Species: Elnin
Category: Tail Style

The tail all kittoms love to hide under. Lagoon tails are made of sections of fur that drape loosely from a gracefully upheld tail. It creates a lovely cascade effect that also handily doubles as a nice tent.

Tail Structure Guide
Trait Examples
lagoon-tail-1.jpgStandard Lagoon
lagoon-tail-2.jpgInfused Lagoon
lagoon-tail-3.jpgGiga Lagoon w/ Braids
lagoon-tail-4.jpgMiniature Lagoon w/ Braid


  • The actual length of the draping parts of the fur should be at least the height of an elnin from toe to chin (so no super short cropped lagoons).
  • Draping strands in lagoon tails should be uniform in drape length down the entire tail, there shouldn’t be any apparent tapering. You would not see shorter strands near the tail base or tail tip, both should be roughly the same strand length as those seen in the center.
  • Braids can be added but they will be limited to the length of the drapage going down, following the structure of the tail.
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