Species: Elnin
Type: Arcane
Rarity: Exotic
Region: N/A
Is Hereditary?: No

Flight is an arcane ability that allows an elnin to fly when normally they’re unable to. Some spiritkin and elementals have been known to bless elnin with the ability of flight from time to time. This arcane ability seems to require miniature wings to attach itself to.

Faerie's Boon

  • Faerie’s Boon is the arcane ability that grants faenin the ability to fly. This arcane magic is often referred to as a flight extension because it is an extension on the miniature wings (fae) that allows the faenin to fly.
Trait Examples
faerie-boon-1.jpgStandard Faerie's Boon
faerie-boon-2.jpgFaerie's Boon w/ Prismatic Anima
faerie-boon-3.jpgFaerie's Boon w/
Sectoral Heterchromia


  • Faerie’s Boon is tied to the miniature wings (fae) that all faenin have, and while this flight extension is always present on the faenin they’re not required to be always visible.
    • When visible, these extensions appear as ethereal wings that come out of the miniature wings (fae). They should match the anima color (including fae accent color) of the faenin, or a near neighbor color to one of those two, and appear as a smooth gradient. If sectoral heterochromia is present, it may show up in the flight extension.
    • These extensions should not have specific images or distinct shapes (such as hearts, stars, etc). They should be insect veining or swirls.
    • Kittoms are not strong enough to make their flight extensions visible and they will not appear on them.
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