the time the litter was picked up and posted. AP costs remains the same regardless of parent heredity discounts.

  • Common = 6EC [OR] 1AP
  • Uncommon = 16EC [OR] 2AP
  • Rare = 26EC +1AP [OR] 3AP
  • Exotic = 42EC +1AP [OR] 5AP

Art must be updated to reflect mutations added in some way. We will not approve a mutation addition without an art updated to reflect the addition!

Dropping Mutations

Mutations can now be dropped!


  • Dropping a mutation = 2EC
    • Dropping multiple mutations is a flat 2 EC cost if done in the same design update submission, instead of costing 2 EC per mutation dropped.
    • Multiple submissions with a mutation dropped each submission will incur 2EC per. Meaning if you drop one mutation, have the art reviewed and approved and then a month later decide to drop another mutation it will cost you 2EC again.
  • Art must change to no longer show the mutation if one is dropped.
  • Mutation drops are permanent and irreversible. In the event we change this in the future, we will not reverse or retroactively refund any EC or AP for those past mutation drops. Please keep this in mind when dropping mutations!

Conflicting Mutations

If you are adding a mutation that conflicts/cannot co-exist with a mutation existing on an elnin, the existing mutation will be dropped at no cost in favor of the mutation being added.

  • If you have a concern certain mutations may conflict please ask the moderator team. Moderators may defer to Manaberry if we do not know if something conflicts. We will try to get a referenceable guide for mutation interactions in the future that will address some of the mutations that conflict, however, it may not be all inclusive. Until this is live, please be sure to ask if you are unsure if two mutations conflict.
  • If a mutation is added that would cause another to be dropped we will let you know.
  • Keep in mind, as stated in the above section, mutation drops are permanent and irreversible. There will be no retroactive refunds should we change how mutations being dropped are handled.
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Outfit and Accessories Art Changes/Updates

Most outfits and accessories are deemed acceptable wear for elnin. However, we do request that you take a look at our brief Outfit and Accessories section over in the Elnin Anatomy Guide beforehand. Distinguishing between an outfit or accessory has a lot to do with how much of the design's markings are being obscured but that distinction won't cost any extra EC.

Cost Breakdown for Masterlist Updates:

  • Accessories with visible markings and no other paid edit(s) or a growth/rank up = Free (limit one)
  • Alternate accessory or outfit version submitted with paid edit(s) or a growth/rank up = Free (limit one)
  • Consecutive accessory or outfit submissions with no other paid edit(s) = 2EC

IMPORTANT Regarding accessories or outfits submitted with paid edit(s) or a growth/rank up: Please be aware that for record purposes we require the first image framed from the design approval to be the naked (or minorly accessorized) version of the elnin where the markings are unobscured. As only one image upload can occur at a time through the design approvals system, we will then allow a free update (limit one) after the approval so that an alternate clothing or accessory version can be displayed in the masterlist frame. A few small accessories can be submitted as a separate design approval up to one time before they are considered a consecutive submission.