Kittom Edits & Growths

Created: 27 June 2020, 13:38:28 PDT
Last updated: 4 February 2024, 12:16:05 PST



As usual the modberry team is quite busy berry-ing ourselves into improving all aspects of the group. Please be patient with us as we roll out Edit and Rank Up systems. There may be some delay time or feedback we need to give while approving things. Thank you so much for your continued patience everyone. ;v;b



Elnin Edits, Rank Ups, and Growths are opening! Please please please take your time familiarizing yourself with the guides before asking questions. The staff and I have done our very best to try and make sure that all of the information you guys need is here for you.

If you have any concerns about the pricing, try to keep in mind that certain things are supposed to be difficult to obtain, such as rare/exotic mutations or the "Noble" Elnin rank. We've tried to give a nice spread to prices to make sure that easy things are easy, and rare things are still a reasonable challenge that people can work toward without exhausting themselves. (Take advantage of our new Questing/AP system!) Everything is designed around gentle progression. I've spent probably more time than was strictly healthy for my mental state excruciating over these values, so I only ask that you all try to view the system objectively, and try to remember that we're aiming to encourage people to take a slow and steady approach to developing their Elnins. Our systems are definitely not designed to max rank Elnin and load them with mutations all at once.

Please, take your time going through the information we've put together for you. If you have any questions, think them over a bit and try to find the answers here. If you're still stumped after that, please do let us know by either noting the Berry-Bazaar group or posting in Questions and Suggestions channel on Discord so that we can make any adjustments to the guide to help make things clearer.

Thank you all so much for your patience!

The purpose of this guide is for outlining the edits/growth process for kittoms/baby Elnin!

There are currently a couple of methods for obtaining edits/growths for kittoms, with maybe more in the future.

  • USD commissioned adjustments done by Manaberry or USD purchased MYO edits/growths.
    • These can be obtained primarily through Patreon sales.
    • Public sales are seldom, but will be announced on Manaberry's account when they come up.
  • EC/SC purchased edits/growths. (Which is what this guide is for)
    • These types of edits/growths will not be slot based, and should always be available to purchase once they are opened officially unless we need to close the shop for events or emergency updates.
      • EC / Elecite Coins are a group currency that you earn by participating in Berry-Bazaar prompts and events. EC is tracked at the Goldspring Treasury.
      • SC / Strange Coins are a Patreon currency awarded to specific pledge tiers every month. SC can be used at any time as an EC equivalent currency, or at special SC-only merchants. SC is tracked at the Starlake Bank
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Basic Intro to Edits / Growths

  • Always open unless specifically stated otherwise.
[General Info]:
  • Pricing for edits/growths is widely variable and entirely dependent on what you're wanting to add or change to your kittom's final design. Edits/growths without many changes or extra bells and whistles will not cost anywhere near the amount of fancier requests. For a big ol' list of EC prices, please see the [EC Price Guide].
  • If your respective edit influences the MP of your Elnin, causing it to fall into a higher rank, you may need to complete additional requirements for your growth slot. Please see the "Unlocking Higher Ranks" section below after calculating your costs to make sure all rank requirements are complete!
  • Commissioning another artist to draw your kittom's updated art is totally ok, HOWEVER:
    • Please be aware that all edited/growth art for the masterlist is subject to approval before being made official. We suggest keeping an open dialogue with our Berry-Bazaar moderators during your commission process so that your art doesn't end up accidentally needing to be adjusted because of any rule breaking/trait mishaps.
  • Whether doing the art yourself or commissioning another artist we highly recommend you send in WIPs (Work in Progress Art) at different stages to avoid painful reworking of finalized art. Please check our WIP Guidelines to see how we recommend sending in your WIPs.
  • To purchase your edits/growths you will need to submit the completed design art so that staff can take a look and make sure all the bits are in the right places. Here is how to submit your kittom's design update request:
    • Go to your kittom's Masterlist entry
    • In the menu (left-hand sidebar for desktop, Menu button at top for mobile) go to "Settings", and then "Update Design"
    • Detailed instructions on filling out your design update request will be in the Submitting Your Design Update section below.
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Deciding Your Edits, Growth Stats, & Costs


First, let me describe how a growth is calculated. The process could be a little bit different than what you might at first expect, but once you've got the basics the rest will make more sense.

