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Created: 12 August 2020, 05:20:40 PDT
Last updated: 30 April 2024, 16:48:26 PDT
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Profiles & Framing

Updating Character Profiles

Each elnin has their own profile that can be customized!

  • If you know your elnin’s ID number you can use it to quickly get to your elnin's profile!
    • Example:
    • Alternatively you can go up to Home > My Characters, then choose your character and in their sidebar on the left click on "Profile".
  • On your elnin’s profile page you’ll see an “Edit Profile” button on the bottom left.
    On that edit page you’ll be able to:
    • Add your elnin’s name
    • Add some fancy info about your elnin
    • Allow Gift Art
    • Allow other users to see if your elnin is up for trade

Masterlist Design Names

Guideline for Design Name Requests:

  • Once a month a user can submit a ticket to add a design name to any of elnin they own without one currently present. If submitting names for multiple nin please do it in one ticket. If user decides to add more after a ticket has been sent, they'll have to wait until next month.
    • Otherwise, users are also free to request a design name be added during design approvals.
  • Design names can be added to any MYO that previously had a placeholder name like MYO-###.
  • Any design that already has a design name designated cannot have their name changed.
  • You can only add a design name to an elnin or kittom owned by you that does not already have one.

Guideline for Design Names:

  • Design names can be 6 words or less (with a max of 50 characters)
  • Design names must be appropriate (PG-13, no swear words/derogatory terms, etc.)
  • Design names cannot contain any copyright material/phrases (ex. Pokemon Master, Cardcaptor Sakura, etc).
  • Fantasy names are ok as long as they do not tread copyright material. If something seems ambiguous/we’re unsure on the meaning, we may ask for clarification or ask for it to be changed to something else.
  • Design names can only contain alphabetical letters a-z. No emojis, special characters or non english characters/letters are allowed. (This is to prevent the site from breaking in case the database cannot read the character).
  • Design names cannot allude to Royal elnin titles (ex. King/Queen). Aristocratic names like "Prince, Princess, Scion, Baroness, etc." are ok.
  • Design name overlap can occur, this is not something we moderate given design name themes and word combinations can be quite vague. You’re welcome to avoid similar design names as a courtesy, but it is not required.
  • You cannot expand upon existing design names. (ie. Something like "Moon Gazer" cannot be extended to something like "Elegant Moon Gazer". )
  • We reserve the right to reject a design name if we have a concern. We do not have to explain our reasoning, though we won't be doing this arbitrarily and ask that people respect our decision.
  • As design names cannot be changed, names that might make a new owner uncomfortable will not be allowed.

Additional Notes:

  • Please allow up to 1 week for design names to be processed (possibly more this first month as we expect an influx).
  • Elnin designs do not need to strictly follow their design name.
  • Given this task has always been something on the side the staff were willing to volunteer the extra time to try to do, if we continue to see contention surrounding it we will halt design name additions outside of guest artist sales. This is something Manaberry suggested as a potential option, but we wanted to try to find a middle ground before going back to how the group originally handled design names.

Masterlist Character Frames

Masterlist Character frames can be purchased in the Card Frame Merchant's shop.

For example if you could buy the "Bloom" Card Frame for 0EC in the Card Frame Merchant's shop. Prices for other card frames may vary and only be available for limited times.

  • Once you purchase your frame you can apply it to your elnin.
    • Go up to the menu and select Home > Inventory
    • Click on the “Bloom” Card Frame
    • Toggle open the “Apply Card Frame” section.
    • There you can Select your elnin and hit “Apply Card Frame”!
    • This unlocks that card frame option for your elnin!
  • After the frame is applied it can be switch at will.
    • Go to your elnin’s masterlist entry and choose the “Frames” tab to see your frame options.
    • Choose your desired frame from the dropdown and click “Set Frame” then do a hard refresh (CTRL+F5) to make sure the art updates visibly.
    • If you notice your elnin does not allow you to change frames because it needs an original image set for it, please note manaseed on DeviantArt. In your note include a link to your elnin’s masterlist entry on the new website and a link to their full sized transparent unwatermarked art! The art must match their existing art, we are not approving new art for elnin quite yet. Thank you!

