Species: Elnin
Category: Tail Style

Tail MP: 3

Somewhat like a unicorn tail. Groves are slender and flexible, with a tuft of fur at the end.

Tail Structure Guide
Trait Examples
grove-tail-1.jpgStandard Grove
grove-tail-2.jpgStandard Grove w/ Accessories
grove-tail-3.jpgStandard w/ Spade Tip
grove-tail-4.jpgInfused w/ Braids
grove-tail-5.jpgStandard w/ Styled Tip


  • Generally, the main tail fluff should not extend up past the halfway point of the tail.
  • Grove tails sometimes have extra bits of fur that drape loosely underneath the base of the tail.
  • Extra fluff on the top of the base of the tail should be minimal if any.
  • Grove tail tips can be styled a bit, like a fluffy cotton ball or fluffy point, but there should still be a clear tail tuft at the end. Be sure to check and ask stylization questions in the sketch phase of any design approval!
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