June 2022 Updates!

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May has literally flown by! We’re back now in June with some important updates!

Achievements and Titles

There were some delays on this front but we're now ready to have people start claiming achievements (and the titles related to those respective achievements. This is how claiming will go!

When filling out a claim it will go under the "Achievements & Titles" claim type:

  1. For the URL please enter the achievement's url to let us know which achievement you are claiming! (You can get this link by clicking on the name of the achievement and copying the url of that page. For example: https://worldofeyre.com/world/achievements?name=Lantern%20Crafter )
  2. In the comments link the info needed for the unlock requirements to claim your achievement.
    • For example, if you're claiming the Lantern Crafter achievement, you would link to your prompt submission for the elnin that was the main subject in a prompt. This would be the elnin earning the AP (or if no AP was earned, the elnin that was the focus of the prompt/primary subject).
  3. If your achievement is character-based, be sure to attach the character to your claim under the "Characters" section. You do not need to attach any currencies to the claim or character. If your achievement is user-based, you do not need to link any character.

Important things to note:

  • If there is a title associated with a specific achievement, you do not need to claim the title separately! It will automatically be granted alongside the achievement you are claiming.
  • You must be the artist of a prompt to have it pass as a requirement met!
  • Prompts must be submitted on the WoE site to pass as a requirement met! (This includes legacy prompts. Read this page for more info on legacy prompts and this walkthrough for how to submit a legacy prompt.)
  • If you are claiming an achievement for a character, you must both own that character and be the artist of any prompt(s) needed for the unlock requirement!
  • Achievements and Titles claims will be handled at their own pace. (We suspect this will be weekly or every 2 weeks like most of our processes, but will be semi-dependent on other tasks in the group!)

Examples of filled out Achievement claims:

This info will be cross posted on our Helpful Walkthrough's page under "Achievements & Titles".

More Guide Updates!

We've been continuing to work on guide updates. Sharky has been going through traits next. We're aiming to flesh out the encyclopedia and shift relevant info there under categories.

We've updated info for Faenin traits

Updated info can be found on traits linked from the main encyclopedia entry for the Faenin subtype!

Tail Encyclopedia entries have been updated!

You'll notice many of these have been expanded upon so please follow encyclopedia pages for current TAIL SIZE and TAIL STYLE guidelines!!!

Once we get through all sections of a given trait category, you will probably see changes to any overarching pages like our tail guide, crown guide, and elnin anatomy pages. There's some duplicate info in spots, but currently tail info on two of these pages will likely have dated info, so we highly recommend following the encyclopedia for any clarification on tails.

  • Info on tail sizes can be found here.
  • Info on tail styles can be found here.
  • Other Tail Notes:
    • We've moved any elnin that had the Multi-Tail (Legacy) tail style to the Trine (Legacy) tail style.
      • These two traits are the same exact tail style, Multi-tail being just another way of saying an elnin that had 3 bramble style tails, now called Trine (Legacy). The MP values should be the same/nothing is really being impacted, but we wanted to bring trait names into alignment as a bit of clean up.
      • We will not be removing the Multi-Tail (Legacy) trait until Nai, or a later developer can make sure that trait's removal won't have any impact on other areas of the site. We're doubtful that there would be, but erring on the side of caution.

Guide Updates are ongoing!

We'll be cleaning up areas that include tail style and sizing info outside the encyclopedia next. Then we intend to move on to crown styles and other mutation updates intermittently. This is slow work since there's always a lot going on, but we recognize the need to keep on top of improving our trait guidelines.

In the long term, we'll be aiming to remove duplicate info in other areas of the site so we don't end up with dated info in some spots and not others. Some pages like the old overarching guide pages may be simplified or removed once our encyclopedia entries are up to date. Some decisions are still being made on this, but we'll continue to post updates as we work through things.

Thank you for your patience with us as we work through things! Sharky has been handling the guide changes, with checks from the team. While she (and Nai) predominantly are busy in that work, the rest of the moderator team continues to support regular processes like prompt and design approvals, and then chip in where they can towards any additional discussions/work.

Design Name Updates and Info

We're adjusting how we handle Design Names within the group. A while back there was some contention about when design names could be added. This prompted some internal discussion. Please understand that restrictions surrounding design names were never intended to hamper creative freedom relative to a user's characters.

