Miniature Wings

Miniature Wings

Species: Elnin
Type: Mutation
Rarity: Exotic
Region: N/A
Is Hereditary?: No

Standard miniature wings are small nonfunctional wings. Elnin with miniature wings cannot actually fly, as they are too small, but they sure are cute!

The faenin variant of miniature wings is always accompanied by the arcane Faerie's Boon on masterlist entries, which allows for flight for faenin with miniature wings. If this boon is not present then the elnin cannot fly with faenin miniature wings! You can find more about it in Flight under the Faerie's Boon section!

Trait Examples
miniature-wings-3.jpgMax Size
miniature-wings-5.jpgFae with Flight Extensions
miniature-wings-6.jpgFae with Mana Corruption
Mini Guides
note-miniature-wings.jpg Size limits on Miniature Wings guide-flight-extensions.jpg Faenin flight extensions guide

(Note: Faenin flight extensions should always be the same color as an elnin's anima or an adjacent/close color. For example, if an elnin's anima is blue the flight extensions could be a blue-green or a blue-purple hue.)


  • Miniature wings should be kept smaller than the length of the body and be able to fit within the elnin's torso if overlayed.
    • For faenin wings, the main bulk of the wing should follow this rule. However, streamers and trailers can be longer.
  • Miniature wings should mirror one another and be symmetrical.
    • For faenin miniature wings this means each wing should have a similar silhouette if layed over the other wing.
  • What can affect them?
    • YES: Starlit Suffusion, Emberglow Suffusion, Luminous Suffusion, Shimmering Suffusion, Iridescent Suffusion, Metallic Suffusion, Crystallization, Splintered Anima (can cause winglets to look tattered, but anima splinters should not be present on the winglets themselves).
    • NO: Anima mutations, aside from the effect from splintered anima stated above.
  • Splintered Anima specific miniature wing guidelines:
    • Can optionally create a tattered look to the miniature wing mutation (and winglets).
    • Splintered anima being present allows for tears in miniature wings (fae / fiendish) or damaged feathers in miniature wings (feathered).
      • On normal wings there shouldn't be any sections of the wings that look like it could fall off such as any bits hanging off the middle section of wing that appear to be partially detached. Imagine a peninsula but with a noticeable cinch point where a frayed piece is just barely hanging onto the wing.
    • Splintered anima being present allows for small irregularly placed holes to appear in miniature wings.
    • Tears and holes from the presence of the splintered anima mutation mean that there can be a subtle differences in the wing's silhoutette. For example, one wing could be more tattered than the other and have tears or holes in different places.
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