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This is a supplementary resource and is meant to be referenced when undertaking quests. If you haven't already, please make sure to check out the questing guide first: [Questing].

Here are some of the general things you should know if you want to complete an act from this directory.

Acts should only be done if you are currently undertaking a quest or completing a requirement for a rank unlock.

  • For now, please do not use these as personal art prompts. We may open things up in the future, but until we're comfortable that everything is working properly we'd like to keep things as controlled as possible. This also means we ask that you don't try to stockpile act art for a particular character just yet since things could end up changing as we fine-tune, and some future quests will definitely require alterations to the specific content of the act in some manner.
  • Make sure you specify which quest/rank unlock you're doing your act for and which elnin is being credited when you go to claim your quest rewards or rank unlock status for your acts.

You may choose to do whichever acts you like and complete them in whatever order, with a few caveats:

  • Be sure to be mindful if your quest or group objective has requirements for specific "types" of acts (act of bravery, act of exploration, etc).
  • Most acts can be done by either an adult or kittom, but please double-check the eligibility section before starting as some acts do restrict participation to a specific age group.
  • You can do any act within the rank that you are currently at or below it. For kittoms, try to aim at the rank that you plan to be in. So a kittom that is aiming to be an adventurer has access to all adventurer acts and below, but a kittom that will grow into a nestling should only do the nestling/villager quests. Of course for kittoms please pay special attention to the "Eligible" section for each act, as some will be locked to adult elnins.
  • I know that sometimes plans end up changing at the end when we're talking about kittoms and their path to adulthood, but I want to encourage people to stay "within character" as much as possible when deciding what rank range their kittom is running around in.

A finished act submission may only be used once toward completing a quest.

  • That means once you've submitted/marked an act for a specific quest, you cannot use that same act for any other quest. You are, however, welcome to use the same act prompt again for the same quest or later on down the line for future quests as long as the content/art is brand new and the events within the act are not copied from the first submission.
  • As a side note, you may still use your quest acts for rank unlocks that call for completion of specific act categories. Rank unlocks requirements that don't specifically ask for an "act" completion can also be pulled from approved prompt art.

When completing acts for a quest, you should have the same elnin featured throughout.

  • You definitely want to make sure the featured elnin in your acts is the one completing the quest. I figure this probably goes without saying, but just in case! x3
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Requirements for Art Completion

Unless otherwise noted, requirements for act artwork should follow the general rules:

  • Quest art/writing must include a full background or backdrop of some sort.
    • In the case of cropped or stylized backgrounds [circle borders/platforms/etc] please try not to crowd out your bgs with the subject elnin(s). No percentage value requirements on this for now, just try to be mindful when planning your compositions that we want to see your backgrounds too!
  • Quest art/writing must include EITHER:
    • Clean lines and flat colors. [No shading required].
    • Rough lines/no lines with painted or cell style rendering. [Shading required].
  • Art/writing must include at least most of the primary subject's body. We're talking like 75-80%. This can be a bit subjective, but please try to be careful with hiding too much of an elnin's body via perspective or backgrounds/props/etc.
  • AP bonuses require a clear visual or written indication of the region you're claiming the AP for. For instance, a rain forest background would not be appropriate for Zevija AP. For more details on regional requirements, check out our Regional Affinity Guide as well as the resources section on the info page of the region you would like to earn AP for!
  • Written entries are allowed in place of visual art. Written entries must be a minimum of 900 words in addition to any previously listed applicable requirements.
  • All completed acts in a quest must first be submitted to their respective Act prompt on the site before you can claim those Acts for resonant status and rewards. The prompts for submitting quest acts can be found here: [Act Prompts]. It's possible that you will not automatically receive feedback on your acts depending on how busy the mods are [by default quests are not "counted" until you actively go to claim the rewards. To learn more about claiming rewards see our "Claiming Quest Rewards" section below].
  • The comment text on Act prompt submissions must clearly list which elnin is completing the act/quest. Important: Please also include a link to their masterlist entry along with clarifying which region's AP, if any, you are claiming.
  • Art/writing should be canon to Eyre. Try not to include things that are too heavily out of character for the world unless specifically mentioned in the act description [the "Mushroom Madness" act, for example].
  • Please do not rush your art/writing! There is no time limit on when quest art has to be completed. Stylization is fine but please be sure that stylizing doesn't mean "omitting" important details that make it easy to tell what elnin is being used and where they are located. Make sure you are adding details to your backgrounds if you're going for AP. These quests and acts are supposed to be events that are pivotal to your elnin's personal development, so please take your time and enjoy the journey.
  • Open Species/Semi-Open Species/Closed Species outside of the World of Eyre species may be included in your submission if permission is granted to use in the World of Eyre setting. Proof of permission to use the species in World of Eyre or a screenshot of the species' TOS stating the species' character can be used in outside settings should be provided upon submitting your piece to the website. If the character is a species that you have personally created you may include them in your submission, but the group will need written permission for other individuals to use your CS in World of Eyre submissions. (For a short list of species that have granted permission to multiple users see the "General Prompt Guidelines" FAQ section)
  • One-off designs that are not a part of an Open Species/Semi-Open Species/Closed Species may be used within the World of Eyre setting. While we will not be requesting proof for these characters to be used in prompts, we encourage users to check the TOS of the artist who created the one-off design to make sure the artist’s TOS will not be broken if used in the World of Eyre setting.
  • Please do not reference any franchise characters, cosplays, and so forth (no Pokémon, Final Fantasy, etc)!
  • [☼ (Region Name)] - This indicates that the act should take place in a specific region and should have backgrounds/scenery appropriate for that region.
  • [🔷] Indicates an advanced act. These acts could potentially have more impact on an elnin's development than others. Unlocking the noble rank for growths and rank ups requires a standalone advanced act, but they may also be used just like normal acts if you'd like to include them in your elnin's quests. Just remember that if you are undertaking an advanced act for a noble unlock, you may not submit it toward quest completion. (Advanced acts and their uses may be expanded upon for future quests.)
  • [Eligibility] Denotes whether the act can be done by an adult or baby elnin. "Flashback" indicates that an adult elnin may complete this act as a kittom, treating it like a memory instead of a present-day activity.
  • [🌱] - Indicates a brand new act. When new quests are added, or when mod workloads are a bit more manageable, we'll definitely be adding more acts for people to fill out the number of options to play with. [This marker will appear during future updates. xD]

When searching for Resonance Quest Acts through the site's prompts page a shorthand key ( [RQ-B-1] ) is prefixed before the Act name to help search for Acts in different categories. The shorthand is composed of type of quest (RQ for Resonance Quest), act category (B for Bravery), and rank (1, 2, or 3), separated by dashes. To order Acts by rank the name of each rank has been substituted for a number (1 for Nestling / Villager, 2 for Adventurer, and 3 for Noble).

Acts that show your elnin wouldn't be afraid to put themselves in danger's path when it truly matters.
(Or ones that prove your elnin has an alarmingly low sense of self-preservation.)


[Lost Kittom Rescue]
Eligible: Adult | Kittom | Flashback
Uh oh, one of the local kittoms has run off again and gotten lost. Depict your elnin retrieving the youngling from whatever strife they've gotten themselves into [What've that Lassie? Have they fallen down the well?] Feel free to use a kittom you own as the lost kiddo, or someone else's if you have their permission.

[Snowball Fight][☼ Strynhalde]
Eligible: Adult | Kittom | Flashback
Fun-loving elnins who aren't afraid of a bit of cold often gather in Strynhalde's snowy fields on a nice day for a little fun. There's nothing quite like making a tightly packed ball of snow and hurling it at friends and loved ones. Depict your elnin having some fun in a snowball fight defeating their enemies with the weapons of the frozen wilds!

[Marsh Myths][☼ Enmir]
Eligible: Adult | Kittom | Flashback
The elnins of Enmir enjoy telling many a story about marsh monsters lurking in the murky waters or behind the veils of drooping willows, ready to pounce on an unsuspecting passerby. Of course, to the wiser generation, these are just stories to tell children at night to keep them from roaming too deep into the marshes. Show your elnin braving the marsh monster myth and summarily debunking it. What do they find? Is it a friend that's fallen into some swamp muck and reeds or just a pile of branches with a particularly foreboding silhouette? There is no real monster, but what fright could have sparked the imagination?

[Abandoned Abodes]
Eligible: Adult | Kittom | Flashback
In every town, there's always one or two abandoned homes or buildings that can't help but be shrouded in a bit of mystique. Stories revolve around these empty places, people tend to avoid them, no one wants to go through the trouble of tearing them down and so, they sit, collecting dust and rumors alike. Depict your elnin exploring one of these long-abandoned spaces hidden within the town. Does your elnin need to be careful of crumbling floors? Are they frightened of local superstitions? What do they find in this forgotten place?