  • The most important detail is that you DO NOT purchase your rank first. The rank of your Elnin (and the associated cost of the rank) are calculated as the final step, after you have added all the extra bits and pieces you want to your design.
  • If you want to add MP to an Elnin, you do so by choosing which stats you want to add it to individually. Please see the [EC Price Guide] for a breakdown of all EC/AP costs associated with trait adjustments/design changes/etc.
  • Once you have added in your desired traits, and you're at the amount of MP you want to be, then you add the cost of your growth on top of whatever other adjustments you chose.
    • Rank Ranges for reference:
      • 0-1 MP = Nestling
      • 2-4 MP = Villager
      • 5-9 MP = Adventurer
      • 10-13 MP = Noble
      • 14+ = Royal * This rank is not available.
  • Unlike the costs for basic traits listed in the [EC Price Guide] which are static and do not change, the price of your Elnin's rank can be reduced significantly by gaining "Resonant" status from the "Resonance" quest. For more information on Elnin quests and how they work, please see the [Questing Guide]. Below is the list of individual rank costs, followed by the "discounts" you can receive by applying your "resonant" status from the "Resonance" quest.
Rank Base Cost Resonant Cost
Nestling 16 4
Villager 26 7
Adventurer 42 11
Noble 110 28
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Unlocking Higher Ranks

To unlock higher ranks there are sometimes base requirements that need to be met first. Each rank [Nestling being the exception, it has no additional requirements] has it's own set of requirements for unlocks, but they will all fall into two categories: either a full act, in which case it will follow all the normal completion conditions as if the act were being done for a quest, or a "mini-requirement" of some sort.

[What Are Mini-requirements?]
  • Mini-requirements are meant to be fun little snapshots of your Elnin's life, things that show a bit of connection to the rank that they're aiming for. These are also special in that they can be done a few different ways depending on which option works best for you.
    • Can be included as part of an act. So planning out your quest acts to include any/all mini-requirements is a great way to go about it!
    • Can be pulled from existing prompts / added to current prompts. If you notice that a prompt you've done in the past coincidentally fulfills a mini-requirement, you may submit it for credit. If you want to add a mini-requirement to the current month's prompt you may do so as well. Just keep in mind that the prompt in question must already be accepted into the appropriate prompt folder first before we will count it.
    • Can be done as a solo piece specifically to fulfill just that requirement. If you don't feel like including the mini requirement in a particular act or prompt you can also just complete it by itself. As long as the mini-requirement is depicted fully, you do not need to add any additional content. For example, a standalone drawing or paragraph of your Elnin interacting with two other Elnins is a-ok to submit for the Noble mini-requirement, no background or additional story elements required.
      • For information on how to submit standalone rank unlock requirements see the Standalone Submissions walkthrough under Rank Unlock Requirements on our Helpful Walkthroughs page.
[Additional Clarification for Submitting Newly Created Art/Writing]:
  • This means any brand new art that you are doing specifically to fulfill a rank unlock requirement.
  • Any submitted art / writing must be done by the current owner of the Elnin that is being ranked up.
  • If the depiction is an Act it must fulfill all general art requirements as if you were completing the act for an official quest. Shading, background, word count etc. Acts that are finished outside of a quest will not be eligible for additional AP at this time, so it's a good idea to try and incorporate them into your quests if possible!
  • If the requirement is depicted in a standalone piece it must meet the following guidelines:
    • "Standalone" art means any piece of art/writing that is not part of a full piece. For example drawing an image of your Elnin in their adventuring outfit by itself, no background, no interactions, etc.
    • Art must have:
      • Clean lines and flat colors. [No shading required].
      • Rough lines/no lines with painted or cell style rendering. [Shading required].
  • If the requirement is depicted in a standalone written piece it must be a minimum of 300 words.
[Additional Clarification for Submitting Previously Created Art/Writing]:
  • Art / writing must have been done by the current owner of the Elnin that is being ranked up. You may NOT submit art completed by a previous owner.
  • Please note, any previously submitted prompt or quest art/writing must have been approved into its respective prompt or act prompt to count!
  • Acts from previously submitted/in progress quests can be used to fulfill a rank requirement.
    • Be mindful that acts must match the requested categories. For example, if I grew my kittom up to villager rank and completed an act of exploration as part of their resonance quest, later on I could also use that act to fulfill the "Complete an act of exploration" requirement for unlocking adventurer rank for that Elnin.
  • If the requirement does not specifically state that you must complete a full "Act" in its language, then you may use a previously approved prompt OR act with the necessary feature depicted to fulfill the requirement.
    • Using the same example villager Elnin as above, if I had drawn or written about that Elnin in a previous prompt and they just happened to be in an adventuring outfit at the time, I could use that prompt piece to fulfill the "Depict your Elnin with an adventuring outfit" requirement for working towards ranking up that Elnin.
[Alternatives to Unlock Requirements]:
  • NEW Unlock requirements are intended to be a means of expanding upon your Elnin's story to connect it to their rank. Originally unlock requirements had no alternate means of being fulfilled as they were requirements, unlike questing. After some internal evaluation of the process we have decided to implement a way to fulfill the work that would go into doing the requirements with an EC cost instead.
  • If you wish to skip the art/writing unlock requirements for any rank above Nestling you will need to pay EC equal to the MP your Elnin ends up when purchasing your rank up / growth slots.

