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Lantern Crafter

Achievement Category: Prompt
Earned by: Characters
Associated Titles: Lightbringer
Unlock Requirements:
  • Complete a lantern crafting prompt for a specific elnin!
    • Eligible prompts include: [LG-003] Lightbringers, [LG-029] Returning Light, [M-040] Fond Light, [S-1] Seasonal Lightbringers
    • The elnin that earns this achievement must be the primary focus of that prompt, not a secondary or background character.
    • This achievement cannot be claimed for an elnin if you were not the original prompt artist.
    • This achievement is associated with the "[S-1] Seasonal Lightbringers" prompt that is available yearly from January through March. If you miss the opportunity to submit that prompt for a given year you can always submit one the following year!

A diligent elnin has been working hard on gathering materials and crafting a lantern for their pomu crystal!

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