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Created: 25 June 2023, 23:34:13 PDT
Last updated: 27 June 2023, 11:39:15 PDT

Welcome to the Patreon Helpdesk! In order to streamline the process of patreon-related questions and follow-up, the group has created this page to provide some help for Manaberri patrons. This page will be the hub for frequently-asked patreon questions and various aspects of patreon follow-up.

How to become a patron

For details about Manaberri's patreon, please visit her patreon page, Manaseed (See Manaseed on Patreon)! Please read tiers carefully to get a sense for what they include.

Patreon Subscriptions

Due to how our site gets the list of Patreon subscribers, we ask that users do not subscribe in the last 72 hours (3 days) at the end of a given month. Our site does not get any credit card info from Patreon, but it does get info from Patreon on who is subscribed and what tier they are subscribed at. If payment takes time to process and does not fully process before the last day of the month, the website will not know someone has subscribed. If a user has not received their SC currency by the end of a given month, please submit a ticket to the "Patreon" Ticket Type.

This hasn't been addressed for a while now because initially we didn't notice it happening, but there have been a few users who subscribed during the last few days in a month. When the list of subscribed users gets pulled into our site from Patreon, if a payment hasn't been fully processed, our site won't register the user's subscription for that month. (For example: I subscribe to Manaberry's Patreon on the last day of May, but my payment takes a day, so it's already June when Patreon knows I subbed for May. The website won't retroactively know to award currencies for past months subscribed since it only awards SC for the current month.)

We're making this recommendation to try to avoid this from happening, but on a few occasions it already has. We wanted to put out there what our process is for handling this when it rarely has happened in the past and on the odd chance it does occur in the future. We are also fairly conscientious of this sort of thing occurring relative to timing of Patreon sales, so we'll be looking to avoid any future Patreon sales occurring during those last few days of a month. (We already have been to a degree.) This doesn't mean there won't necessarily be Patreon content during those last 3 days, it just means it won't be time-sensitive content that is not still accessible the following month.

Who helps with what?

This will probably not be an exhaustive list, but it can still shine some perspective on what reach moderators have and the areas they will try to help with. Please understand that patreon-related items/tasks that fall into the "Manaberri Only Tasks" may take more time to respond to if moderators are helping with patreon-related items on a given day, as there are many moderators and only one Manaberri!

Manaberri-Only Tasks

  • Hosting Patreon sales.
    • Manaberri is responsible for deciding if sales will be posted and working with staff to decide on a time to post those sales that works with her schedule and the staff's.
  • Invoicing any and all patreon-related sales.
  • Ensuring the site's connection to patreon stays active.
    • Monthly Manaberri has to reconnect the site to patreon. This is a step that must occur in order for specific moderator staff to kick the WoE site side of patreon and ensure SC is granted. If you ever notice a delay in SC being granted, it could be that the connection to patreon needs to be reset by Manaberri herself.
  • Difficult patreon-related questions.
    • These can be relative to an edit or growth slot, things people might be asking if Manaberri will ever sell on patreon, etc. Unfortunately, if a question has not been addressed before and is lore-based or heavily subjective, these sorts of questions will likely be forwarded to Manaberri for a final decision. Expect difficult questions to take a while for her to formulate a response on. If the question hasn't been asked before and moderators cannot quote her or it's relative to something only Manaberri could decide if she would release via patreon, assume that there will be a delayed response. Lower priority will potentially be given to questions surrounding the availability of future things on patreon, as things will be announced if they become available and any response sooner would just be speculation.

Tasks Some Moderator Staff Can Help With

Keep in mind that while some moderators can help with patreon-related follow up, not all moderators are able to! There are also some patreon-related things that moderators may not be able to help with at all that will require outreach to Manaberri. In general, please be patient with patreon-related questions. What staff can help with they will, but there are some limitations, and responses may experience delays depending on Manaberri's availability!

  • Following up with users relative to a specific Patreon Sale.
    • This is typically done by dA note from our modberry account, depending on if patrons still have access to their dA account. If a user specifies that they are not active on dA anymore, they must submit a WoE ticket within a certain time limit for follow up on forms submitted for sales, otherwise those forms will be considered void.
  • SC Grants if the site's connection to patreon is active.
    • Once a month, usually some time between the 3rd-5th of a month, a moderator will kick the website for it to double check with patreon which users are subscribed for a given month and then grant patreon currency (SC) to users for that month. If users are not subscribed before this date, they should let staff know as soon as possible via ticket on the WoE site. Additionally, if a user is on discord, it is worthwhile to post in the #questions channel asking if SC can be granted.
  • Following up with Lifetime Reward Slot forms.
    • If you submit a Patreon Noble Lifetime Reward Slot Form, you must submit a ticket to WoE prior to submitting your form so staff can follow up there! Please check your WoE account frequently so we can ensure follow up happens promptly. Any tickets left unresponded to on the user side for longer than a week will be closed and you will need to resubmit a ticket to continue following up on a slot.