You can still:

  • Update your character’s Profile
  • Interpret your character thematically any way you wish

Design names hold no bearing on how you wish to interpret your character. You're still welcome to make edits to their visuals, outfits, backstory, etc. Design names are optional text for flavor that usually convey the intent of the original artist of a design, but have always been more or less a formality and a bit of fun for Guest Artists.

Here's a Little Background.

Originally, Design Names were primarily for Guest Artist sale purposes to identify designs before they had any sort of elnin identifier (ELN ID). Usually they matched the theme an artist was going for. Some design names were more on the nose while others were more vague.

Eventually, users inquired if design names could be added to MYO elnin. At that time, we touched base with Mana to see if she had any thoughts, and she tossed a few guidelines our way and off we went. But things did not have a clear process and were more or less being handled as they came up.

Kittsunami kittoms historically did not have design names. Some have been added in recent years by artists (optionally), but due to the sheer number of kittoms we historically processed in events, reviewing design names alongside that many submissions was additional overhead in the process and could potentially slow it down. Not all guest artists wanted to give all of the kittoms design names as well. We left the choice up to them when we did start allowing design names to be added for the last Kittsunami.

Now we're where we are currently in the group. We understand group members are very passionate about their characters and design names have increased in significance and meaning for some of our community members. That said, the original intent of design names was not to have them hold a lot of significance. They're a wonderful starting point for character inspiration and a hat tip to the original artist's idea, but community members do not have to adhere to them in any way.

A lot of stress came out of discussing this topic. Design names opening up to being added by community members started as an initially simple process that we thought would be nice, but added additional work so we agreed we would give it a try. This aspect of the group was never highlighted as something that group staff had to do as part of moderator duties outside of guest sales. It was a task picked up because we saw some community interest in it and were trying to manage it in a way that would not impact other more important tasks in the group. We see now though that this process needed to have better guidelines as it was causing stress to both community members and moderators.

After discussion, this is what we've settled on for the following guidelines. These guidelines will not be up for dispute, as our goal is to try to clarify where design names sit in the group.

Guideline for Design Name Requests:

  • Once a month a user can submit a ticket to add a design name to any of elnin they own without one currently present. If submitting names for multiple nin please do it in one ticket. If user decides to add more after a ticket has been sent, they'll have to wait until next month.
    • Otherwise, users are also free to request a design name be added during design approvals.
  • Design names can be added to any MYO that previously had a placeholder name like MYO-###.
  • Any design that already has a design name designated cannot have their name changed.
  • You can only add a design name to an elnin or kittom owned by you that does not already have one.

Guideline for Design Names:

  • Design names can be 6 words or less (with a max of 50 characters)
  • Design names must be appropriate (PG-13, no swear words/derogatory terms, etc.)
  • Design names cannot contain any copyright material/phrases (ex. Pokemon Master, Cardcaptor Sakura, etc).
  • Fantasy names are ok as long as they do not tread copyright material. If something seems ambiguous/we’re unsure on the meaning, we may ask for clarification or ask for it to be changed to something else.
  • Design names can only contain alphabetical letters a-z. No emojis, special characters or non english characters/letters are allowed. (This is to prevent the site from breaking in case the database cannot read the character).
  • Design names cannot allude to Royal elnin titles (ex. King/Queen). Aristocratic names like "Prince, Princess, Scion, Baroness, etc." are ok.
  • Design name overlap can occur, this is not something we moderate given design name themes and word combinations can be quite vague. You’re welcome to avoid similar design names as a courtesy, but it is not required.
  • You cannot expand upon existing design names. (ie. Something like "Moon Gazer" cannot be extended to something like "Elegant Moon Gazer". )
  • We reserve the right to reject a design name if we have a concern. We do not have to explain our reasoning, though we won't be doing this arbitrarily and ask that people respect our decision.

Additional Notes:

  • Please allow up to 1 week for design names to be processed (possibly more this first month as we expect an influx).
  • Elnin designs do not need to strictly follow their design name.
  • Given this task has always been something on the side the staff were willing to volunteer the extra time to try to do, if we continue to see contention surrounding it we will halt design name additions outside of guest artist sales. This is something Manaberry suggested as a potential option, but we wanted to try to find a middle ground before going back to how the group originally handled design names.

