Limbal Accents

Limbal Accents

Species: Elnin (Djinnin subtype)
Rarity: Rare
Region: N/A
Is Hereditary?: Yes

This mutation is characterized by a djinn accent-colored ring that appears around the outer edge of the iris, and is sometimes accompanied by short slashes, circles or half circles that overlap and are the same color as the rest of the limbal accent ring.

Trait Examples
limbal-accents-1.jpgA few examples


  • These accents should not depict any text/runes/sigils/clearly identifiable symbols.
  • This accent does not appear in or overlap an elnin's pupil, nor will it ever obscure an elnin’s entire sclera on its own.
  • Some of the small short slashes, half circles, or circles that meld into the limbal ring can overlap the sclera and iris as long as they are overlapping the required overall accent ring.
  • Limbal accent color does not affect any other anima mutations.
  • So, what does the limbal accent color affect?
    • ALWAYS: Just the eyes
    • POSSIBLE: Mouth lineart (with Mana Saturated), Toe Beans (the lineart or edge of each toe bean would optionally mirror the accent color)
    • NEVER: Crystallization, Splintered Anima, Emberglow Anima, Emberglow Suffusion
  • If any mutations are not listed here then we have no definitive answer for it. Please check with us first before going forward if the mutation is not on the list.


This mutation is only inheritable directly from djinnin (must explicitly list "djinnin" as a subtype on their masterlist entry).

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