Step 1: Figuring Out Your Stats

First decide on an elnin you want to grow! In this example, we'll just use ELN856. They have a pretty robust growth in terms of mutations but hopefully working through them will be helpful for people looking at different options.

Usually I start out by listing the current traits my elnin has before I grow them and then ideally the stats I would like them to have when they're fully grown.

Kittom Stats

Stage: Kittom
Rank: TBD
Total MP: 6

Basic Attributes
Hair: [ ---- ]
Ear Fluff: [ ---- ]
Tail Size: [ ---- ]
Tail Style: [✦✧✧✧] - Fen
Crown: [✦✦✦✦][✦] - 5 MP Hybrid

Hereditary Traits
[Mutation] Petite ears
[Mutation] Whiskers

Growth Stats

Stage: Adult
Rank: Noble
Total MP: 10

Basic Attributes
Hair: [✧✧✧✧]
Ear Fluff: [✧✧✧✧]
Tail Size: [✦✦✦✦]
Tail Style: [✦✧✧✧] - Fen
Crown: [✦✦✦✦][✦] - 5 MP Hybrid

Hereditary Traits
[Mutation] Petite ears
[Mutation] Whiskers
[Mutation] Dual-Toned Anima * (Strynhalde/Uncommon)
[Mutation] Hallowed Gaze * (Kyendi/Exotic)
[Mutation] Inner Fire * (Kyendi/Rare)
[Mutation] Luminous Anima * (Enmir/Uncommon/P)
[Mutation] Luminous Markings * (Enmir/Uncommon)

Color or Marking Edits: None

When listing mutations you can note off to the side things that will help calculate costs later like the region, rarity, and if either of the parents had the mutation at the time the kittom's litter was submitted. (In this example: * indicates if the mutation was added and P indicates if a parent had the mutation. In parentheses I add Region/Rarity/Heredity Discount info.)

Step 2: Calculating Costs

Once I know roughly how I want to grow my elnin stat wise I can head on over to the EC Pricing Guide for trait and stat changes to help me calculate some of the pricing. Costs can vary a lot depending on how much time and art you want to put into growing your elnin.

Rank costs and rank unlock requirements for growths can be found on the EC Growths and Edits for Baby Elnins page.

There are many approaches you can take to growing your elnin. You can also mix and match what you want to do to adjust time and cost. It is worth noting if you have a particularly simple growth with an elnin you just want to be nestling rank it may not make sense to do questing if that's the highest rank you plan for them to be.

A few options for areas that will impact growth cost:

  1. Questing + Rank Unlock Requirements
  2. No Questing + Rank Unlock Requirements
  3. No Questing + Skipping Rank Unlock Requirements

First I'll calculate the cost of any Basic Attributes that are changing.

  • Hair: 0MP (No change = No cost)
  • Ear fluff: 0MP (No change = No cost)
  • Tail Size: 0MP → 4MP (18EC = From the pricing guide)
  • Tail Style: 1MP - Fen (No change = No cost)
  • Crown Style: 5MP - Hybrid (No change = No cost)

Second I'll calculate cost options of any added Hereditary Mutations.
(Remember parental discounts only apply to halving EC prices for hereditary mutations that your elnin's parent had at the time the kittom's litter was created.)

  • Dual-Toned Anima (16EC or 2AP from Strynhalde)
  • Hallowed Gaze (42EC + 1AP from Kyendi or 5AP from Kyendi)
  • Inner Fire (26EC + 1AP from Kyendi or 3AP from Kyendi)
  • Luminous Anima (8EC with parent heredity discount [from ELN014] or 2AP from Enmir)
  • Luminous Markings (16EC or 2AP from Enmir)

Next I'll look at my options for rank unlock requirements and questing.

  1. If I want to skip rank unlock requirements altogether I would have to pay EC equal to the MP my elnin ends up with when purchasing my growth slot. In this case 10MP = 10EC.

  2. If I want to skip questing and associated discounts and rewards from that then I would need to pay the full 110EC base cost for the Noble rank on top of the 18EC for the tail size, and the cost of options for mutations I listed above.

