Species: Elnin (Variable subtype)
Rarity: Rare
Region: N/A
Is Hereditary?: No

Winglets are small, non-flight-related wing-like adornments that can appear on the arms, legs, around the eyes, or at the base of the tail.

Trait Examples
winglets-fae.jpgEye Winglets (Fae)
winglets-fae-2.jpgLeg Winglets (Fae)
winglets-fae-3.jpgLarge Tail Winglets (Fae) w/ Fae Tail


  • Attachment points for winglets are on the eyes, legs, and rump (where the tail attaches).
    • Attachment points for winglets are on the eyes, legs, and rump (where the tail attaches).
  • The main body of the winglets should be about the same as the size of the eye or smaller.
    • Fine streamers and trailers can be longer.
    • If your elnin has a subtype tail type (Flare, Bulb, or Whip), then the winglets at the tail base can be larger than winglets present in other areas. Just keep these winglets reasonably proportioned to the tail itself.
    • All the winglets do not have to be the same size. You can make them smaller or larger as you prefer.
  • What can affect winglets?
    • YES: Starlit Suffusion, Emberglow Suffusion, Luminous Suffusion, Shimmering Suffusion, Iridescent Suffusion, Metallic Suffusion, Crystallization, Splintered Anima (can cause winglets to look tattered, but anima splinters should not be present on the winglets themselves).
    • NO:Anima mutations, aside from the effect from splintered anima stated above.
  • If any mutations are not listed here, then we have no definitive answer for it. Please check with us first before going forward if the mutation is not on the list.
  • Winglets will always have an associated subtype listed if they are on a standard elnin, or match an elnin's subtype if they are on an elnin with a subtype. Winglets inherited from a pure subtype elnin will always match a parent’s subtype.

For Faenin / Winglets (Fae):

  • The winglets would be butterfly or moth-like, and labeled "Fae".

For Djinnin / Winglets (Fiendish):

  • The winglets would be batwing-like, and labeled "Fiendish".

For ??? / Winglets (Feathered):

  • The winglets would be birdwing-like, and labeled "Feathered".


  • This mutation is only inheritable directly from a subtype (for example, an elnin must explicitly list "Faenin" or "Djinnin" as a subtype on their masterlist entry). Normal elnins with Winglets (Fae) or another subtype-associated winglet cannot pass on any type of winglets to their kittoms, since there is no "standard" version of this trait.
  • If your elnin's winglet type is not specified please submit a support ticket to clarify which winglet type your elnin has. If a winglet is not specified, this does not mean you can choose any winglet type. Staff will have to determine which type your elnin was granted and make sure that detail is specified on the masterlist before a design approval goes through for that elnin.
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