Community Guidelines

Created: 7 August 2020, 01:01:42 PDT
Last updated: 27 September 2023, 00:02:12 PDT

Community Rules & Etiquette

The following rules and guidelines apply to participating in any community activity or platform. This could be a prompt, the discord server, the DeviantArt group Berry-Bazaar, etc. Basically consider it rules of thumb for being part of the Elnin community!

These rules are set in place to keep our community friendly and inviting. The Elnin community has always been awesome about making new members feel welcome and being supportive of members, guest artists, and staff. We just want to keep that going as we launch the website and the community grows!

If the moderation team finds you to be breaking any guidelines you will be issued a warning both via the email you signed up with and any linked DeviantArt account. If you repeatedly break community guidelines and create a negative environment for other members we may have to remove you from the World of Eyre community by issuing a ban.

Keep in mind this page is meant to outline rules and expectations for participating in community activities. There are other pages dedicated to Adoptable and Website rules and restrictions that you should also familiarize yourself with:

General Behavior Guidelines

  • Always be respectful when engaging with other members
    • Keep things positive! World of Eyre is a way to have fun and meet new people who share a love of fluff and cute. We all have bad days but in general we should try to uplift and support each other as a community.
    • Refrain from unwarranted negative remarks towards other members. You may disagree with another member but don't make attacks on their character or their work. Keep discussions and disagreements civil.
    • If you feel that another user is repeatedly crossing the line, please contact the mod team by noting the Berry-Bazaar group on DeviantArt. We would much prefer you let us handle warning them than try to pick a fight yourself!
  • Any form of hate speech, racism, sexism, etc, will not be tolerated
    • Slurs and negative remarks about groups of peoples are strictly prohibited.
  • Graphic / Adult / Horror content is not allowed. Keep it PG folks!
    • Depictions or discussions of erotic content, sex, pornography, etc are strictly forbidden.
    • Depictions or discussions of violent content, gore, mutilation, etc are strictly forbidden.
    • Content specifically designed to frighten the viewer is not allowed. This includes depictions or discussions of "nightmare fuel", psychosis, and horror of any type (psychological, body, demonic, etc).
    • Depictions or discussions of participating in illegal activities such as drug use, abuse, rape, theft, piracy, etc are strictly forbidden. Basically if it's illegal you shouldn't be talking about how to do it.
  • Try to stay away from heavy topics that could upset other members
    • Many people participate in World of Eyre to enjoy a world of magic, cute fluffy critters, and good feels. Elnin are adorable and light-hearted, and are a way to have fun and relieve stress for many community members. Because of this we try to keep community channels and discussions focused on Elnin and the world they live in, rather than the woes that often come with living in the real world! This is not to say that you can't talk about your life or things that are bothering you. We just ask that you be considerate that intense discussions about sensitive topics are not what most members are looking for when they come to participate in our community.
    • Some examples of these sorts of topics would be politics, societal issues, illness, death, suicide, sexual assault, etc. Again, this is not to say that these things aren't important because they certainly are a heck of a lot more important than Elnin, but in an effort to keep the Elnin community a positive and safe space for our members we ask you not go too deep into these sorts of discussions.

Prompt / Quest Community Rules

Everything in the General Behavior Guidelines still applies to Prompts and Art, but will be broken down into a little more detail for clarity.

