Species: Elnin
Category: Tail Style

A tail style with a wild nature to it. This tail style will always specify a variant to indicate what types of tails it features.

This tail is a 5MP tail style. The 5MP does not include MP spent on tail sizing/length.

Aquatic Variant

This tail style allows your nin to have a tail with an aquatic flare to it. (This tail style variant was previously called "Undine"!)


  • Aquatic life only, nothing partially aquatic/land like crocodiles, water snakes, etc.
  • Expanding on the above, we're trying to avoid reptile/dragon-y tails (we're aiming for fishy/aquatic tails here. If you're aiming dragon that's more aligned with the djinn subtype and we want these two subtypes to be distinct in that regard). Unfortunately this means stingray tails are not allowed. (There is not enough fin present on these!)
  • This tail style will follow a similar rule to Hybrid tails relative to multi tail mutations (Twin, Trine, Tetra, Hydra). This means:
    • If you want to do singular tentacles starting at the base of the butt, they would be considered independent "tails".
    • If you want to "branch" your tentacles by having webbing in between that is allowed but basically it should look very connected/any separations will need to be further down the tail/not at the base.

We're still checking on a few things, specifically:

  • Some clarifiers on sea slug tails, since we know of one that exists but it follows the hybrid multi-tail guidelines better than some others.
  • Where shellfish/shelled tails sit relative to this/are those ok or not.
  • Sea horse tails given without the rest of the sea horse they could fall into an odd place (ie. No fins, looks more like an Imp faenin tail or reptile tail, etc.).

Due to the tail type's broadness much like some crown types this tail type will likely be very case by case if it's not a very well defined finned fish tail. With that in mind, please reach out to us via site ticket or in #design_feedback on our discord (phrased as a general question) with visual examples when possible, if you're at all concerned a tail style that may come up later in an approval. We'll be going based off of what we know and if guidelines are pushed just keep in mind responses will be slow.

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