    For example:
    • If your kittom is growing to be a 2MP villager they would pay 2EC to fulfill the rank's art/writing requirements on top of the rest of their calculated costs.
    • If your kittom is growing into an adventurer with 6MP they would pay 6EC to fulfill the rank's art/writing requirements on top of the rest of their calculated costs.
    • If your kittom is growing into a noble with 11MP they would pay an additional 11EC to fulfill the rank's art/writing requirements on top of the rest of their calculated costs.
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Unlock Requirements

NOTE: You only need to complete the requirements for the rank you are aiming for when purchasing growth/rank up slots. So if you launch your Elnin all the way to noble immediately, you do not need to complete the extra unlock requirements for villager and adventurer. This does mean if your Elnin is taking an extended journey through the ranks, they end up having to do more in the long run. But you'll also have more time to spread things out, more opportunities to include the requirements casually into prompts, and of course more time to spend with your Elnin exploring their back story ovo

Important: If rank unlocks are completed in combination with Resonance Quests, there may be additional requirements!

Nestling [0-1 MP] :

No additional requirements.

Villager [2-4 MP] :

Please complete one of the following, you do not need to do both.

  • Mini-requirement: Depict your Elnin with a background of their home region (ie, where they were born/grew up).
    Please include your Elnin's home region in the Act's submission comments for us!
  • Complete an act of support.

Adventurer [5-9 MP] :

Please complete both: mini-requirement and one of the requested act types.

  • Mini-requirement Depict your Elnin with an adventuring outfit.
    • By "adventuring outfit" we mean something that your Elnin would wear as travel gear on longer treks away from towns. Including objects such as lanterns/backpacks/sleeping gear/ travel food/etc etc is great to help give it that extra adventuring feel!
  • Complete an act of exploration
  • Complete an act of bravery

Noble [10-13 MP] :

Please complete both: one of the requested mini-requirements as well as the requested advanced act.

  • Complete a standalone advanced act (These are marked with a 🔷 on the act directory). This act cannot be used for quest turn ins, it is specifically for unlocking the noble rank.
  • One of the following Mini-requirements:
    • Depict your Elnin during a journey far from home.
      • Please include your Elnin's home region in the Act's submission comments for us! "Far from home" should be a region that is not directly neighboring/adjacent to your Elnin's home/birth region. If your Elnin is from Ealei, any region is fine due to travel distance/sea voyage. (See the Region Breakdown to see what regions are adjacent to/border one another.)
    • Depict your Elnin in the company of two or more other Elnins.
    • Depict a treasured possession or a gift for a treasured friend/mentor.
      • You are welcome to draw/write about just the item itself. If completed as art, please include a short description about the item explaining what it is and its significance in the Act's submission comments.
    • Depict your Elnin interacting with a human or elseworld creature.
      • An "elseworlder" is a creature or humanoid that is not native to Eyre, ie other CS species. Just be sure that you have the species owner's permission before using their CS in your acts.
      • A few notable CS that are approved to appear on Eyre: Browbirds, Kitbulls, Lantern Dragons, Star Dusters, Dragonkits, Aetherlings, Grottes, Snaptraps, Esk. In an effort to be respectful and to keep Elnins from potentially disrupting other groups, please do not submit your "Berry Bazaar" ARPG art to other CS galleries. This is especially true for CS such as Esk, which have a very insular universe and we don't want to step on any toes. Basically treat this is an alternate universe experience for any outside CS that you bring to Eyre just to be safe.
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Quotes for Edits / Growths

UPDATE With the way the new design submission system works we have decided we will no longer be doing separate quotes. We ask that you just do your best to calculate the cost of your growth/edits using these guidelines and the [EC Price Guide]. However, we understand that math is hard and mistakes will happen. If there is a miscalculation we will send back your submission with a note and you'll be able to adjust it and re-submit it.

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NEW Submitting Your Design Update

Once you've gone over the rules and pricing and have decided on how you want to do your edits/growth, please fill out a design update request. If you need help filling out your form, please note the Berry-Bazaar group on DeviantArt and we will have a mod assist you!

You start the submission process by going to your Elnin's masterlist entry and going to Update Design. On desktop this can be found in the left-hand sidebar under Settings, and on mobile it's found under the Menu button at the top.