  3. If I do not skip rank unlock requirements and I do not skip questing, my noble rank cost gets discounted from 110EC to 28EC. Questing also will earn me a lifetime maximum of 3 Resonating Mana currency for the elnin I am questing for. This currency I can use in place of some of my Elnin's tail size MP (or hair length MP or ear fluff length MP). That means I can compensate for the jump from 1MP → 4MP using that currency so I only have to account for the cost of the jump from 0MP → 1MP, which is 2EC. If I meet AP requirements for questing you can also earn up to a lifetime maximum of 3AP for the elnin to use towards mutations you might want.

You can save a lot of time by questing and, unlike the regular monthly prompts, Acts in Questing and Rank Unlock Requirements do not have to be completed within a month's time frame. Please do them at your leisure if you go this route.

After looking over my options I've settled on not skipping rank unlock requirements and questing. I've also decided how I want to approach earning AP and EC for my mutations. (For an walkthrough of questing for this elnin see the "Resonance Quest" section below on this page.)

So I end up with the following cost breakdown:

  • Hair Length: 0EC
  • Ear Fluff Length: 0EC
  • Tail Size: 2EC (3 Resonating Mana applied to compensate for 3MP I would have to purchase.)
  • Tail Style: 0EC (No change)
  • Crown Style: 0EC (No change)
  • Noble Rank: 28EC
  • Dual-Toned Anima: 16EC
  • Hallowed Gaze: 5AP from Kyendi
  • Inner Fire: 3AP from Kyendi
  • Luminous Anima: 8EC with parent heredity discount [from ELN014]
  • Luminous Markings: 2AP from Enmir

Cost Total: 54EC + 8AP from Kyendi + 2AP from Enmir

(Note: The above total I have not subtracted the 3AP I earned for Kyendi so I technically would only need to earn 5 AP for that region. I hadn't subtracted it yet since there's a chance I might forget to work in AP requirements for my quests.)

Step 3: Submit Your Growth for Review

The respective pages on Kittom Growths and Adult Elnin Rank Ups cover the submission process in depth. So for this section I'll simply provide a few screenshots of the process for this elnin specifically to bring it all together!

  1. Go to the Update Design Link on the masterlist entry of the elnin you want to grow (in this case ELN856)
  2. Create your request
  3. Select update type under "Traits" tab
  4. Enter the new stats under "Traits" tab
  5. Add the currencies you plan to spend under "Add-ons"
  6. Enter the Stat and cost breakdown under "Comments"
    • You can use this helpful template if you're struggling with what to put here:
    • ---Base Stat Adjustments---

      Hair Length: #MP->#MP [#EC] [No change or # Resonating Mana Applied (if any)]
      Ear Fluff Length: #MP->#MP [#EC] [No change or # Resonating Mana Applied (if any)]
      Tail Size: #MP->#MP [#EC] [No change or # Resonating Mana Applied (if any)]
      Tail Style: 1MP [0EC] [No change or # Resonating Mana Applied (if any)]
      Crown Style: 5MP [0EC] [No change or # Resonating Mana Applied (if any)]

      ---Rank Cost---
      Noble Rank: 28EC [Resonant Discount (if applicable) + _____ Rank Unlock Requirements complete]

      ---New Mutations---
      Name of Mutation: #EC or #AP from Region Name [or #EC + 1AP (for rare or exotic mutations)]

      ---Marking/ Color Edits---

      Estimated Cost Total: #EC + #AP from Region Name + # Resonating Mana (if any)

  7. Add your WIP image under "Masterlist Image"
    • Don't worry about your submitted image asking for a crop! (You and moderators will be able to see the full sized image for approval)
    • It's highly recommended to submit multiple WIP stages (as mentioned in our WIP Guidelines) but stages can be skipped assuming you are accepting the risk that potentially heavy edits may need to be made to more complete pieces.
    • WIP - Sketch
    • WIP - Lines
    • WIP - Flat Colors
    • WIP - Shading
    • Final Art
  8. Submit your request
    • You'll have to resubmit your request every time a draft with feedback comes back. Make sure to save the sections of the design update you change before resubmitting the next WIP for approval. For example if you edit the comments be sure to save that section. Be sure to also change the "type of submission" dropdown between WIPs to indicate what sort of WIP we are reviewing. Only "Final Art" images will be approved if they match all the stat requirements.
  9. Final approval! If everything checks out and your final art is approved you'll see the design update! Woo!
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Resonance Quest

Step 1: Determining Act Requirements

Once again I'll be using ELN856 for this questing walkthrough!