[Face Your Fears] 🔷
Eligible: Adult | Kittom | Flashback
Does your elnin have a particular phobia? Are they perhaps afraid of deep water, creepy crawlies, or soaring heights? Something else horrible? Depict your elnin deliberately facing down a fear of theirs. The world is full of perils that everyone has to overcome, and your elnin can't let their own fears hold them back. How else will they rise to greatness!

Daevas (previously shylldra) should be avoided here. The visual guide for Eyre's "big bads" should be coming down the pipeline shortly, but we're hoping to steer away from things that are excessively life-threatening / immediately lethal in this act!


[Mushroom Madness] [☼ Silveil]
Eligible: ADULT ONLY
The forests of Silveil are a strange and wondrous place, brimming with bioluminescent flora and fauna with a myriad of fascinating properties. You've been asked to retrieve a particular mystical mushroom from within the Shimmerwood for an aspiring potion-maker. Unfortunately, you're a little fuzzy on the details after the long trek out, and as you find yourself scouring the unfamiliar forests for a particular fungus among a thousand or more other similar fungi, you face a dilemma. You couldn't possibly come back empty-handed could you? I mean all these mushrooms probably do similar things right? The Shimmerwood is supposed to be relatively safe to forage, and by all accounts, these mushrooms shouldn't be deadly poisonous... Why don't you just pick one and see what happens when you eat it. Yeah, that's the ticket. Depict your elnin eating a mushroom to see if it's the correct type that their client wants and the resulting effect. Does it have the desired result? Or does something unexpected happen to your elnin?

The client wants a mushroom that, when consumed, causes an individual to become attractive to a particular species of glowworm. Should your elnin choose the correct mushroom, the effect would cause a ring of happy little glowing worm friends to poke up from the dirt around them. An 'incorrect' choice should be one of the following:

  • Your elnin perceives Silveil as experiencing an inexplicable sunrise, the colors of a dawning morning spreading through the evernight.
  • Your elnin momentarily shrinks to the size of a bug, the mushrooms that were underfoot a moment before suddenly looming above them.
  • Your elnin begins to burp butterflies or moths.
  • Your elnin views the world in disorienting shapes and colors [style a section of your piece after cubism or a similar surrealistic style].
  • Your elnin is visited by little green men [yes, aliens].


[Storm Glass] [☼ Ahza]
Eligible: ADULT ONLY
You find a map on the wall of some local tavern pointing to the famously perilous stormlands of northern Ahza and a big help wanted stamp on an open request for deliveries of storm glass. You've heard of storm glass. Once in awhile a lightning strike will ignite a dense pocket of mana and instantly crystallize it into a very rare form of anima. You can't find this material anywhere else on Eyre, the lightning is special there somehow. Or was it the storm clouds? Something like that, you're not quite sure. In any case. Show your elnin helping this mystery person by retrieving some of these rare shards from the stormlands. Caution, lightning does strike twice in these areas!

The stormlands are in a constant state of precipitation. Whether it's a soft shower or a full-blown storm, it must always be somewhat rainy and cloudy. Storm glass comes in various shades of violet, or can also be partially encased in a crumbly/brittle mineral that looks somewhat like sand or bone.

Acts that involve events or memories that are heavily affected by an elnin's unique history or their personal tastes.


Eligible: Kittom | Flashback
What does your little elnin want to do when they grow up? How does this affect them? Have they apprenticed themselves with another elnin? Do they spend time stealthily observing other folks at work? Do they carry around sticks swinging them heroically at every passerby? Show your elnin preparing themselves for their bright future.

If you did the old "Prologue" journey prompt and the art is already in the quest folder as of the launch of the site, you may use that as credit for this quest for the elnin you used. You can claim the AP for it as well long as the region you're requesting fits with the art you submitted.

[Day Job]
Eligible: ADULT ONLY
What does your elnin do for a living? What does an average day in their profession look like? Depict your elnin at work carrying out their daily occupational tasks. Perhaps show them doing a favorite part of their job, or else having a moment of reflection during their work if they're currently doing something they don't find especially fulfilling or enjoyable.

[One Elnin's Treasure...]
Eligible: Adult | Kittom | Flashback
Many elnins pick up a habit of hoarding "precious treasures". Does your elnin have a collection of some sort? Do they collect actual treasure or have they become attached to things that are of... honestly questionable value [ie, items that any sane individual would consider junk]. How do they take care of their collection? Is it proudly displayed in their home, or kept safe in a hidden chest somewhere out of sight?

[Shrines of the Elder Trees]
Eligible: Adult | Kittom | Flashback
Each region in Eyre is home to a single unique elder tree, a colossal wonder of nature immense enough to house an entire sprawling city in its boughs. Elder trees are said to spring from the roots of Yggdrasil itself, and that they bind the world of Eyre together to keep the fractured lands from floating apart and being lost in the Boundless. These trees have special meaning for the entire elnin race, a connection rooted deeply in their affinity for mana. Depict your elnin visiting a shrine dedicated to that region's tree [try including the tree itself somewhere in the backdrop!]. These shrines can take many forms, sometimes they are simple things found in the wild, stones carved with images of the region's tree or small wild gardens hung with charms and offering bowls. In the bigger towns there are often carefully tended and decorated trees, miniature likenesses of their elder counterpart, surrounded by offerings from the locals.

For this act, please consider Yggdrasil as Ealei's elder tree.
** Note, this act may be difficult to complete at this time, as we do not currently have comprehensive visual guides for individual elder trees. Please see the Map of Eyre for a small cue for each region's tree and feel free to ask questions if you would like more details. We will update this act with more information as soon as we can!

Eligible: Adult | Kittom | Flashback
Depict your elnin appreciating their hometown. Perhaps they still live there, and they stop to admire the reliable old bridge that bears them over the local river every day. What does their home look like? Are there any features of the land or buildings that they think of fondly? Do they have a secret place or a favorite haunt?

If they've moved away from home, oftentimes a place where they grew up will still hold a special place in their heart. You may choose to complete the act as a memory of earlier times, perhaps a depiction of your kittomhood home, or the places they liked to play growing up.

[My Little Pomu]
Eligible: Kittom | Flashback
How and when did your elnin's pomu first appear? What it a surprise? Depict your elnin seeing their lifelong friend for the very first time.

[Lore] Pomu : Elnin familiars.

[Fae for Your Thoughts]
Eligible: Adult | Kittom | Flashback
Feyfolk permeates the wilds throughout the far reaches of Eyre. Many elnins look to the fae for blessings throughout the year, but some try a bit harder than others to angle for specific things. To start out, most would seek a faerie ring (typically a circle of mushrooms but it could be a circle made of anything natural- butterflies, stones, bones, different plants, etc). Once found, tradition suggests you silently leave your gift within the ring and then depart. What does your elnin offer to the fae to get their message across without speaking? Depict your elnin offering something that relates to the sort of blessing they would like to receive. For example, if your elnin would like increased field production, perhaps they offer a very tasty crop or a pile of dirt? [Of course, you should probably be careful, who knows if offering dirt will send the right message...]

[Festive Flora] [☼ Faerindell] or [☼ Bellmoril*]
Eligible: Adult | Kittom | Flashback
Elenion' faerie shrouds are highly sought after for their beauty and vibrant colors. In fact, there are even special festivals revolving around this regional treasure that are held throughout the year and are popular with tourists and locals alike. At these festivals, you can pick your own flowers and have them enchanted by the visiting druids to preserve them in an almost timeless state for many many years. Your elnin has gathered their own bouquet of these delicate prizes during one such festival. What do they do with their arrangement? Do they aim for a classic floral decoration and preserve them in a vase? Nothing like a long-lasting splash of color to liven your home! Or do they arrange them with something more deliberate in mind? A flower crown for a friend? A simple hair adornment? Perhaps a draping floral boa to compliment a favorite cape. Depict your elnin with their finished faerie shroud creation!

Contains a few inspirational images for faerie shroud visuals: [link], but any type of hanging flowers in bright multi-colors are fine!

This prompt can be tweaked to instead have your elnin create a similarly preserved item from the iconic red/gold/orange flora found in the Bellmoril region, this time aided by local wizards who are particularly proud of their home region's signature foliage.

[Harvest Heist]
Eligible: Adult | Kittom | Flashback
The local crops are ripening up nicely and you can't wait to cook up your favorite meal using them! The problem is you're missing a key ingredient... Second problem, the only elnin nearby that produces it is very grouchy and doesn't like to share! How does your elnin go about procuring the ingredient? Do they haggle? Maybe win the farmer over with their charms? Or do they sneak into the field like a naughty hobbit and attempt to covertly acquire this prized morsel... Show your elnin solving this obviously serious problem [make sure to include the ingredient they're after in the image as well!].