This is the area for addressing commonly-asked Patreon-related questions we encounter. If you do not find an answer to your patreon-related question here or it is more specific to just you, please reach out to us via WoE Support Ticket using the "Patreon" Ticket Type.

  • This group has a discord? How do I get my Discord role when I become a patron?
    • Yes we have a discord! It can be found right here:!
    • For detailed instructions on how to get your discord role, see the following Patreon resource here: .
    • If it's been a few days and your role still hasn't been updated, please attempt to disconnect and reconnect your patreon to your discord account. Let us know via the discord's #questions channel if you have further problems after trying at least once to reconnect your patreon to your discord account.
  • Can I do a mixed purchase for a patreon-related growth or edit?
    • Currencies can not be mixed for these purchases. (ie. You can't do partial payment in EC or SC.) However, after a patreon purchase has been paid off, you can choose to do additional EC/SC adjustments during the design approval.
  • Do Patrons get Lifetime Rewards?
    • Yes! There is currently one lifetime reward that occurs the first time you hit a cumulative subscribed amount of $200. This is a Noble growth or rank-up slot reward for a kittom or elnin. Base stats and mutations must stay the same, but any additional MP (Up to the 13MP noble cap) can go towards your elnin's hair length, ear fluff length, or tail size. For example, if you have an elnin with a Welkin tail style (4MP) and a Classic Diadem crown (1MP) and applied this growth slot, you would have 8MP (13MP - their base stats 5MP) to put towards your elnin's hair length, ear fluff length, or tail size. MP cannot be put towards upgrading the kittom or elnin's existing tail style or crown. Please note that since this is a lifetime reward, no additional monetary value will be added to your elnin.
    • More rewards may be added at a later time, however there is no ETA on this just yet.
  • What do I do if I’ve subbed but my SC hasn’t been granted?
    • If you are a new subscriber (ie. Have never subbed to the patreon before), make sure your patreon is linked here: If your patreon account is already linked and you subscribed at or near the beginning of the month, SC will generally be granted anywhere from the 3rd-5th. If you’ve subbed after this time and have already waited up to 48 hours with no SC grants, feel free to send a ticket on WoE or post in #questions on the discord server to let us know.
  • If I've paid for a slot in the past can I add on more traits to it?
    • Once an invoice has been finalized and sent, no more changes will be allowed. If you wish to pay for additional add-ons, you will need to wait until the next sale.
  • I don't like the mutation I picked, can I swap it for something else?
    • As long as the mutation you’re swapping for is within the same price range (ie. swapping gloom-kissed for phantom step), this is fine. Just let us know what mutation you’d like to swap during the design approval, as moderators will not be making any additional changes to the "notes" section of an elnin’s masterlist entry in regards to swapping traits.
  • I haven't heard back about my Patreon Lifetime Reward Slot in a bit but I submitted a ticket, what should I do?
    • If a moderator has not responded to your ticket with some kind of follow-up to let you know we received your form within a week, please post in our discord #questions channel to let us know. Sometimes other site tasks take priority and we don't get to respond to tickets as fast or there's follow-up questions we're needing to check on, etc. Or we didn't see a form come through and need to follow up.
  • Can I get a refund?
    • Outside of specific extenuating circumstances, no refunds will be provided.
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Patreon Lifetime Reward

Patreon Noble Lifetime Reward

Once you have been a subscriber for $200, you will earn a Patreon Lifetime Noble Slot Token that can be applied to your elnin

Token Details:

  • This token can be used to grow a kittom or rank-up an existing elnin to noble rank.
  • This token can only be used to add MP to an elnin's hair length, ear fluff length, or tail size.
  • An elnin's total MP with the additional MP may not exceed 13MP.
    • Please keep in mind if you decide to not allocate MP up to the 13MP cap or wish to use it for a lower rank, you will not be able to redeem additional MP or rank using this token at a later time.
  • You may purchase additional mutations, medium edits, or adjustments to your elnin's tail style and crown type using USD through Patreon Noble Lifetime Reward Slot Form (see the "Purchasable Add-Ons" section below).
  • If you are not purchasing anything additional, you may attach this token directly to your Design Update Request by going to your elnin's masterlist entry and clicking on "Update Design" in the sidebar. That will begin your Design Update process for that elnin!
  • Upon use, this token will be removed from your inventory!

Purchasable Add-Ons

If you wish to use USD to purchase more for your noble slot token, you can submit a form to the group. This form is specifically for group members who have a Patreon Lifetime Noble Slot Token in their inventory that has not been used.

!!! Link to Patreon Noble Lifetime Reward Slot Form !!!