Species: Elnin
Category: Crown

Crown MP: 4

Spellforms are similar to sigil crowns except that they are more structured in appearance, containing a border to contain it entirely.

Trait Examples
crown-spellform-1.jpg Spellform
crown-spellform-2.jpg Spellform
crown-spellform-3.jpg Spellform


  • Are bound within some type of design border (most often circular, but can have angular boundaries as well).
  • Spellforms can have multiple sections as long as they are all connected, and can contain symbols in both vertical and horizontal alignments.
  • Can also contain lines that create specific imagery (stars, moons, etc).


  • This type of crown is not exactly mobile, but it can bloom if based on flowers, or wilt or shift colors if it has leaves (following natural seasonal shadings).
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