Species: Elnin
Category: Tail Style

Zephyr tails have a windswept, feathery quality but no actual feathers. They are in fact made entirely of strands of fur. The supporting tail limb is usually held upright, causing a pronounced arc and elegant fall of fur that sometimes brings to mind the shape of a rooster's tail.

Tail Structure Guide
Trait Examples
zephyr-tail-1.jpgMiniature Zephyr
zephyr-tail-2.jpgStandard Zephyr
zephyr-tail-3.jpgStandard Zephyr
zephyr-tail-4.jpgMiniature Zephyr


  • Zephyrs often sport additional streamers of fur that flare stylishly from the base of the tail.
  • This is not a feathered tail. The fur is just prone to separating into sections that can arc in feather-like ways.
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