  • All prompt and quest material submitted to World of Eyre must be of your own creation.
    • Do not trace, copy, reupload, or otherwise steal another artist's work
    • Do not plagiarize, copy, or repurpose another writer's written material
    • Do not use direct output from generative AI for works submitted to this group (excluding translation tools)
    • Do not heavily reference another person's art in order to create your piece. Even if it's not strictly traced, lifting the whole composition, color scheme, poses, or the like would still be against the rules.
  • All prompt and quest material should be canon to the World of Eyre.
    • Prompts and quests should follow canon lore as well as prompt/act descriptions. Anything not following canon lore will be asked to be tweaked or removed.
  • Your prompt and quest entries must follow the General Rules, and should not contain Graphic / Adult / Horror content.
    • This is primarily concerning the rules against violent / sexual / horror content. Your Elnin can be a scamp and get up to not-entirely-legal mischief. The rule against discussion of illegal activities is mostly regarding yourself and not your characters. As long as said illegal activities aren't violent or sexual in nature they should be fine to depict in your entries. Along the same lines: spooky and supernatural vibes are fine, just don't go full on horror / frightfest.
  • What if you want your Elnin to have a story that is darker / contains more adult content than is allowed in World of Eyre?
    • You can of course, craft any story you want with your own characters and what you do is totally up to you. There is certainly an Elnin underground and not everything in Eyre is sunshine and roses. We just ask that if you submit any written or visual content to community platforms that it follows the General Rules.
    • You can find ways to be vague and hint at your character's backstory to keep them "in character", use euphemisms, etc. Just don't go into too much detail about any unsavory habits they might have!

Adoptables Etiquette

This section is more meant to inform newcomers to the adoptables community of some (previously) unwritten rules and expectations. These are not things the moderation team will actively monitor persay, but if we find you are continually annoying other community members by ignoring etiquette you will probably hear from us. :)

  • Do not contact other people asking if they'll trade an adoptable
    • If an adoptable is not listed for trade you should assume that the other party wants to keep it. Keep in mind that some people who own highly sought after adoptables get many messages of this nature and it can be very frustrating to deal with! Try to respect other people's space.
    • World of Eyre has features in the Masterlist that lets owners flag their Elnin for trade. You can find a filter for this in "Show Advanced Search Options." You can also bookmark an Elnin you really like to monitor if it is ever put up for trade!
  • Do not make negative remarks about how much an adoptable sold for or how much a commission costs
    • The worth of adoptables and art is completely subjective. Please do not go "holy crap that cost X???" or "wow I can't believe you paid $X for that" etc. For one thing it is rude to the person who purchased the art or design, but another thing you might not consider is that you are saying that someone else's art isn't good enough. It can be very disheartening for artists to hear others degrading their work, and turn a happy moment of making some nice money off your art into a sad moment. A lot of people who buy adoptables and commissions see it as a fun way to support the artists they love, and it's just completely unnecessary to make negative remarks about it. Try to be happy for the artist instead! Being an artist is tough enough without having to deal with this sort of negativity on top of it.
  • Do not exclaim on how much you love a design to the point where you are guilt-tripping the owner
    • We've all been there. There's a design you love and someone else has it. If you are chatting in discord or another public space and the owner is sharing stuff about that "dream design" be considerate in how you talk about it. Of course you can say you love it. Say what you love about it and make it a discussion the owner can enjoy too!
    • Where it starts getting awkward for the owner is if you really hammer home how much you want that character. Keep in mind you are putting the owner in a very uncomfortable position if you say things like "ugh I would totally die for that design" or "I stayed up till midnight to enter and then when I didn't win I COULDN'T SLEEP FOR 3 DAYS" and things of that nature. Just try to be respectful and avoid saying things that might make the owner feel guilty.
  • Some design owners prefer for you to ask permission before doing gift art for them
    • This is a bit tricky, since you might want it to be a surprise! Just keep in mind that it's always safest to ask for permission before doing gift art. If you made gift art but the owner asks you to take it down you must respect their wishes and remove it from your gallery.
    • It's always best practice to try to do a little research about the character first to make sure your gift art does not portray the character with a situation or expression that doesn't fit their backstory. Gift art being out of character is the most likely reason someone would ask you to remove it. Though, sometimes characters are extremely personal to the owner and they might just not want anyone else drawing them. That's why it's always best to ask first!
    • On World of Eyre members can flag their characters as open for gift art. So if you're looking to do some gift art be sure to check out the Advanced Search Options on the Masterlist!