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Created: 5 August 2020, 02:31:46 PDT
Last updated: 17 August 2020, 05:42:02 PDT

A tired elnin glowers at you from behind a desk. As you begin to ask some questions they simply raise a mug of some brew to their lips and gesture towards the various resources organized around the room. The most useful ones are easily identifiable but there are a few books and shelves that appear quite dusty compared to other areas of the library.

Wondering if you should mention that drinks aren't typically allowed in such places you turn your attention to finding what info you were looking for in the first place... perhaps something about an old piece of art or writing that needs archiving? Or maybe you're just here to reminisce.

Legacy Submissions

All legacy submissions, whether they are a Legacy Act, Legacy Prompt, or Legacy Participation, must have the submission URL field link back to the original submission on DeviantArt. If you submitted a piece back years ago to deviantart but then archived or deleted it you cannot claim those submissions under any sort of Legacy Prompt or Legacy Act on site now. We have no way of verifying the prompt was done during a specific time window, submitted to the correct folder, and that we commented on that prompt to awarded AP if it was eligible for AP. We will not be reviewing things resubmitted to deviantart that exist outside of original prompt time windows or when older versions of our systems were active.

For examples for how to submit various types of legacy submissions see our Legacy Prompts, Acts, & Participation section on our Helpful Walkthroughs page.

Legacy Prompts are special prompts specifically open for archival purposes.

Legacy Prompt Rules

  1. Legacy prompts will not allow new submissions. Only old prompts that were submitted and approved into their respective closed DeviantArt prompt folder will be allowed through as a Legacy Prompt submission.
  2. Old prompts must be submitted to their corresponding Legacy Prompt on the website to be approved on site. If they are submitted to the wrong prompt they will be rejected.
  3. Prompts must still currently be in corresponding past prompt folder on DeviantArt to be submitted here on site. If they are not in these folders we will assume they were never reviewed and earned EC or AP (if eligible).
  4. Doing a Legacy Prompt will not earn you any new or additional currencies! These prompts are purely for archival purposes.
    • This means we are not awarding any EC by submitting a prompt on site. That EC should be in your bank already.
    • Prompts that are eligible for AP (see each Legacy Prompt to check their eligibility) must already have a comment from a mod granting you that AP. You have technically already earned the AP, by submitting a Legacy Prompt on site we are simply giving you a way to track that already earned AP.
    • If you have already spent AP earned from a Legacy Prompt we will be checking. We will not be granting AP that has already been spent.
  5. To submit a prompt for logging AP to the site you must currently own the elnin that originally earned that AP (verified in the prompt submission's comments on DeviantArt) and you must be the artist that drew or wrote that submission (verified by checking that the submitter's account is the same as the deviantart account they have linked). This is not up for debate or change suggestions.

Info on legacy quests and acts and how to archive pieces that were approved to the old questing folder on deviantart. As well as info on how to log AP you may earned for these pieces that was tracked personally up until now.

What is a Legacy Quest?

  • A Legacy Quest is a Quest (formerly "Questline") that was completed back roughly before January of 2019. These quests followed a slightly different system but are completed Quests. Kittoms that completed a Legacy Quest, with all three acts, back then will still get "Resonant" status. Elnin that have previously completed a Legacy Quest (complete with all three acts) are not eligible to do the new Resonance quest. As they should already have Resonant status and earned MP and AP if their submissions were eligible for it.
  • If your elnin completed a Legacy Quest with only 1 or 2 acts you will need to complete the remaining acts in accordance to the new system to grant your elnin or kittom Resonant status.

What is a Legacy Act?

  • A Legacy Act that was submitted to the questing folder prior to the new system being announced January 6th, 2019. This act may be part of a finished Legacy Quest or still awaiting use in the new system's Resonance Quest.

Can I use previously done Quests, now called Legacy Acts, (finished prior to the new system's release on January 6th, 2019) for credit toward the new Resonance quest?

  • If your quest submission had already been accepted into the questing folder before January 6th, 2019 , then sure you can use them! Most old quests should transfer over into one of the new acts without difficulty. There are only 2 exceptions:
    • If you completed either of the "Exploration" or "Community Support" Legacy Acts prior to January 6th, 2019 you will need to submit them to their respective Legacy Acts on this site to use them towards a new Resonance quest . You must submit Legacy Acts with a link back to their original submission on deviantart. This is so we can verify they were submitted before that cutoff date. If a Legacy Act does not meet that requirement then it is not eligible to be used towards a Resonance Quest as a Legacy Act.
  • Regarding fulfilling new rank up requirements, they still need to be done [as we move forward we are going to try to have everything adhere to the new systems as much as possible]. You are fine to edit the new requirements into your previous quests if you'd like, or you can do new solo pieces of art.
  • If you have any specific questions on how to navigate using your old quest art for the new system please don't hesitate to send a note to the group [Berry-Bazaar] for additional clarification.

I earned AP and MP in a Legacy Quest but I never used all of the Quest AP or MP earned at the time I submitted it! Can I still use that unspent AP or MP?

  • Yes, you can still redeem unspent AP or MP from a Legacy Quest so long as there is verification the piece was approved for that regional AP and that the MP was not already spent. Spent AP and MP will be recorded in the elnin's character bank. To be elligible for that unspent AP the entry must still be present in our questing folder and the submission must be dated prior to the first round of growths closing (Feb 7, 2019). As of August 12th, 2020 all elnin that have Resonant status should have had their MP granted and any spent MP removed from their character banks.
  • If your elnin completed a Legacy Quest with only 1 or 2 acts but does not have Resonant status you will need to complete the remaining acts in accordance to the new system to grant your elnin or kittom Resonant status and claim any unspent Resonating Mana to put towards MP.

What if I have done a Legacy Quest but not all my pieces had a regional background qualified for AP at the time? Can I still earn this AP despite my elnin having "Resonant" status?

  • If a Legacy Quest had an act that was not previously approved for regional AP but you would still like to get up to the 3AP cap, you can do additional act(s) with a background image for a specific region. Once you are done with your additional act(s) you would submit the additional act(s) to the corresponding Act Prompt(s) to earn the AP missed (up to the Resonance Quest 3AP lifetime maximum for that elnin. If you have already received 2AP from a Legacy Quest then you would only be eligible to earn the remaining 1AP via this method). To have us check these acts you will need to submit a claim (See step #2 in the "Claiming Quest Rewards" section of this page. You should not claim any additional "Resonating Mana" currency with this claim since that currency will have already been granted when you claimed "Resonant" status the first time.

Legacy Participation

At times we have hosted events or activities that tie into prompts! Things like Trivia or event puzzles. If you have earned AP for an elnin be sure to check the related event page's comments. Typically we have used comments to record down what character earned a certain reward if that reward was not tied to a given prompt submission.

If you have a currency reward for participating in something that is unlisted you can submit a claim and link the comment in your claim's URL field. Make sure you attach the correct elnin and character currency to claim it. You must have been the one to earn the AP and you must still own the elnin listed in the comment to claim the AP for that elnin. We will be checking to confirm. We will not be granting earned AP to a different elnin if you traded the one you earned AP for away!

Past Site Prompts

Past site prompts are prompts that are no longer open for submissions and that never existed on DeviantArt. Unlike Legacy Prompts which are open for archival purposes past site prompts are permanently closed after their open prompt window / duration has been completed. This is because in theory any submissions should already have been submitted and logged when a prompt was open and archived upon it being closed.