Species: Elnin
Category: Crown

Crown MP: 3

Trinket crowns are small and simple items or shapes.

Trait Examples
trinket-3.jpg A Shell
trinket-1.jpg Simple Star Shapes
trinket-2.jpg A Simple Skull


  • In order to be simple enough to classify as a Trinket crown instead of a Treasure crown your design must be either only 1 material or only 2 colors.
    • If there is more than 1 material, there must be 2 or less colors.
      • Colors should stay as flat as possible and not involve strong gradients to count as "1 color".
    • If there is more than 2 colors, there must be only 1 material.
      • "Material" is flexible. It could be something you would normally think of like wood, stone, cloth, or it could be something like candy! It should just be something homogeneous.
  • The item should only be one distinct object. Not one object on top of or attached to another object.
  • You can have up to three of the same item if they are identical in appearance (you may vary their size a bit though).
  • Avoid engravings as they often add more intricacy/detail to a design that might push it into Treasure rather than Trinket.
  • To avoid being mistaken for Fauna or Flora crowns, Trinkets should be inanimate/not living.  This also means they should not resemble something animate or living. For example a metal leaf would not be allowed.
    • Exceptions: shells, a bone, a skull
  • If it's a food item make it clearly food and not just raw meat / animal parts
  • Trinket crowns cannot resemble weapons.
  • Trinket crowns should not glow (no glowing moons/stars/lanterns/etc).


  • Previously 4MP. Split into Trinket / Treasure to account for varying design complexity.
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