MYO Slot ・ Elnin


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  • 1 Kittom MYO slot (or upgrade to an existing kittom or elnin you own). Rank adjustment costs will not be included for Adult elnin to keep this reward inline with it's counterpart option.(Allowances: Crown style can optionally be added/upgraded up to a 3MP crown style or lower. Tail style can optionally be added/upgraded up to a 4MP Tail or lower. You may additionally add up to 2 Common fluff mutation, 2 Uncommon mutations, 3 rare mutation, and 2 exotic mutation if desired. The added mutations will be in addition to any mutations the kittom or elnin has already. [Leggy Fluff, Maned, Dual-toned Anima, Anima Patterning, Starlit Suffusion, Iridescent Suffusion, Luminous Suffusion, Starlit Anima, Hallowed Gaze]

    [Source: Feyhallow 2023 Mod Reward]

  • Mod Reward 2023: +Celestial Shroud, Spinal Ridge, Featherlight Hair, Luminous Anima, Mana Saturated, Sleek Ears

  • Mod Reward 2023: Noble MYO Growth Reward [+Common Mutation, +1 Uncommon Mutation] Gilded Anima

  • Mod Reward 2023: +Phantom Step, Oddly-Colored Pomu
Uploaded: 29 December 2023, 17:33:18 PST
Last Edited: 29 December 2023, 17:40:17 PST
Card Frames Unlocked
Not available to MYO slots!
29 December 2023, 17:33:18 PST


MYO Exchange Not Eligible
Cannot be gifted
Cannot be traded
Cannot be sold
Sale Value

Origin: 2021 Mod Subspecies Reward

Transfer Rules: Can [Trade], [Gift] or [Sell] finished design

Price History: Original sale price $0
Exotic Mutation Price Adjustment: $75
Uncommon Mutation Price Adjustment x5: $175
Phantom Step + Oddly-Colored Pomu Price Adjustment: $150
MYO Noble Growth Price Adjustment: $235