Scammers and Impersonating Accounts

Posted 6 months ago :: Last edited 6 months ago by Starbask

Due to the urgency of this update, we are notifying everyone cross platform. It has come to our attention that there is an account impersonating our group moderator account modberry on DA that is going around and contacting past bidders from auctions/sales in order to obtain their PayPal info.

We'd like to specify that if a bidder/winner should ever back out of a sale, we will never ask you for your PayPal email or send a reply through DA's chat function through modberry. We would first confirm your interest through DA notes, and then mention that the respective artist will contact you for payment info.

That said, please always make sure to DOUBLE-TRIPLE CHECK THAT THE CORRECT ACCOUNT IS MESSAGING YOU. Check the profile itself to ensure that it is the right account. If it is not the right account, we would recommend blocking and reporting them so that you don't get any further messages from them.



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