Species: Elnin (Djinnin subtype)
Rarity: Exotic
Region: N/A
Is Hereditary?: No

A spiked elnin has small, opaque, smooth but hard projections that can develop on their body.

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  • Similar to scales, spikes are not made of anima.
  • Spikes are smooth and solid in texture, and opaque in appearance. These projections do not have a firm gummy quality to them like elnin horns do, and are much tougher since they aren't anima. (Don’t poke anyone’s eye out!)
  • Spikes cannot imitate heavily inorganic shapes (man-made objects like lamp covers, hearts, etc.) or elemental shapes. (Plants/wood, flames, water, multi-faceted crystals, etc.)
  • Can be pronged (up to 2-3 prongs tops). Be mindful that above details apply, and spikes should never read as full blown horns (like moose or complex stag horns). These are still just body spikes.
  • Overall spike size should be kept relatively small, no larger than an elnin's head width. If any spikes on an elnin's head appear to be strongly imitating horns of any subtype/kind, we may request they be adjusted. In general, while it's not required, we would recommend head spikes err smaller than other body spikes to try to avoid anything reading too much like a horn.
  • Spikes display in organized and consistent ways. You will always see a smooth transition or consistent pattern for how the spikes look and occur. Spikes will never be irregularly-shaped, broken/cracked, jagged and/or scattered arbitrarily (like you would see for splintered anima).
  • Can be asymmetrical in broad placement. For example, the spikes could run up just one arm and down an elnin's back (as long as shapes are consistent and organized), or appear in a balanced way on a front ankle and opposite back ankle.
  • Should not cover more than roughly 50% of an elnin's body and cannot obscure other traits or the bulk of an elnin. If this mutation is heavily obscuring traits or other mutations, edits may be requested.
  • This trait cannot be used to imitate other traits period. This holds true for any mutation, but we want to be extra clear, if we see spikes being placed on the shoulders (or winglet locations) and made to imitate wing-like projections of any kind we will ask that they be removed.
  • Previously this trait was called "Barbed Tail".
  • What can affect the spikes mutation?
    • YES: Body suffusion mutations, such as metallic suffusion, shimmering suffusion, iridescent suffusion, starlit suffusion, emberglow suffusion, and luminous suffusion. Body suffusion mutations cannot only affect spikes and must also be present in other non-spiked locations.
    • NO: Anima mutations would not affect spikes (*Unless crystallization is present on the spikes, in which case anima mutations would be localized on the spikes and any related effects would be in very very close proximity to the spikes themselves. Be careful this combination does not read as irregular or like splintered anima, otherwise our staff will request changes.)
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