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The website is coming out of Maintenance Mode! So a lot of our regular systems will be reopening.

Design Approvals, Claims, and Character Trades/Transfers Reopening

Please give us some time this week to send out feedback and go over things. It will probably take a few days to catch up on things

Prize grants will also be happening this week. They haven't been forgotten, it's just going to be a bit of a slow start. Your patience is appreciated! Thank you!

Prompts Reopening

Monthly and Monthly Regular Prompts for December will be submittable from December 19th, 2021 to January 31st, 2022 at 11:59pm PST time.

  • December's Monthly Prompt "Memorable Messages" will allow for a max of 2 submissions between now and the end of January.
  • December and January's Monthly Regular Regional and Gift art prompts can be submitted any time in December or January, PST time. The rule still stands 1 per month though, so we should not see more than 2 Regional Scenery pieces and 2 Gift art pieces come in per user between now and the end of January.

In January we'll be introducing a new prompt category Seasonal Prompts. These will be prompts that run within a 3 month time period, so the first Seasonal prompt will run from January 1st, 2022 to March 31st, 2022 ending at 11:59pm PST time.

General Content Updates
  • On our General Prompt Entry Rules, we have added guidelines for pixel art.
  • Metallic Markings has been renamed to Metallic Suffusion with its guidelines updated!
  • We have made changes to our navigation menu!
    Changes include:
    • World - Now includes Lore, Regions, Shops, Encyclopedia, and Submission Gallery
    • Guides - Includes some notable guides for easier access
    • Activities (Public facing) - Includes Prompts, Sales, and Raffles. Essentially hubs for things that may be currently happening.
    • Home (Only available to logged in users) - Encompasses what the private facing old "Activity" menu item had and previous Home menu features. Consider this like a dashboard for anything you might need to do while logged in!
    • Masterlists (Previously called Browse) - Now just includes Site Masterlists for Users, Characters, and MYOs.
Website Updates

The website is now on Lorekeeper v2. This update includes improvements by corowne and a number of extensions that were integrated into Lorekeeper core. Extensions integrated were thanks to contributions from the open source community. Credits for extensions can be viewed on the credits page.

There's a few things of note. I'll be going over what major things we have added to the site feature-wise and a few things that are pending implementation or evaluation still.

New Requirements on site
  • Users now must have a dA account connected to access site features. This was included as a part of the lorekeeper v2 update, but since we still largely cross check ownership across platforms, having it is required.
  • The website now requires that users input a birth date to confirm our users are old enough to use this site. You must be 13 years or older to sign up for the WoE website. Your birthdate information will not be shared publicly on your profile in any way.
New Features Usable Now

These are some of the features we believe will see the most use now. There may be a few other features on site not explicitly mentioned on this list that add to the general QoL of the site that you'll notice around, like avatars on site, as well.

  1. Stacked Inventories - Inventory stacking is now a thing. This isn't something all too major given our current inventory numbers are quite low.
    1. When accessing items via your inventory, use the checkbox to select which item you're interacting with.
    2. For example, when applying a frame, remember to not only select your elnin from the dropdown, but also make sure that you choose which frame item you're applying if you have multiples of a frame.
  2. Comments - These will be available on news posts and sales posts, not user profiles or anywhere else. Please keep comments appropriate and follow community guidelines.
    1. Comments are new for us, so at this time we are still figuring out our approach to moderating them. We will not be responding to comments that are questions. If you would like to ask a question on something specific, please use our #questions channel in discord or support tickets on the WoE website.
  3. Reports - This is a reporting system feature for content that is either a bug or not appropriate (comments/profiles/etc. that break TOS can be reported now.)
    1. This was added specifically for these two tasks/purposes, our Ticketing system is wholly separate and broader to cover general questions.
  4. User Transfer Reasons - When transferring characters, you are now required to provide a reason for transferring the character. This only applies to one-sided transfers done through the Transfer option on a character's masterlist entry.
    1. We recommend using the on-site Trades feature whenever possible with details relative to what you are trading.
  5. Character Toyhouse Profile Link - Users can now add a profile link to their elnin's on-site profile. When added, it will create a small button on the top right of an elnin's masterlist entry next to their name. This can be a link to a character's Toyhouse profile via their profile page ( if you prefer to use THToyhouse rather than adding character bios on your elnin's WoE profiles.
    1. Example: See ELN046
  6. Captcha (v3) - Will appear on the registration page for new users registering.
  7. Separate Prompts - This mostly changed the sidebar of our prompts page here.
New Features Possible in the Future

These are features we have had added, but currently do not have in use. We will be exploring options.

  1. Submission Add-ons - This allows users to attach items/currencies to claims or prompts.
    1. Currently we don't have a specific use for this, but it's something we'll likely explore down the road. Feel free to ignore this feature until we provide instructions on how/where it may be used.
  2. Character Items - Currently we have no items in our database that can be attached to characters, but we may eventually. This is another feature we will explore.
Features Still Being Considered or Worked on
  1. Galleries - We have a currently existing Submission Gallery for prompts (under the "World" menu item).
    1. We're still exploring use cases for a secondary gallery that was part of the v2 update.
    2. The secondary gallery inherently functions differently than our existing Submission Gallery, which is prompt focused.
    3. The two galleries (old and new) will not be merged. We will be keeping the old gallery for prompt submissions. The new one is still under review as it may not be needed, but we're still assessing.
    4. You may see areas on site that are part of the new gallery feature that is still being considered. For now please ignore these sections.
  2. Watermarking - This is not implemented on site yet, but something we're looking into. This will likely not be like Toyhouse's watermarking in terms of flexibility, but we're still looking at what this feature provides and how to fit it into our site.

There are a few features that came with the Lorekeeper v2 update that are disabled or that we will not be using on our site for various reasons. Some reasons include already having similar features on site that were coded custom for our site needs or certain features not fitting how our group is structured.

That wraps up our news update for now. We'll continue to provide updates as needed as the week goes on! Thank you everyone for your patience with us during this time period!



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