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Basic Attributes
- Overwild (Furred)
- Eldritch (Altar of Renewal)
The fire burning atop the crown is a conduit of living mana that will cause plants to flourish and flowers to bloom when set aflame. This is not an unlimited ability, the use of it will tax the elnin's energy. (A handful of flowers can be set ablaze at a time before the elnin needs rest). This crown also causes small green sprouts to appear in the phantom step and on the wooden areas of this elnin (specifically the crown, legs, tail, and horns- not the eyes!). When a plant is 'burnt' in the altar, that plant type will also start to grow in those areas. Eventually the effect will fade, but it can last between a few days to a few weeks depending on the hardiness of the original plant and the energy levels of the elnin. Please note that the plants on the elnin are replicas made of mana and cannot be removed!
Non-hereditary Traits
[Mutation] Cloud Breath :
Does not match anima color.
[Mutation] Phantom Step :
Interacts with crown unlike normal phantom step.
[Arcane] Enchantment :
Single Primary Horn
[Arcane] Enchantment :
This elnin has received a blessing, and has attained the title of Herald of Renewal.
[Arcane] Enchantment :
Wooden Anima. Aside from the eyes the rest of this elnin's anima is actual wood.
[Arcane] Flight (Fiend's Boon)
FULL REFERENCE Click to view watermarked image.

The following mutations may be added free of charge in the next update if desired:

  • Spikes
  • Winglets (Fiendish)
  • Infused Teeth/Claws
  • Scales

If any of these traits are not included in the next design update, they will be considered dropped and will need to be purchased (if applicable).

The following mutations cannot be picked up for free due to their already present counterpart mutations that would normally come with a MYO slot:

  • Slinky (Munchkin is already present, slinky can still be purchased later on with AP or EC+AP to stack with munchkin. Just munchkin is in place of the usual body mutation that would come included with a MYO.)
  • Dire (Elfin is already present)
  • Fire breath (Oddform Cloud Breath is already present)

The full list of applicable traits can be found here: 

Auction add-ons:

+Standard Noble MYO growth slot, up to 13mp. Up to 2 exotic mutations, 2 rare mutations, and 3 uncommon mutations can be added. Mutations picked must be hereditary with an associated region. Slot MP can be put towards use for hair MP length, ear fluff MP length, and tail size MP. Tail style and crown style must stay the same.

Uploaded: 9 January 2024, 19:48:43 PST
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[Default] Standard
[Default] Standard
9 January 2024, 19:48:43 PST
Design Name
Herald of Renewal

Growth Not Earned

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Sale Value
Cannot be transferred until 9 September 2024, 15:36:02 PDT

Origin: Auction by manaberri

Transfer Rules: Can [Sell], [Trade] or [Gift] - 3 month cooldown after design has been paid off

Price History: Original sale price $3700



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