This act is typical of [☼ Faerindell] but you may adjust it to suit other regions if you make sure that the ingredient you're after is appropriate for the region you're in!


[A Peculiar Self] 🔷
Eligible: Adult | Kittom
Occasionally when an elnin achieves a certain level of spiritual awareness [sometimes intentionally, sometimes by accident] they can experience a special type of vision, a visitation from an otherworldly or fantastical version of themselves. Some say these phantasms are reflections of their soul in some alternate world, made visible by opening the mind's eye to other realities. Others say they're a representation of one facet of an elnin's inner self, a projection from the subconscious. In any case, these visions only occur when an elnin is in a state of heightened spiritual awareness, generally whilst in a secluded or otherwise peaceful place [so probably not in the middle of a busy street]. Depict your elnin having one such vision. What does this other self look like and how do they react to it?

Let your imagination run free on this one! Guidelines on what your peculiar self should look like are fairly open as long as they're fantastical in nature [just please keep things PG, no gore/nudity/franchise characters]. If your elnin is experiencing the vision as they are attuning to nature, you could theme it appropriately: a mer-form for an ocean voyage or a graceful dryad if they're meditating in the deep woods. You could also theme it on faerie lore, or perhaps this alternate form is monstrous? Just remember that this isn't true shapeshifting, these are personal visions, and the phantasms should not interact with the environment or be visible to other creatures.

IMPORTANT! If you choose to use another CS/adopt for this act, it cannot be used to fulfil the noble mini-requirement of having your elnin interact with a human or elseworld creature, as this act treats them as a vision and not another creature separately.

This act also makes for a nice followup to the "Pilgrimage" act I think!

[Peace and Naps] 🔷
Eligible: Adult | Kittom
Royal elnins are developing the ability to help other elnins balance and focus their natural mana. Presently, Sunleth [ELN001] has made herself available for this and does not request payment for her time. The Sylvan Queen does her miraculous mana harmonization by snuggles and naps. No, I'm not kidding, that's how she does it. Having another elnin just being near her while asleep and perfectly at peace is enough for Sunleth's aura to harmonize with theirs and help it along the path to clarity. Depict your elnin with Sunleth, all comfy, and having a snooze. That's it!

[Cathartic Carnage] 🔷
Eligible: Adult | Kittom
Royal elnins are developing the ability to help other elnins balance and focus their natural mana. Presently, Laurent [ELN021] has made himself available for this and does not request payment for his time. The Stygian King performs mana harmonization through destruction - namely of pots, candles, lamps, and so on. It's currently theorized that the pacification of Laurent's pomu-curse through violence also has a curious harmonizing effect on nearby elnins. Who'd have guessed? Depict your elnin with Laurent [cursed pomu/sword is optional], out in the world somewhere terrorizing the fine china or other invitingly destructible objects. Do items and coins really pop out or is that just a myth?

Acts that involve venturing out into the world to walk unfamiliar roads. Whether your elnin embraces the life of a wayward soul or is simply traveling for work, these acts will follow their journeys abroad.


[First Steps into the Unknown]
Eligible: Adult | Kittom | Flashback
There is always some form of adversity than an elnin encounter when first passing the familiar boundaries of home. What struggle does your elnin face as they distance themselves from the paths they're used to traveling? Do creatures feast on their supplies while they're sleeping? Do they almost get swindled by a passing rogue? Or perhaps they have to wait for a flock of, particularly aggressive fowl to waddle their way across the road to avoid incurring their great wrath... Depict a snapshot of a challenging moment your elnin experiences on their very first journey away from home.

[Favor for the Wilds]
Eligible: Adult | Kittom | Flashback
Eyre is vast and much of it is wild. Nature's presence can be felt across all regions and respect for nature comes, well, naturally, to elnins. Does your elnin try to leave the untamed wilds a little better as they travel through? Do they tend to it by cleaning off some leaf litter to help the plants beneath thrive? Perhaps they could dispose of some broken bottles from a sandy beach [darn those pirates and their rum]. Or do they lend a helping hand by leaving food for local wildlife? Depict your elnin helping the wilds by doing a minor favor to improve the local conditions somehow. No matter how small the action may seem, every little bit adds up! And you never know when a benevolent spirit is watching, marking your passage and the favors you leave in your wake.

