Species: Elnin (Variable subtype)
Category: Tail Style

Tail MP: 4

Flare tails are flexible tails that taper and have additional winglet plumage at the end.

Trait Examples
flare-tail-1.jpgFlare (Fae)
flare-tail-2.jpgFlare (Fae)
flare-tail-3.jpgInfused size Flare (Fae)
Mini Guides
flare-extra.png Flare Tail Examples - Flare (Fiendish) on top and Flare (Fae) on the bottom.


  • Flare tails are flexible but they lack the extra muscle and dexterity that Whip tails have.
  • This tail style's thickness can vary but the tail base should never be thicker than the elnin’s body and must taper all the way down to the tail tip where the winglet plumage sits.
  • Flare tail sizing is measured from the base of the tail to the end of the winglet plumage, minus streamers.
  • Streamers are considered to be any small thin line drawn near a wing tip, and they must be kept very thin and minimal if they’re extending past the main part of the plumage.
  • The tail tip winglet plumage can appear to be two overlapping wing sets, but only at the very tip of the tail on flare style tails.
  • Tail tip winglet plumage and optional tail-base winglets present on this tail style must match the associated subtype.
  • Formerly for Faenin this was called the "Sylph" tail style.

For Faenin / Flare (Fae) tails:

  • The associated plumage would be butterfly or moth-like, and labeled "Fae".

For Djinnin / Flare (Fiendish) tails:

  • The associated plumage would be batwing-like, and labeled "Fiendish".
  • This tail can optionally have a spade at the tail's tip near the tail tip plumage. See the above mini guide's Flare (Fiendish) example.

For ??? / Flare (Feathered) tails:

  • The associated plumage would be birdwing-like, and labeled "Feathered".


  • If you switch out from a subtype tail style, then you will not be able to opt back in later. You can swap to another subtype tail style (within the same subtype) if you prefer, though.
  • For example: If you have a "Flare (Fae)" tail style you could switch it out for a "Bulb (Fae)" style tail. You cannot switch across subtypes though, so a "Bulb (Fiendish)" could not be swapped out for a "Flare (Fae)" or "Whip (Fae)" style tail, and so on.
  • If your elnin's Flare tail subtype is not specified please submit a support ticket to clarify which tail subtype your elnin has. If a tail subtype is not specified, this does not mean you can choose any tail subtype. Staff will have to determine which type your elnin was granted and make sure that detail is specified on the masterlist before a design approval goes through for that elnin.
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