Adopts Terms of Service

Created: 1 August 2020, 14:17:39 PDT
Last updated: 1 May 2024, 10:54:42 PDT

Terms of Service for Adoptables by Manaberri, Berry-Bazaar, and World of Eyre

The information contained herein pertains to any and all adoptable character designs created by myself, Manaberri, along with designs created by approved guest artists to be used within the Berry Bazaar and World of Eyre universe.

If you currently own (or plan to own) a Berry-Bazaar and World of Eyre adoptable, please make sure that you take a few moments to read through the following rules and information. By obtaining a Berry-Bazaar and World of Eyre adoptable design (through purchase/trade/gifting/events/etc), you are agreeing to abide by all of the terms listed below.


  • Violations to any of the terms listed on this page will first result in warnings from staff and clarification of rules if there are areas of misunderstanding. Repeated blatant violations can thereafter result in greylisting or blacklisting depending on severity.
    • Greylist: Currently the greylist is managed privately. If you are on this list, it means that you are on a temporary ban from one or more of the following: purchasing or trading for new World of Eyre designs, joining community events, posting on the discord, and/or making use of payment plans on adoptable design sales. Penalties for each individual may be different depending on the type of activity that landed them on the greylist.
    • Blacklist: Blacklist will be made public in the event we actually have to add anyone to it. If you are notified that you've been put on the blacklist it means that you are henceforth permanently banned from participating in any World of Eyre community activities, including purchasing or trading to obtain new World of Eyre designs. Any existing elnins owned by a blacklisted member will still be transferrable/sellable according to their individual transfer rules, but they will be considered "frozen" and unable to obtain new edits, growths, rank ups, etc until they have been transferred to a member in good standing.
  • All of my adoptable designs are considered closed species. This means that you must obtain one that was created by either myself or an artist that was approved by me. You cannot create a character for the Berry Bazaar and World of Eyre universe on your own without permission.
  • You may use the art and designs associated with your Berry Bazaar and World of Eyre character(s) for personal use only. You can draw them, print the art for yourself, commission art of them, write stories about them, etc. You may not reproduce the art or designs for commercial purposes at any time for any reason.
  • I retain all copyrights to my artwork and designs - This includes, but is not limited to, the right to distribute, reproduce or use the images as samples for sales/self-promotion.
  • Do not trace or alter the original artwork in any way UNLESS you have express permission from the original artist and are able to provide proof upon request.
  • Do not repost the original character design art and claim it as you own. Credit and a link back the original artist should always be clearly visible.
  • Do not directly copy or heavily reference characters from existing franchises or original works/designs that are not your own. While you may use character names or hairstyles for inspiration, please make sure they are not a 1:1 copy, and should not be treated as that specific character itself. For non-humanoid designs, this includes distancing colour palettes, markings and/or traits from the original design. Any outfits or props used should not be based on the specific character themselves and exact replicas may not be used (ex. Do not use the tri-force as a crown, pokemon cards as a prop, etc.). If we feel a design is too similar to a specific character/another design, we reserve the right to ask for changes to distance them further.

Reselling / Trading / Gifting

  • The Masterlist is your primary resource for any questions concerning a specific design's current owner, resale price, selling/trading information, origin sale link, along with trait breakdowns and any applicable extra statistics.
  • All ownership changes must be done by the current owner through the World of Eyre Masterlist. There was previously a DeviantArt Masterlist but that is no longer being updated and all future reselling / trading / gifting must be done on World of Eyre. You can find the Character Masterlist and MYO Masterlist at and
    • If you obtained your Elnin prior to September 4th 2020 and do not wish to use the World of Eyre site, you may post ownership transfers here: Elnin Masterlist Transfers. Please also have the new owner send in a ticket with a link to the transfer comment so that masterlist mods can complete the transfer! However, if you obtained your Elnin on September 5th 2020 or later, you agreed to these new Terms of Service and must use the Word of Eyre masterlist to do your character transfers.
  • Do not attempt to [Sell] a design for more than its listed maximum value. You may resell your Berry Bazaar and World of Eyre adoptable for up to the resale price listed in their Masterlist entry, and no more. We love that people invest in getting nice art or other assets for their adoptables, but to keep things clean and protect potential buyers from artificial inflation, we do not allow you to arbitrarily add on to the resale price of your adoptables for any reason.
    • !! This is a rule we review periodically !! Right now we are trying to be proactive against price inflation, which is the reason behind the hard sale limit. If we come up with a solution that can't be abused, we may update this rule.
    • Art or add-ons purchased directly from Manaberri will be added to your Elnins value. These include things like: base transfers, stat upgrades, growth slots, etc.
    • If you are unsure of what you are allowed to resell your adoptable for, or if/when your design can be sold at all, you can find that information on the Masterlist account under the "[Resale / Trade Info]" section. Some designs will be designated as unsellable or "trade only" depending on the circumstances of their acquisition.
  • You may [Trade] your adoptable for anything you see fit. Keep in mind that some designs have a sell/trade cooldown on them. If you are unsure if/when you can trade your design you can find that information in the Masterlist account entry for your design under the "[Resale / Trade Info]" section. In some rare cases a design may be marked as "Trade for Berry Bazaar CS Only", in which case the design is considered 'swap only' for other Elnins or other World of Eyre species.
  • You may [Gift] your adoptable to whomever you like as long as: 1) The receiving person is not currently grey/blacklisted from community participation and 2) There is no current sale/trade cooldown in effect on the design. Please note that unless specifically requested, all gifted adoptables will automatically become "Trade Only" unless otherwise specified by the user gifting the adoptable.
  • Regarding "vouchers" and "addons". In general I view vouchers as sort of a wonky workaround to certain rules. I would deeply appreciate if people did not use the voucher strategy to get around "Trade only" design restrictions or to inflate the traded cash value for an Elnin over their listed price cap. Any combination of vouchers/cash are fine up to whatever the price cap a design is actually listed at, and no more. That being said, addons such as extra art/designs/etc are fine to tack on to cash offers without worrying about the value of the addons. I just view the (implied) value of cs designs/art as being wholly different from the actual definite clear-cut value of vouchers/cash if ya catch my meaning x)


  • I only accept payments through Paypal in USD.
  • I will not accept payments from people under the age of 18, period. It's against Paypal's user agreement and is non-negotiable. This does not prevent minors from participating in the community or obtaining designs through other means, only that I personally will not sell to them.
  • I will not accept payment plans from new/inactive/empty Deviantart accounts. By "new" I mean any account less than 5 months old. Exceptions can be made for people who are vouched for by community members, or accounts that can provide proof of an older DA account.
  • I do not do refunds and I will dispute chargebacks. In general it has always been my position that people should not commit to purchasing character designs unless they are certain that they can live comfortably with the expenditure. Adoptables and the community surrounding them are a form of entertainment, and like any form of entertainment it is an optional luxury that you yourself are choosing to invest in. By asking for refunds/imposing chargebacks you are turning a luxury expense into an actual real world hardship for someone else (this doesn't just apply to me, but to all people who have to deal with these types of things). I state very clearly in my invoices that refunds will not be given, and that you are paying for services rendered at the time of purchase. If you file chargebacks against me it will result in immediate blacklisting, revoking of any Berry Bazaar and World of Eyre character designs you currently own, and I will work with Paypal to have the chargeback reversed.
  • I reiterate, please make sure than when you purchase an adoptable from me (or anyone else for that matter) that you are 300% positive that you are ok with releasing the full payment into the ether, never to be seen again. If the thought of that doesn't sit well with you, please reconsider your purchase. I am not here to make you broke. I am here to try and make a living off of providing a means of entertainment to my audience. No more, no less. And if there is a chance that your purchase would endanger your financial well being, and potentially later on an artist's financial well being should an issue of refunds/chargebacks come up, then I strongly urge you to reconsider.

Payment Plans

  • Please note that all payment plans must be approved by me before you commit to a bid or purchase.
  • Payment plans are not available on amounts under $300.
  • All payment plans will require a non-refundable down payment. Amount is generally around 30%, but can change depending on the circumstances.
  • If you back out of the payment plan, I will revoke the adoptable and you will be greylisted and ineligible for all future payment plans. I will keep the down payment, along with any payments that are over five weeks old. Any remaining amount that you have paid to the invoice will be refunded to you.


  • Co-ownership is not allowed. A design may only ever have one owner at any given moment.

Personal Use

Usage Guidelines for Within the Group

  • You may use your adoptable to participate in Berry Bazaar and World of Eyre community activities. Participation is often awarded with group currency that can be used to trade for goodies. Currency totals are tracked in your World of Eyre Bank.
  • Your Elnin adoptables may be drawn in "feral" form (all 4 paws on the ground), in "bipedal" form (2 feet on the ground, back upright posture) and in "gijinka" form (humanized version of Elnins, more information can be found in group resources). These are all considered canon forms Elnins can take and your group participation may use any of these forms!
  • In order to post art of your adoptable to the group it must follow group guidelines. This means no pornographic, violent, or otherwise inappropriate depictions of your Berry Bazaar adoptables. Offending artwork will be removed from the group at the moderation team's discretion. Let's keep it PG folks!

Personal Use for Outside of the Group

  • You may interpret and depict your adoptable designs however you see fit for your own personal use. If you want to draw them in alternate forms that aren't "canon" within the group, please feel free to do so! We just can't accept non-canon depictions to the group galleries. Also, please remember to kindly credit the original artist for their design!
  • You may turn your Elnin into another species/OC ONLY IF all of the following applies:
    • If you do this the other way around (design an Elnin based on an OC/CS you own) please still try to keep the designs together. If you are really adamant about selling the Elnin without their origin character, please make sure the buyer is aware that you are keeping the character it was inspired from and still plan to use it.
    • If you rehome an elnin based on an oc, how we view it is that you're either trading the designs together or just accepting that you are fully relinquishing that original design (and it's related iterations, elnin or otherwise) to the new owner to use. If you state you will continue to use the original design, the current elnin owner should be made aware. This awareness you're using the older design does not bar a new owner from using the original design too since at that point they have bought the design off you. The group will not be responsible for what future owners do with the traded design, including it's other iterations. It is between both users to communicate how designs will be used in the future prior to designs changing hands.
    • The species owner is aware that the character is derivative and has given permission.
    • You always give proper credit to the character's original designer.
    • The designs may not be traded separately. Ie, you can't create a new character based on an Elnin, sell the Elnin by itself, and keep the character you based off of them... Because that's basically theft/swindling. An Elnin must always go together with any characters/designs based on it.
  • You may not redistribute or mass produce the original art for your adoptable in any way. Any repost must be clearly labeled as not being your own work along with a link to the original artist/designer.
  • You may use the original art for personal use, such as displaying it on your profile, using it as your avatar, posting it to your collection, printing it out for your home, etc

If you have any questions, concerns, or addendums to suggest, please let us know! Simply send a note to the Berry-Bazaar group or post in the Questions and Suggestions channel in our Group Discord we'll get back to you.