Faenin (Elnin Subtype)

Faenin is a subtype of elnin that has been exposed to the magic of the Feywilds, causing their body to change from the surge of wild magic. This means that although there are faenin kittoms, faenin are not born and the subtype will not pass through breedings, even between two faenin.


The faenin subtype is traditionally composed of the following traits and subtype mutations:

And the following mutations:

Faenin can also have one of the following tail styles:

Faenin can have a subtype variant of a pomu rather than a standard pomu:

How do subtypes interact with the singular horn from the Herald blessing?

  • Herald status is a blessing that cannot be dropped but subtype horns aren't a required subtype trait/can be dropped on subtype elnin. If a herald were to be upgraded to reflect a subtype they would just have a single horn and not the subtype or standard horns available. Their pomu can have standard, herald or subtype horns.


To have the faenin subtype, the elnin must have antennae, miniature wings (fae), and flight (faerie's boon). All other mutations, as well as the subtype tail styles and the pomu (fae variant), are optional for the faenin subtype. If you wish for your elnin to have larger butt winglets, a faenin tail style is required.

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