For the resonance quest you must complete a minimum of 3 Acts. There are three additional things you'll want to pay extra close attention to when thinking about completing the Resonance Quest for your kittom or elnin.

  1. Are you questing for a kittom or an adult elnin?
    • This is important because if you complete any Resonance act as a kittom [including acts marked as "flashback" eligible], you must also include one of the following items to fulfill all quest requirements.
      • One additional act of Any category. This will be considered "Act 4".
      • Include an adult elnin in at least two of your acts.
    • In the case of ELN856 in this example I will be questing for a kittom. This means I need to decide which of the two above options I would like to do. I have decided I will include an adult elnin in at least two of my three acts.
  2. What is the final rank of the growth or rank up you are aiming for?
    • For ELN856 I plan to grow them into a Noble. This is important because it helps define what my rank unlock requirements will be. After going down to "Noble" in the "Unlock Requirements" section I can view what requirements I must complete.
    • In this example I have decided to do the standalone advanced act "Cathartic Carnage" and complete the mini-requirement "Depict your Elnin during a journey far from home" in one of my quest acts. I could include my mini requirement in a future prompt but because I have yet to do the acts I decide to include it in one of those.
    • Awareness of unlock requirements can help you include them within your questing experience if you don't want to do additional art or think to include them elsewhere.
  3.  Consider what mutations you still need AP for. This will make it easier to figure out background requirements and ponder where you want your acts to take place.
    • In this example I know from my growth calculations in the "Growth" section above that I need a lot of Kyendi AP for ELN856. With that knowledge I can plan to include a Kyendi background or description in 3 of my acts.

There are other general requirements for quest completion but I will not be covering them in this walkthrough. They do not relate specifically to the stage of life your elnin is currently in or the rank or mutation plans that influence what acts you might pick so they aren't as significant to be aware of in the planning phase.

When you begin to do your acts then you will want to be aware of the general requirements (and regional affinity requirements) to make sure they are met so your quests count.

Step 2: Completing Your Acts

Now we're on to completing the acts. You'll want to be familiar with the general requirements for quest completion section of the Questing Guide.

I know I would like to write for my acts opposed to drawing them so my word count must be a minimum of 900 words with notable regional affinity features of Kyendi described thoroughly in my writing.

After I have completed all of my acts and I plan to claim resonant status for my kittom I'll submit my acts to their respective act prompts with the following info listed. While the info is not required it is very helpful to speed up the act review process if moderators have all the requirements and participating elnin clarified from the beginning.

  • Quest: Resonance - Act #
  • Act Type: (Bravery, Character, Exploration, Support, or Study. Also if it is an advanced act.)
  • Word Count: ####
    • If writing
  • Adult Elnin Present: Elnin name [ELN###]
    • If the questing elnin is a kittom and an adult elnin is included. If not I just put n/a.
  • Regional Affinity: Region name
    • If earning AP for a given region
  • Claiming Regional Affinity for: Kittom name [ELN###]
    • If earning AP for a given region
  • [Rank Name] Rank Unlock Mini-Requirement: Requirement name
    • (And home region if applicable)

See the screenshots linked below for submission examples. You'll notice if a certain act is not applicable for one of the details I simply exclude that detail since it is not relevant. Since my elnin is a kittom I still chose to include the "Adult Elnin Present" line on their third act but marked it as n/a since the first two acts fulfilled the requirement that at least one adult elnin be present in at least two of the acts when questing as a kittom.

Once all acts are submitted and pending approval you will need to submit a claim to have them checked! Do not wait for them to be approved before submitting this claim. Acts for the resonance quest must be completed as a set so they have to be approved as a set as well. Claims enable moderators to do this checking so they can grant you rewards.

