Pilot Lights

Pilot Lights

Species: Elnin (Djinnin subtype)
Rarity: Exotic
Region: N/A
Is Hereditary?: Yes

Small flames that can appear at an elnin's ear tips, tail tip, or halfway down their spine. See details section for coverage specifics.

Trait Examples


  • Flames have to be on the elnin and cannot be free floating.
  • Flames can be present either at the tips of the ears, partially along their back, as a small flame near the tip of an elnin's tail, or some combination of the three locations. Any flames near an elnin's back can only go partially down their spine. This will only affect about 50% of an elnin's back, and never go fully down their back without the spinal ridge mutation present.
  • Flames should be kept relatively small no matter where they are present. Roughly the size of an elnin's eye width or height wise before the flames start to taper.
  • Flames are limited to one spot per body part. So they will not appear in multiple places on a single tail, ear, or elnin's back.
  • Flames will not replace entire parts of tails or limbs, so you would not see a grove tail looking like the end tuft is entirely engulfed in flame. Only the very tip of the tail tuft might be, or the very tip of another tail style like meadow or welkin.
  • This trait is not anima-based and therefore not dependent on an elnin's anima color (like the fire breath mutation which comes from within an elnin).
  • Can be any color, but have a tendency to gravitate towards the color of other present flame-aesthetic mutations.
    • This is not a requirement, but flavor-wise, pilot lights will have a tendency to match witchlight crown color or fire breath color if one or both of those mutations are present.
  • Pilot lights can be a consistent gradient of multiple colors, or each flame can be a different solid color.
  • Flame color should not change or transition, and should always be depicted in a static way. The colors will not change, transition, or swap places.
    • For example: If you have a blue to pink to yellow gradient on each flame, where blue is on the bottom of the flame and yellow is on the top, the flames will always be blue on the bottom and yellow on the top in any picture.
  • Solid identifiable shapes of color will never appear on pilot lights, only gradients of color where applicable.
  • What can affect the pilot lights mutation?
    • YES:Body suffusion mutations that float around the body would affect this mutation, but these mutations must also affect other non-pilot light areas of the body. (Starlit suffusion, emberglow suffusion). Spinal ridge allows the spinal ridge to be fully replaced by small flames if flames are present anywhere on an elnin's back.
    • NO: Anima mutations would not affect pilot lights. (You could do a similar gradient to an anima color mutation but it wouldn't be required since pilot lights are not anima-based. Also colors still need to follow the pilot light guidelines mentioned under the details section above.)
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