Species: Elnin
Category: Crown

Resembles a diminutive living creature, not sentient. Can be things like fish, bugs, birds, frogs, etc. Any small, relatively simple animal would be acceptable.

Trait Examples


  • Rule of Palm: The creature in a fauna crown should be able to fit in the palm of your hand in its real-world equivalent. So something like a deer would obviously not fit in the palm of your hand, even if it's drawn to be miniature it would still not be allowed.
  • The designs of the animals should be simplified, rather than true-to-life versions. For example if your creature is a snake, you should not be drawing every scale on it and nictitating eyelids.
  • A small fantasy tweak can be added to the creature, but overall it should be a recognizable real-world animal. If you are submitting a fantasy-esque creature design please be aware that, if approved, it would be accepted into the canon of Eyre and considered a part of the World of Eyre. Any fauna crown creature design would be able to be drawn by other community members in prompts and activities.
  • This type of crown has some mobility, but can only occupy the space around an Elnin's head (resting on an ear, floating in different positions, etc). It cannot sit on the shoulder or back and must stay around the head.  Unfortunately, this does not currently apply to masterlist art and is more of a lore tidbit!
  • Fauna crowns should not have more than one type of an animal. If there are two they can vary. Both must still be smaller than the Elnin's face/infused crown size-wise. 


  • Previously known as "Mimic", split from "Orbital"
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