Step 3: Claiming Rewards

In order to claim resonant status for your elnin you will need to submit a claim. Be sure to attach your elnin's masterlist entry link on this site to the claim so moderators know what elnin the quest is for and add the resonating mana currency reward to your resonance quest claim. (See example submission below)

After your acts are reviewed your resonance quest claim will be approved first followed by the acts linked in the description for that claim. Please give the masterlist moderators a week minimum to add the resonant status to your elnin's masterlist entry (and a note of any rank unlock requirements if you have them). You can check if it has been added to your masterlist entry before proceeding on to submitting a growth for your elnin.

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Rank Unlock Requirements

Standalone Submissions

If you're submitting your rank unlock requirements standalone (not alongside the resonance quest or within a resonance quest act) you will need to fulfill the rank unlock requirements separately.

  1. If the unlock requirement is an act of a certain type you would submit it to the respective resonance quest act:
    • See example: Advancement Act: Cathartic Carnage
      (Keep in mind this example act was done alongside questing so there is AP rewarded that would not be rewarded with a standalone rank unlock requirement typically submitted separately from a resonance quest.)
    • Note: If you are trying to earn one of your questing AP for an elnin using the same act as you thought would be submitted as a standalone rank unlock requirement, please finish all your resonance quest acts and submit the rank unlock requirement alongside those. We will not be approving questing AP attached to standalone rank unlock requirements or retroactively going back to grant AP for approved standalone rank unlock requirements.
  2. If the unlock requirement is a mini-requirement:
    • That is part of a monthly prompt you would link that prompt you would note it in claim comments.
      • For example if you were doing a noble rank unlock mini-requirement but forgot to mention the prompt depicted your elnin far from home you would mention what their hometown is in the rank unlock claim if it was not in the prompt's original comments.
    • If the rank unlock mini-requirement is not part of an existing act or prompt you would submit it to its respective rank unlock requirement prompt. Multiple submissions are allowed to these categories if there are multiple mini-requirements.

Even if you are submitting just one rank unlock requirement you will have to submit a claim with clear comments on what requirements were fulfilled so we know to track those were completed. This is because we do not actively check through acts also grouped under the "resonance quest" category without some notification that related requirements (for rank unlocks) or acts (for questing) are done. In this case as well we are using claims to let us know when a set of requirements is done so we can grant related rewards.

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Achievements & Titles

Notables For Claiming Achievements & Titles

  • If there is a title associated with a specific achievement, you do not need to claim the title separately! It will automatically be granted alongside the achievement you are claiming.
  • You must be the artist of a prompt to have it pass as a requirement met!
  • Prompts must be submitted on the WoE site to pass as a requirement met! (This includes legacy prompts. Read this page for more info on legacy prompts and this walkthrough for how to submit a legacy prompt.)
  • If you are claiming an achievement or title for a character, you must both own that character and be the artist of any prompt(s) needed for the unlock requirement!
  • Achievements and Titles claims will be handled at their own pace. (We suspect this will be weekly or every 2 weeks like most of our processes, but will be semi-dependent on other tasks in the group!)

Claiming Achievements

When filling out a claim it will go under the "Achievements & Titles" claim type:

  1. For the URL please enter the achievement's url to let us know which achievement you are claiming! (You can get this link by clicking on the name of the achievement and copying the url of that page. For example: )
  2. In the comments link the info needed for the unlock requirements to claim your achievement.
    • For example, if you're claiming the Lantern Crafter achievement, you would link to your prompt submission for the elnin that was the main subject in a prompt. This would be the elnin earning the AP (or if no AP was earned, the elnin that was the focus of the prompt/primary subject).
  3. If your achievement is character-based, be sure to attach the character to your claim under the "Characters" section. You do not need to attach any currencies to the claim or character. If your achievement is user-based, you do not need to link any character.

Examples of filled out Achievement claims:

Claiming Titles

Titles only need to be claimed if they are not associated with an achievement and have Unlock Requirements you're able to complete.

When filling out a claim it will go under the "Achievements & Titles" claim type:

  1. For the URL please enter the title's url to let us know which title you are claiming! (You can get this link by clicking on the name of the title and copying the url of that page.)
  2. In the comments link the info needed for the unlock requirements to claim your title.
  3. If your title is character-based, be sure to attach the character to your claim under the "Characters" section. You do not need to attach any currencies to the claim or character. If your achievement is user-based, you do not need to link any character.
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Current Prompts

Submitting Current Prompts

Submitting current prompts is pretty simple!

