Metallic Suffusion

Metallic Suffusion

Species: Elnin
Type: Mutation
Rarity: Rare
Region: Ealei
Is Hereditary?: Yes

An elnin with Metallic Suffusion can give a metallic sheen/appearance to existing markings on the fur of an elnin or on hair strands. The effect can appear like solid metal or be more subtle. Metallic suffusion changes an elnin's fur/hair appearance at a surface level, not the actual inner material of any limbs, even in cases where it may appear solid. This trait is defined by fur, hair, or markings that shine noticeably in reaction to a light source. This mutation does not give off independent light. This mutation has broad areas in which it can be placed (body, hair, tail, etc.), similar to other suffusion mutations, but this mutation cannot completely turn a large portion of an elnin one solid metallic color.

Trait Examples
metallic-markings-1.jpg Metallic Markings
metallic-markings-2.jpg Metallic Markings
metallic-markings-3.jpg Metallic Markings
Mini Guides
note_metallic_markings.jpg How to portray, or avoid portraying, Metallic Markings


  • Can be any color, but must be rendered in a way that it is obviously metallic
    • If you have a lot of color transitions occurring or highlights that reflect other colors we may recommend looking at the Iridescent Suffusion mutation instead
  • Can have an outline / appear to be slightly raised off the body
    • If you do not have Metallic Suffusion please avoid drawing thin outlines on your markings, as it can give the appearance of Metallic Suffusions
  • Can give limb markings a solid-looking metalic effect (ie. A solid gold leg marking, a solid gold head marking, etc.)
  • Markings cannot immitate intricate machinery or false limbs
    • No bionic/cyborg/steampunk full features on elnin through application of this trait are allowed
    • Imitating false limbs/mechanical parts could imply injuries that are a wholly separate from markings and would not be acquirable by applying this mutation. They could also potentially breech lore in terms of appearing too high tech for what is typical in Eyre.
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