Once you've opened your design update ticket, please fill out the following:


This is where you will specify the stats and traits that will end up in the Masterlist.

  • At the top select which type of design update you are doing:
    • Growth: Growing your Elnin from a kittom to an adult. Other edits may be included as well.
    • Rank Up: Increasing the rank of your Adult Elnin (Villager, Adventurer, etc). Other edits may be included as well.
    • Edit: Only trait, color, marking, or mutation edits with no Growth or Rank Up.
  • Fill out your desired stats
    • If you are submitting a growth, be sure to change the Stage from Kittom to Adult
    • You do not need to edit the Total MP, it will automatically calculate based on your other changes!
    • Put in the MP values of your desired Hair, Ear Fluff, and Tail Size
    • If you're changing your Tail Style or Crown, select from the dropdowns
  • If you are adding or removing any traits, update the Traits section
    • All your current traits will be copied over. If you are removing a trait hit the red X. If you are adding a Trait click the Add Trait button and select the trait from the dropdown.
    • Leave the Extra Info box alone unless you need to specify a trait has a specific subtype of those listed. ie. Light reactive coat can be metallic, shimmering, or iridescent. If there is existing text in these boxes that text should not change unless the trait/mutation itself is changing.
  • Hit Save!


This is where you will attach your payment(s) and any items you are using.

  • Your Inventory
    • If you are redeeming a Patreon growth, you will need to select your growth token here.
      • Older patreon growths that do not have a token can be found in the "Notes" tab on your elnin's masterlist entry. No token is needed to submit these growths though you may want to mention in the comments that it is an older growth!
    • If you are using any items that add traits, like an Undine Tail, you would add that token here as well.
  • Your Bank
    • This is where you will put in your EC payment. (If you have SC, you can use that interchangeably with EC).
  • Character's Bank
    • If you are using AP, you will select the AP you are using from here.
  • Hit Save!


This is a general / multi-purpose section. When submitting WIPS this is an ideal place to clarify any questions or concerns you may have, like if you're unsure about how a certain mutation or trait works. You can also drop your notes from your planning in here if you want, and it will help us understand how you're arriving at your currency calculations.

  • Hit Save! Even if you don't enter anything in this section you still need to hit save so we know that you are done with the section.

(If you're feeling stumped how to submit calculations in a clear way please see the Growths section on our Helpful Walkthrough's page. Under "Step 3: Submit Your Growth for Review" of that section there is a template you can use and example of it being used.)

Masterlist Image

This is where you will upload your WIP or Final Masterlist Image. We highly recommend you send in multiple WIPs as you are working on your growth or edit. You can find a handy [WIP Guide] to see how we recommend sending in WIPs.

You can send us a WIP with your submission and we'll let you know if it's looking good and send the ticket back to you or let you know what needs changing. This will help you avoid having to redo work in the event there are issues. Elnin are a rather complicated species with a lot of traits that we need to ensure aren't mistaken for other traits, and size/proportion considerations to get right. It's highly likely you will be asked to tweak things as you go. It's much easier to catch these issues during the early phases and save you a lot of headache!

  • Select from the dropdown what stage your art is at
    • WIP-Sketch, WIP-Lines, WIP-Flat Colors, WIP-Shading/Effects, or Final Art
    • If a WIP stage is selected we will send back your submission after we've reviewed it and let you know if any changes are needed. Once you're ready to move on to the next stage just re-submit it!
    • We will not complete the purchase and update the masterlist unless Final Art is selected, so we are sure you are 100% done and happy with the design/art!
  • Upload your WIP or Final Art
    • Be sure to hit the Preview Toggle button to see how the art will be positioned in the frame!
    • You can move and zoom your art to get it just right.
  • Designer(s)
    • The original designer should automatically be included, but if they are not please add them.
    • Click the + button to the right of Designer URL to add a new designer.
    • If you are the designer of the updated design put yourself, if not put whatever artist did the design.
  • Artist(s)
    • The original artist should automatically be included, but if they are not please add them.
    • Click the + button to the right of Artist URL to add a new Artist.
    • If you are the Artist of the updated artwork put yourself, if not put whatever artist did the artwork.
  • Hit Save!

Once we have confirmed that the edit/growth request is good to go we will approve your design update submission and the Masterlist Entry will be updated, and you can enjoy your fresh new Elnin design!

For an example walkthrough of a growth you can visit the Growths section of our Helpful Walkthroughs page. Keep in mind this is just a single example for a kittom with a lot being added to them. Growths can be much simpler than this one but the example would not show nearly as much!