[Into the Mines] [☼ Zevija]
Eligible: Adult | Kittom | Flashback
Those who venture into the deep caverns of Zevija could find themselves surrounded by a vast assortment of gems and ores. What kinds do you come across?

[Ancients Vestiges] [☼ Kyendi]
Eligible: Adult | Kittom | Flashback
Kyendi is one of the oldest of the regions, and also one of the most puzzling. Its landscapes are steeped in mystery and riddles as evidence of thousands of years of history predating the creation of Eyre are prone to popping up in the most unexpected places. Show your elnin stumbling upon a remnant of this strange history during their travels. Perhaps they pick up an old scroll that depicts lands that don't exist on Eyre. Or perhaps they find a statue of an unknown creature that looks like it's been sliced neatly in half, with no evidence of tool marks to be found?

To explain further, Kyendi is the most unstable region on Eyre and will often "teleport" artifacts or sections of ruins from the planet of Dusk. These items/ruins are relatively well preserved but are from an era that no one on Eyre is familiar with and should look foreign or alien to them. Also, the transference is often imperfect, so a lot of times these items can end up appearing half in stone, or missing sections (think of putting something halfway through a teleporter and then shutting it off). It's never anything living though, nothing that morbid! Feel free to ask if you have ideas that you're not sure would work.


[Pilgrimage] 🔷
Eligible: Adult | Kittom
Journey to a sacred site. Depict your elnin traveling to a remote location, someplace far from the hustle and bustle of civilization. A place where wild magic is thick in the air, where your elnin can feel their connection to the universe. These locations could take the form of ancient spirit shrines or other ruins hidden in the deep forest. It could be a place with high elemental influences such as a secluded mountain waterfall or a lonely oasis.

This is a background heavy quest, where the goal is to have your elnin travel to a remote location and find a place to center themselves and meditate. The point is to find a place that feels significant to your elnin and show them getting lost in meditation as they harmonize with their environment.

Acts revolving around assisting your fellow Eyresians. This could be anything from completing a "Help wanted" task on a local bulletin, to a simple act of community service.


[High Hanging Fruit] [☼ Ealei]
Eligible: Adult | Kittom | Flashback
Ealei is famous for growing some of the most delicious fruits on Eyre. Now, no one expects your elnin to be climbing to the High Reaches, but perhaps they'd like to pick some fresh fruit from the orchards growing atop Yggdrasil's lower branches or across its sprawling roots. Show your elnin collecting fruits in Ealei!

The trees and orchards in Yggdrasil are a little bit different from other places on Eyre, with saplings being grafted directly to the great tree instead of being planted in soil. They say that this is why the fruit from Ealei is so amazing because the trees they grow from are nurtured by mana directly from the source.

[Go Fish] [☼ Palu'au]
Eligible: Adult | Kittom | Flashback
Palu'au has a thriving fish trade, the shallow waters being home to some of Eyre's most bizarre delicacies. I mean sure Ealei has the best-tasting fish for everyday eating, and yeah they're super healthy blah blah. But you only get the really weird stuff from the Rainbow Reef. Why not have your elnin assist some of the local fishermen with their work? They're always looking for a helping hand since these are tricky catches after all [not like Ealei where the fish practically jump into your boat... no honest labor to be had... no of course there's no rivalry between the two fishing trades, that's silly]. Show your elnin fishing up something exotic from the tropical waters of Palu'au, or else being show how to prepare and eat their unusual catch once they've reeled it in.

[Oasis] [☼ Ahza]
Eligible: Adult | Kittom | Flashback
Ahza's dessert towns are often built around oases and townspeople are thankful for strapping little helpers to cart water around to homes and shops. Depict your elnin bringing water to town. Are they carting it in a giant jug on their back? Are they traveling with a water-bearing caravan? How do they bring the life-giving substance to the Ahzanese?

[Academic Supplier] [☼ Bellmoril]
Eligible: Adult | Kittom | Flashback
Bellmoril is an academic's wonderland, but somebody has to deliver the really odd bits and bobs that the scholars like to use for their "premium" inks and spellwork experiments. Show your elnin bearing supplies for clients in Bellmoril. What kind of magical miscellany are they carrying? Are they carefully porting delicate gadgetry, or feeling anxious about whether or not this caged reptile might be poisonous?

