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Hi everyone!

Popping in with a small update relative to the site! While things might seem quiet on the front-facing side of the group, on the moderator side we've been making progress behind the scenes in a few areas.

Website Updates

Website Maintenance is being extended to December 18th. This means Prompts, Acts, Claims, Design Updates, and Transfers will remain closed. If we can reopen the site sooner we will make an announcement. Until then though, thank you for your continued patience on this!

Website code was updated last weekend. A few bugs arose that needed fixing, so some bug fixes have been made this weekend. There are still a few outlying bugs and things we're checking on, but once those bugs are fixed, questions resolved, and the moderators finish any non-code things we're aiming to get done, we'll reopen.

Some testing has been done on the site this past week. There is still a bit more we need to do, and some areas of the site we need to think through. It's been a pretty busy past week, so we're extending the maintenance period to give ourselves a bit more time for any remaining things to be fixed, site staff to become familiarized with what's changed, and to make sure we're prepared for things to reopen.

While bugs are being fixed, we have been wrapping up some mod tasks in the background.

Event Prizes

Raffle prizes from the event were rolled mid last week. The second half of this week has been following up on those and pondering the Risky raffles. Follow up will continue into next week as we work on finalizing things.

Assuming we feel website updates are mostly done, ideally prizes will be granted on site sometime this upcoming week, or early the following week. We'll continue to keep people updated if we think there will be further delays.


Moderator Changes

Recently Night-Class has stepped down from her role as a moderator in the group to refocus on other things happening in her life. We've been lucky to have her volunteering on our team since 2018! She's helped the group in many areas during this time, but probably most noticeably in the prompt space. While we'll miss her in our moderator spaces, she's mentioned she won't be too far. We will still see her participating in the group as a member. Hopefully she'll continue to share what mischief her cats are up to and tasty treats she's cooking in life with us. ^^ Thank you again Night for your years of volunteering!

We are still in the process of reviewing moderator applications. The process has started and will likely be ongoing throughout this month, possibly into the new year depending on how things go.


On the Horizon

December has likely been pretty quiet on the community-facing side. On the moderator side though, what some of us were aiming to be a quieter month has still been relatively busy. When the website reopens up we'll likely be very busy sending out feedback we've drafted while the site has been down for maintenance. With that said, when the holidays roll around there will be a lull and response times may be a bit slower if they occur at all.

Since we do not intend to have any deadlines fall during the last week of December or early next year, the group moderator staff will have a 2 week break period from December 24th, 2021 to January 8th, 2022. Similar to last Spring's modcation, this just means staff will be following up at their own pace or not at all during that time frame. Character transfers and trades will likely be the only thing guaranteed to be checked once a week during that time. We'll figure out a day when the site is back up to let people know, but expect other areas to be pretty quiet. You may see moderators in group discord channels during this time just casually chatting, but we'll kindly ask for group members to not ask how long things will take to get done in that time window.

We realize it has already been about 2 weeks since the site slowed down for maintenance reasons, but given it hasn't really slowed down at all on the moderator side, the team needs a break. Our work seldom stops unless we explicitly enforce a break, or life happenings force us to take one. So hopefully setting aside a two-week period will give us that breathing room.

Thank you for your patience, understanding, and support this month. There's always more things we want to do than we can possibly cram in the time we have so it means a lot! January may still be on the quieter side once we come back as well, as we sift through what we want to accomplish in the new year.



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