This info will be cross posted on our Helpful Walkthrough's page under "Profiles & Framing".

Masterlist Art Flipped Views

If you have asymmetrical designs for elnin art we are alright reviewing flipped views to show an elnin's other side. Here are some guidelines though to clarify things better.

Masterlist Flipped Art View Guidelines:

  • Flipped art views showing asymmetrical markings must be included in the design approval throughout the whole process. Not doing so may lead to us requiring edits to your flipped view for it to be included.
  • Max width and height for images including flipped views should not exceed 2000 pixels and 3MB.
  • Flipped art views should not be wholly different line sets and poses. Lines present should almost entirely match the lines of the other view, if not be identical.
    • No different poses please!
  • Flipped art views should not contain the elnin's outfit. Outfit approvals are entirely separate. If an outfit version is included in a flipped view, we will ask for it to be removed from the image during final approval/only the unclothed view should be submitted. Approved outfits may be submitted as a separate design approval afterwards with no additional cost.
    • Some older elnin may present this (clothed and unclothed views as part of the same image) just due to what images we were given by Manaberry to upload, but all designs moving forward should not show this approach.
  • Only one of the views will be in frame. The flipped view of an elnin's markings will only be visible through looking at the entire watermarked image. Please specify which image you want framed during design approval. Otherwise if it isn't clear, the version picked will be up to the moderator approving the design and changes will not be allowed afterwards.
Character Trades and Transfers

Lastly, we'd like to post a small reminder, when transferring or trading characters you must include some note about what sort of exchange is taking place (Resell, Trade, 3-Way Trade, Gift, etc.) We've seen a few submissions with just a space come through with no info listed. Moving forward, these types of transfers without a note attached will be rejected. We don't require explanations or reasoning to be lengthy, but context is appreciated to clarify if something is intended to be a gift, trade, resell, or otherwise.

Transfers listed as "gifts" will always have the resale value removed unless otherwise specified. If you would like a gift to retain its resale value, please make sure to state this in the note (Ex. Gift - Please keep resale value!)

Ongoing Prompt Bug

This has been posted at the top of our prompts for a while now, but we just wanted to reiterate in case anyone hasn't been in the prompt space for a bit and is not aware of the bug on site.

For any prompt with a deadline (Monthly and Seasonal prompts currently) those timed prompts will adhere to the time stated for the "Entry Window" under the "Show details" area of a given prompt. Do not use the "Ends" time shown on the prompt itself as a guideline. There is currently a bug that closes the prompt 3 minutes early so the "Ends" time will be incorrect, since we've extended that time so the listed "Entry Window" time can be adhered to.

We're still working on finding a solution to this, so we wanted to bring attention to it in at least one news update here.

Patreon Subscriptions

Due to how our site gets the list of Patreon subscribers we ask users do not subscribe in the last 72 hours (3 days) at the end of a given month. Our site does not get any credit card info from Patreon, but it does get info from Patreon on who is subscribed and what tier they are subscribed at. If payment takes time to process and does not fully process before the last day of the month the website will not know someone has subscribed. If a user has not received their SC currency by the end of a given month please submit a ticket.

This hasn't been addressed for a while now because initially we didn't notice it happening, but there have been a few users who subscribed one of the last few days in a month. When the list of subscribed users gets pulled into our site from Patreon, if a payment hasn't fully processed our site won't register the user's subscription for that month. (For example: I subscribe to Manaberry's Patreon the last day in May, but my payment takes a day so it's already June when Patreon knows I subbed for May. The website won't retroactively know to award currencies for past months subscribed since it only awards SC for the current month.)

We're make this recommendation to try to avoid this from happening, but on a few occasions it has. We wanted to put out there what our process is for handling this when it rarely has happened in the past and on the odd chance it does occur in the future. We are also fairly conscientious of this sort of thing occurring relative to timing of Patreon sales, so we'll be looking to avoid any future Patreon sales occurring during those last few days of a month. (We already have been to a degree.) This doesn't mean there won't necessarily be Patreon content during those last 3 days, it just means it won't be time sensitive content that is not still accessible the following month.



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