[Traveler Care]
Eligible: Adult | Kittom | Flashback
Elnins are by far the most wander prone race on Eyre, and whether for nobles embarking on far-ranging jobs or for villagers hitching a ride with a caravan for leisure, traveling supplies are always in high demand. Show your elnin putting together a traveler's kit, or else show them acquiring/making the items that would go into one [medical supplies/preserved food/tents/clothing/lanterns/etc].

[Community Events]
Eligible: Adult | Kittom | Flashback
Who doesn't love a good small-town party or a fundraiser for a worthy cause? What sort of event does your elnin decide to organize? Depict your elnin either preparing for this event or taking part in the event itself. How do they rise to the occasion to get others on board? Do they construct fliers or do they sing their advertisements in the street? Is this an outdoor event? If the piece is focused on preparations, be sure to feature the event somehow [show a close up of the flier or perhaps event decorations in the background as your elnin tries to advertise/etc]!

This doesn't need to be a huge event! It can be anything! A group of kittoms getting together to set up miniature fruit juice stalls, a regular old party if your elnin is the type to mingle, an art show held in a big city, and so on. Go by what you think makes sense for your nin.

[Dusk Fever]
Eligible: Adult | Kittom | Flashback
A local elnin has come down with dusk fever!! What does your elnin do to help them recover? Do they bake cookies to help sate the bothersome sweet tooth that accompanies this malady? Do they put together their grandmother's trusted herbal remedy? Show your elnin caring for the poor sick individual.

Dusk fever occurs in people who have been in contact with the outskirts of a miasmic veil. It is a low-grade case of mana poisoning, but still very serious if left untreated simply due to the intense symptoms. Apart from the expected fever, sufferers will also experience extreme lethargy, paleness, seizures, hallucinations, and, oddly, an extreme case of a sweet tooth. Treatment is usually straight forward, plenty of rest, symptom management, and a bit of mana therapy from a local healer to speed the process. Most people with dusk fever make a full recovery with no lasting side effects.
[This act may be done in reversed roles. In this case, show your elnin being cared for by another. The same requirements apply, though, the type of care or treatment must be shown.]

[Elseworlder Orientation]
Eligible: Adult | Kittom | Flashback
Your elnin has come across a brand new elseworlder who seems to be quite confused! Who and what are they, and what does your elnin do to help the poor soul adjust to this new world? Do they volunteer to escort their new acquaintance to the outsider friendly Ealei, or do they decide to show them around town first?

An "elseworlder" is a creature or humanoid that is not native to Eyre, ie other CS species. Eyre has many odd portals into other worlds that just appear and disappear randomly all the time, sometimes they strand visitors from other realms, or sometimes visitors come here intentionally through some of the more stable gateways in the larger cities.

Just be sure that you have the species owner's permission before using their CS in your acts. A list of confirmed CS that are approved to appear on Eyre can be found in the FAQ section of our "General Prompt Guidelines" page. In an effort to be respectful and to keep elnins from potentially disrupting other groups, please do not submit your "Berry Bazaar" ARPG art to other CS galleries. This is especially true for CS such as Esk, which have a very insular universe and we don't want to step on any toes. Basically treat this is an alternate universe experience for any outside CS that you bring to Eyre just to be safe.

Further clarification: we're aiming for elseworld creatures to be primarily other CS, or people's own personal species. It's a "celebrate the creativity of original species" sort of idea and an opportunity to play with your adopts/OCs in new settings. An ordinary animal from earth would not fall into what we're looking for as an "elseworld" creature. Putting aside that there are a number of native animal species on Eyre that are similar to standard Earth animals, it just runs a little contrary to what we're hoping to encourage with the idea.

If you don't own a CS (either your own or from a different creator) we added the option of using a human character. Humans are not considered native to Eyre, but pop in through portals frequently enough that they've established a sizable resident population.

[Warning Signs] [☼ Zevija]
Eligible: Adult | Kittom | Flashback
There are many things well known about Zevija, but to elseworlders or perhaps those who have never visited, some things may not be so obvious. For instance, someone used to the crystal pure waters of Faerindell might not know the local sulfur pools are not for swimming, let alone drinking. Help out the Zevija locals fence off dangerous pools or put up signs to keep visitors safe from sinkholes, collapsed mines, or the often hard to see cracks and fissures in the ground that lead to steep falls into hidden caverns.

