Species: Elnin (Faenin subtype)
Rarity: Exotic
Region: N/A
Is Hereditary?: No

These act as functional antennae, giving the elnin extra information about their environment: Changes in pressure (faenin make great weather predictions), ambient mana levels, etc. They aren't all-seeing, but they have generally enhanced perception compared to other elnin.

Trait Examples
antennae-1.jpgButterfly w/ Curl
antennae-2.jpgButterfly w/ Club
antennae-3.jpgButterfly w/ Luminous
antennae-4.jpgMoth Standard
antennae-5.jpgMoth w/ Petite Ears
antennae-6.jpgMoth w/ Oversized Ears


Moth Antennae are soft and fuzzy feelers. These should not be longer than standard ears even if oversized ears are present. Moth antennae should be a standard fuzzy oval/leaf-like shape, if you're seeking a different shape check the "Alternate Antennae" detail below!

  • Butterfly Antennae are slender and delicate feelers with a club at the end. The luminous anima mutation will cause the club on these antennae to glow (must be anima or fae accent color). These antennae are capable of curling and can be longer than standard ears.
  • Alternate Antennae are antennae that fall outside the two standard antennae shapes. These will be checked on a case-by-case basis! If you're curious if antennae existing on real insects will work for a faenin antennae shape, please include a reference image in your design approval comments and be patient. Not all antennae shapes may be allowed.
  • What can affect any antennae?
    • Crystallization
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