Doe-eyes (fae)

Doe-eyes (fae)

Species: Elnin (Faenin subtype)
Rarity: Rare
Region: N/A
Is Hereditary?: No

Inheritable only directly from faenin subtype elnins (must explicitly list "faenin" as a subtype on their masterlist entry). Normal elnins with fae doe-eyes (ie, elnins that had at least one pure faenin parent but are not classed as faenin themselves) will only pass on the standard version of the doe-eyed mutation to their children. The fae version of the doe-eyed mutation includes a distinct ring of color and freckling around the pupil. The ring color is visible within the core of the horns. There is also a noticeable spark of light within the depths of the pupil that marks an ability to see through faefolk illusions.


  • Keep in mind that since the large area in the center of the eye is actually the pupil, it always needs to be black or very close to black. You can have a tint of color to match your elnin's eyes better but it should appear black at a glance.
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