June 2023 Update and Upcoming Sales on dA

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Summer is nearly here and we're overdue for a much needed update.

Site Owner Rebrand

This is mostly just for clarity for group members! Manaberry has rebranded as Manaberri across several platforms!

You can now find her as Manaberri on the following sites and platforms:

  • World of Eyre as manaberri (and the alternate account manaberry is also hers)
  • DeviantArt as manaberri (redirected from manaberry)
  • Toyhou.se as manaberri (but she also has the account Manaberry)
  • Discord as manaberri (she does not have the manaberry username on discord)
Questing Updates

New quests have been released for a while now. We rolled these quests out a while back but announcing their complete release was a bit delayed.

I'll reiterate in this post some of the biggest changes we made with this effort:

  1. The Questing Guide has undergone wording revisions. Previously, this page was highly resonance-specific because that was the only quest we've had for a long time. Now it should be a bit less Resonance Quest-specific. All of the same info for the Resonance Quest info is still there, but wording will be adjusted to be more inclusive of other quests.
  2. We now have a Quest Directory page. Previously, our list of available quests was found at the bottom of our Questing Guide page. With the addition of more quests, this section now has its own page.
  3. The Acts Directory page is no longer a resource page on our site. Moving forward, we'll be doing fewer detailed directory pages and keeping those pages more overview-focused to avoid duplicate language between the act entries and other pages. Details for each act are under the details section where the act is submitted. Our Quest Directory will instead make an effort to link to specific groups of acts and categories where possible.
  4. A category for Special Quests has been added. Special Quests involve traits, mutations, or features in the group that typically are only acquirable through special means (e.g. Patreon Sales or Event Raffles) Not all traits/mutations/etc. will have a related Special Quest, but we may be adding more over time. At the moment, this quest category will not contain quests related to elnin subtypes or subtype-specific traits.

Other helpful details to know about quests:

  • These quests are designed specifically to err more similar to how our mutation system works with a few differences, meaning they should not be compared to resonance quests in terms of workload.
  • These quests will be available year round, and they will not require you to spend AP.
  • The number of acts required to do these quests will be comparable to the number of prompts you would typically do to acquire a mutation of the same rarity, with an additional piece required beyond the standard amount.
  • These trait quests will generally reward an additional 1 AP (Any Region) that users can put towards other goals they have for a character.
  • The number of times users can do a certain Special Quest will be limited on an annual basis. This may be adjusted later, but we're considering this first year (2023) a trial period to get a sense of the workload before deciding if we want to change our approach.
    • Please keep in mind, if this were limited by AP, you might only be able to complete less than a handful of quests in a year. This approach allows users to do potentially 6+ different quests annually at a variable pace if they wish, rather than it being dependent on all submissions being complete in a month.
    • We will be counting this based on when quest claims are submitted. So if you submit a quest claim in 2024, it would count towards that year's annual limits, even if your acts were completed or submitted in 2023. There will be no exceptions on this, so please be mindful of when you submit your claims!
  • Quests now exist for the following mutations/mana flaw traits: Cloud Breath, Fire Breath, Hydra Tail, Phantom Step, Oddly-Colored Pomu, Crystallization, Splintered Anima, Veins of Corruption, Gloom Kissed, and Capricious Shadow.
    • More mutations/mana flaw traits may be added at a later time. This is just a solid starting point for us.

All the new quests have been added for now, so users will be able to start working on them. Please give moderators at least a month to review quests submitted to the Special Quest category. This is a fairly large release of quests, and with the quest length, we expect that approvals for these quests may take a bit. While we won't be aiming for these approvals to take a whole month, we don't want these approvals to compete too much with our regular monthly prompt approvals in terms of time commitments. We will be seeking additional mods in this area to support this effort as time goes on, but that process will follow this release and take some time to work through.

Djinnin Subtype Release and Subtype Trait And Mutation Updates

The Djinnin subtype has officially been released. You can read more about this subtype and some of it's associated traits on its guide page!

We know this has been a long awaited release and we're happy to announce that progress has been made towards clarifying it and trying to get some djinnin out to the community!

Djinnin Kittoms Flatsale Raffle and Auctions

With the djinnin subtype release, sales will be live over the course of the next few days starting today!

Important Details:

  • Sales will take place on the modberry deviantart account with Manaberri crossposting from her profile to the sales on the modberry DeviantArt.
  • Sale Dates
    • June 8th at 4pm PDT Time - June 9th: (24 hour Flaffle on dA on the Modberry account. 2 Designs. Price $375) [World clock link]
    • June 9th at 4pm PDT Time - June 11th: (48 hour Auctions on dA. 2 Designs. SB: $375. No AB.) [World clock link]
  • There will be no preview periods for either of these sales since both will be open for a minimum of 24 hours.
General Reminders for Prompts and Trait Questions
The Seasonal Prompt Ends June 30th at 11:59pm PDT time!

If you haven't gotten to participating in the seasonal prompt for this quarter of the year, it wraps up at the end of this month. Be sure to take a look and get submissions in if you're inclined!

Trait and Mutation Questions in Discord

This is a reminder if you have any general trait questions to use the form and post them in the #design_feedback channel, as that's the place they would go. Group members are also able to submit a ticket on site if that method is preferred for asking questions. Thanks so much for your help on this!

Moderator Applications

Hopefully next week we'll be opening up application forms again. This will be done in a separate news post in the coming week and will be open for a while. With a lot of the changes mentioned towards the beginning of this news post, we expect there will be a need for additional moderator staff to help keep approvals and group processes moving. We'll likely close the form in July and follow up at that time.



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