Species: Elnin (Djinnin subtype)
Rarity: Exotic
Region: N/A
Is Hereditary?: No

An elnin's paws gain a distinct shape with sharp talons for claws.

Trait Examples


  • An elnin with talons is an elnin whose entire foot shape has been adjusted. Their feet are less paw-like and have slightly longer taloned toes that can grasp things better.
  • This change can occur on a single paw, or any number of an elnin's paws.
  • Talon claws are independent of an elnin's anima and will be opaque and solid, with more natural claw colors like black, white, ivory, or brown. Alternatively, if the claws are not distinctly lined and blend into the foot, then they can be the same color as the rest of the base foot color.
  • Previously this trait was called "Djinn Peets".
  • What can affect the talons mutation?
    • YES: Infused teeth/claws (this can allow the talon claws to be anima colored). General body suffusion mutations such as metallic suffusion, shimmering suffusion, iridescent suffusion, starlit suffusion, emberglow suffusion, and luminous suffusion. Body suffusion mutations cannot only affect talons and must also be present in other locations on the body. Keep in mind suffusion mutations cannot imitate phantom step, so any effects should be on the top of the foot or higher, never beneath the feet themselves.
    • NO: Anima mutations (without infused/teeth claws also present, and even in those cases only color is impacted, no effects will show floating around the claws themselves.)
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