Patreon Lifetime Noble Slot Token

Category: Tokens

This token can be used to grow a kittom or rank up an existing elnin to noble rank. This token can only be used to add MP to an elnin's hair length, ear fluff length, or tail size. An elnin's total MP with the additional MP may not exceed 13MP. Please keep in mind if you decide to not allocate MP up to the 13MP cap you will not be able to redeem additional MP using this token at a later time. Upon use this token will be removed from your inventory!

You may purchase additional mutations, moderate edits, or adjustments to your elnin's tail style and crown type using USD through Patreon Noble Lifetime Reward Slot Form found [here]. For more general patreon related info or questions check out or Patreon Helpdesk page to see if one of your questions is in our FAQ.

If you are not purchasing anything additional you may attach this token directly to your Design Update Request by going to your elnin's masterlist entry and clicking on "Update Design" in the sidebar. That will begin your Design Update process for that elnin!

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