  1. Be sure you've familarized yourself with both the General Prompt Guidelines and the "Quick Rules" for each prompt (seen under the "Show Details..." area for each prompt).
  2. Create your prompt!
  3. Either submit your prompt via the "Submit Prompt" button on a given prompt's encyclopedia entry or go to "Submit" in the upper right of the site and select "Submit Prompt" from the dropdown.
  4. Double check that the "Prompt"part of the form is set to be the prompt you wish to submit.
  5. The submission URL is optional, and can be used to add a link to a dA submission if you've submitted to dA in advance.
    • Please note we do not accept timestamps on dA submissions.
    • All prompts must be submitted to the site directly during the prompts open timeframe.
  6. In the comment section use the helpful form for prompts (linked here at the bottom of the "Helpful Forms" page). This helps as a secondary check in case for some reason you attach AP to an elnin you didn't intent to earn it for!
  7. Add your art file or writing!
    • Images must be a max of 3MB and cannot exceed 2000 pixels on either side. If you're seeing a prompt error, double check that your file size and dimensions are small enough. If it's still erroring, try lowering the image canvas size to something smaller like 1000 pixels on either side.
  8. If you are earning bonus EC for meeting the bonus requirements for a given prompt attach only that amount using the "Add Reward" option!
    • Keep in mind most prompts already will list their 6EC reward by default if the prompt in the prompt field at the top is correct. So you only need to add the 2EC bonus when you use the "Add Reward" option most of the time.
  9. If you're earning AP for a character be sure to click "Add Character" and enter their character code (ELN###). Then once the elnin's image shows up use the "Add Reward" option in that subsection to add the AP you want to earn for the region shown in your prompt!
  10. Click "Submit" at the bottom of the prompt submission page and you should be done!


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Legacy Prompts, Acts, & Participation

Please see our Prompt Archive page for rules and Guidelines on submitting Legacy Prompts and Acts.

Submitting Legacy Prompts

When reviewing legacy prompts moderators will be checking if the original prompt's deviation:

  • Was submitted during the correct prompt time window.
  • Is still in the corresponding past prompt folder.
  • Was approved for AP in the original deviation's comments. (If eligible)
  • Has the same deviantart account listed as the one connected to the submitter's account on site.
  • Has an elnin listed that matches the one attached to the prompt and that that elnin belongs to the submitter currently.

Here are some screenshot examples of legacy prompt submissions:

  • [LG-023] Starfall Faire Preparations
    • This is what most legacy prompt submissions will look like!
  • [LG-028] Generous Gifting
    • Note: The generous gifting prompt was a bit unusual in that it requested users earning AP write a brief paragraph (minimum 200 words) about what region the elnin you own would like to recieve a gift from.
    • For this legacy prompt please only include that 200 word description and not the gift art present. You will still be asked to link to the prompt submission url though to verify other submission details.

Submitting Legacy Acts

Much like legacy prompts, when reviewing legacy acts moderators will be checking if the original prompt's deviation:

  • Was submitted before January 6th, 2019
  • Is still in the corresponding questing folder.
  • Has the same deviantart account listed as the one connected to the submitter's account on site.
  • Has an elnin listed that matches the one attached to the legacy act and that that elnin belongs to the submitter currently.

There are no examples of legacy act submissions at this time.

Legacy Participation Claims

Lastly when reviewing legacy participation claims moderators will be checking:

  • For the url where the AP was listed as earned. Generally a public comment is made listing the amount of AP, a related region (if applicable) and the elnin the AP is tied to.
  • If the elnin listed matches the one attached to the legacy participation AP grant and that that elnin belongs to the submitter currently.
  • Please list the following in the claim's comments:
    • Legacy Participation Claim: (Name of the event or activity you are claiming AP from)
    • Regional Affinity: (The name of the region your elnin earned AP for)
    • Claiming Regional Affinity for: (The name of the elnin you are claiming regional affinity for.)

Here are some screenshot examples of legacy participation submissions: