General Prompt Guidelines

Created: 26 July 2020, 16:16:50 PDT
Last updated: 1 August 2022, 16:32:29 PDT
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Completion Requirements

PLEASE NOTE: All rules are subject to adjustments. Please double-check the "Quick Rules" present on each prompt to see if there are any special exceptions or additional rules for that month.

Prompt art must minimally be flat colored. The art has to be in full color to receive full credit. Shading is now optional whether it's stylized gradients, painted shading, or cell shading. You are welcome to shade your pieces but it will not give you any bonuses.

Prompt art must include a background. Either a fully painted, or at least mostly painted/implied background scene of some sort. In some cases, backgrounds might be listed as a "Bonus", so as always be sure to check the "Quick Rules" section for any exceptions like this.

Art must include at least most of the primary subject's body. We're talking like 75-80%. This can be a bit subjective, but please try to be careful with hiding too much of an elnin's body via perspective or backgrounds/props/et cetera.

NEW  Pixel art submissions must have at least a minimum canvas size of 100x100 pixels overall and elnin can be no smaller than 50x50 pixels. You may want to increase your overall canvas size if you're depicting regional features that may not be clear at a small size. These minimums are to try to help ensure prompt moderators can identify elnin present in an image. The simplification of markings in pixels can make identifying elnin at small sizes difficult, so while it is not a guarantee a 50x50px elnin will be detailed enough to be identifiable we hope it will help. If you have doubts that a pixel art piece contains enough detail or clarity to meet requirements please run a WIP past our prompt team, either via our discord #questions channel or a ticket submitted on site (use the Prompts & Quests ticket type).

In most cases, the primary subject can be either your own elnin, or someone else's elnin if you don't own one (please make sure you have permission from the owner to draw any elnins that don't belong to you). To help find potential elnins to draw, you can check out this page: Gift Art Resources -- Madame Elladhi's. Please be polite when approaching owners to request permission to draw their characters, and bear in mind it's always possible unsolicited requests may be denied/ignored.

You must submit your entry to the Prompt Submissions page before the deadline.

Written entries are allowed in place of visual art. Written entries must be a minimum of 600 words (with a maximum of 2000 words) in addition to any previously listed applicable requirements.

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Submitting Your Prompt

Prompts can be submitted one of two ways:

  1. You can submit a prompt by going to the Submit link in the upper right hand corner next to your username and selecting Submit Prompt and select this month's prompt. Monthly prompts will start with [M-###] and a number to keep track of what prompt it is.
  2. Alternatively you can go to the All Prompts section in the site encyclopedia and filter down to just the current monthly prompt. Then click "Submit Prompt".

Once you're on the New Submission page with the prompt you would like to submit selected you can fill out the fields on that page.

Fields Include:

  1.  An optional Submission URL if you have posted your prompt off site and want to additionally include that place. Keep in mind you will still be required to submit your prompt image or text in the form fields lower down.
  2. An optional area for Comments if you have any info you would like to include that is not a part of the prompt's artwork or writing content.
    • Here it can be helpful to submit additional info like: Word count, what elnin currently in the scene (using their IDs/ELN###), what elnin is earning AP, and what region you're depicting for AP (if you want a way for us to double check the elnin and background are correct before approving the submission.), etc.
  3. Your prompt itself can be submitted in the Content section as an image, written text, or both. Please keep in mind that if you choose to include both an image and text at least one of the two mediums must meet the full prompt requirements as though the other part was not there. We do not allow submissions that are partially written and partially drawn.
  4. Prompts will list the default reward(s). If you only wish to claim the default reward(s) then you don't need to add any currencies for bonus rewards when submitting your prompt. If you think you have met the requirements for bonus rewards rewards mentioned in the prompt's "Quick Rules" then in the rewards field you would add the specified amount of EC. If you are earning AP for your character this would be where you add the character and select the appropriate regional AP currency you want them to earn.

To learn more about the AP bonus and what you need to do to earn it please read our Regional Affinity Guide that covers that currency in more depth!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I do multiple submissions?

This will change from month to month, so please double-check each prompt's "Quick Rules" section before entering.

Can I use a kittom for my primary subject?

Unless otherwise stated, yes! But be advised, kittoms may earn more or less EC depending on the prompt, so be sure to double-check the "Quick Rules" section for details.

Can I do extra stuff for bonus EC?

Usually. Each prompt will have a "Bonuses" section that lists places where you can earn additional EC for that month's prompt, so be sure to check there!

Can I join if I don't own an elnin?

Generally, yes! But this may change depending on the specific prompt subject, so please double-check each prompt's "Quick Rules" section before entering.

Can I include any species outside of World of Eyre species in my submission?

There is no issue with people including any type of CS that you own a character for and would like to have canon visit in Eyre, but for those of you who are (understandably!) skittish about breaking rules with other CS owners, here is a list of species that we've already obtained permission for visiting this world setting:

  • Browbirds
  • Kitbulls
  • Lantern Dragons
  • Star Dusters
  • Dragonkits
  • Aetherlings
  • Grottes
  • Snaptraps
  • Ranebopets Species

Do I need to complete a registration sheet to join?


What the heck is EC, and what's it used for?

EC stands for elecite coin, and is one of the primary currencies of Eyre! It is tracked over here at your very own Goldspring Grande Treasury bank account.
EC can be traded for goodies when caravans or merchants come around. You'll also be able to use EC to purchase design changes for your adopts (marking/color edits etc), rank ups, and growth stages for you elnin kittoms.

What is AP, and what's it used for?

AP stands for Affinity point! You can learn more about AP and how it can be earned in the Regional Affinity Guide.

How can I submit older prompts I earned AP for on DeviantArt?

Please read our Prompt Archive page that covers Legacy prompts and submissions to learn more about this!

My elnin doesn't have a pomu on their official art. Does it even have one?

All elnins have at least one pomu that they are born with (regardless of whether you have art of it). Even kittoms can have them! There is a mini-guide you can take a look at here for a little more info:

My masterlist entry has new mutations/stat adjustments on it. Can I include these stat adjustments in my elnin or kittom's prompt art?

As long as mutations/stat changes are listed on the masterlist entry they can be used in prompt art, but you must abide by the following conditions:

  • Mutations drawn must stay consistent from prompt to prompt.
  • Edits requiring color/marking shifts are subject to approval first. These types of edits should not appear in prompt art.
  • Please clarify if certain mutations can be stacked if there are no known examples confirmed prior to including them in your art.

NOTE: Prompt art is not approved official masterlist art. Earning EC/AP currencies via prompts does not indicate that changes in elnin's stats have been approved/vetted closely. Masterlist art is approved through alternative processes where the art will be updated, such as after a kittom's growth or when a change to framed masterlist art is purchased through the Masterlist Merchant.

If you earn EC for a prompt, it is because you have followed the prompt's general guidelines. Prompts should accurately reflect an elnin's stats as close as possible, but they are not held to the same degree as masterlist art that is meant to be a clear reference of design stats. There may be slight inconsistencies when drawing elnin in more complex poses, etc. in prompt art.

In other words: For prompts, we don't look very closely at specific design stats to keep things simple for everyone. That means even if you got full credit for a prompt with a "new/unapproved" design concept, it is still possible that we might request adjustments during an official design approval because we'll be paying closer attention to new stat interactions/adjustments/etc. If we run into problems in the future by allowing unapproved elnin edits to be added to prompts, we may need to revisit this. But for now, as long as you guys aren't getting too wacky things should be all right!

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Additional Guidelines

Weapons & magic
  • Weapons and magic require training to use, so your elnin should not appear to be fighting with weapons, wearing battle armor, casting any sort of magic, or possessing a magical object (unless it came with the design / sale). Small tools like hatchets and tiny cutting knives are ok for casual everyday use.
Outfits & accessories
  • In general outfits and accessories are very open! However there are a few restrictions we recommend you acquaint yourself with if you wish to create an outfit for your elnin.
BIPEDAL/Human Form/Gijinka Guidelines