[Chilly Hospitality] ;[☼ Strynhalde]
Eligible: Adult | Kittom | Flashback
Some hail Strynhalde as a winter wonderland, while others consider it more of a winter wasteland... Your elnin understands the trepidation of those that might not be used to the cold reaches, but they think they can help shed some light on why some people love the snowy region. How do they show the beauty of Strynhalde to an outsider? Do they share the cozy secrets of soft blankets and an excuse to sit close and snuggle by the fire? Oh and don't forget those amazing heated beverages that feel like pure heaven on the way down during the cold cold nights! Do they show them the frozen sculptures that are sometimes creatively hidden against buildings in the more the artistically inclined towns? Or better yet, make one themselves? Depict your elnin showing another elnin their favorite part of visiting the land of snow and ice.


[Safe Havens]
Eligible: Adult | Kittom | Flashback
Your elnin setting up their own little camp in the wilds or helping build or maintain a Traveler's Haven.

Traveler's Havens are basically a small cave or simple structure that acts as a waypoint and safe shelter for travelers. This quest could involve repainting or rehanging wards that keep away troublesome fey creatures, leaving traveling supplies or care packages tucked safely away for the next wanderer, or even just chopping trees to replenish an empty wood bin. It is ingrained in elnin nature to be protective and supportive of their fellow travelers, and the havens they leave dotting the land are almost sacred to them.

[The Great Deliverer]
Eligible: ADULT ONLY
There're no shortage of messages and packages needing ferrying between the various regions of Eyre! How does your elnin help the cause? Do they volunteer to carry the heaviest package to parts unknown? Maybe they claim to be the fastest courier ever! How does the journey go? Do they make it to the destination with the letter or package unscathed or do they topple and tumble over the tiniest rocks in their path? Depict your elnin being a first-class porter.

Acts that involve learning of some sort, or perhaps going out into the world to unravel the great mysteries. This could also involve your elnin learning a potential new trade skill or developing an existing one.


[Sharing Skills]
Eligible: Adult | Kittom | Flashback
It's always a good time to learn something new. Is your elnin the type to teach others new skills, or are they perhaps the one learning something new? Depict your elnin either teaching someone else a new skill or being taught one! It could be anything from cooking, to painting, to how to tightrope walk. You could show a moment of triumph as a pupil masters their new craft, or you could perhaps explore a moment of failure as they struggle to grasp their tutor's instructions.

[Critter Studies]
Eligible: Adult | Kittom | Flashback
Eyre is full of many itty bitty critters of all types, from small slimy frogs that sing in baritone, to those big mean biting moths that like to hide in the attic. What kind of creature does your elnin find out in the world? Do they try to capture it to scare a sibling later, or are they merely an observer to one of nature's smaller wonders?

This is mostly aimed at being the kind of thing a kittom would do on a lark, like when you catch lizards in the back yard when you're little. But feel free to treat it as sincere research if your elnin is the type to study bugs or other small creatures in earnest!

[A Merchant's Finesse]
Eligible: Adult | Kittom | Flashback
Trade is a driving force being much of Eyre. Being able to move goods between towns is vital to the livelihood of countless people, but being able to attract traders to your town is just as important. For example, the town of Salva has slowly become somewhat of a significant port and destination for people seeking health treatments or rare materials, and herbs found only Enmir's marshy environs. What type of trade does your elnin discover to be particularly lucrative for visiting merchants? Do they have a secret place in the nearby swaps where a rare herb grows? Do they know of a hidden oasis where they can pilfer the most delicious, desert fruits you've ever tasted? Or are they simply an incredible artist, bartering their paintings for items as the more refined traders make it a point to come and visit just for a look at your latest piece. Show us your elnin's mercantile mastery.

[A Tropical Treat] [☼ Palu'au]
Eligible: Adult | Kittom | Flashback
Islasera is known for a relaxing atmosphere, endless opportunities for sun-warmed naps, and delicious drinks. Your elnin has watched the local bartenders work their magic on some truly fabulous beverages, and has decided to try their hand at it! Maybe a career at the local resort is in their future? If they're creative, they might concoct their own tropical delight. Who cares if it tastes like seawater if it has a cute little umbrella in it right? Show your elnin researching ingredients, mixing up their masterpiece, or enjoying the fruits of their delicious [disastrous?] labor on the island!


[Crystal's Blessings]
Eligible: Adult | Kittom | Flashback
Anima doesn't appear solely within elnins. In fact, anima crystals can be found in many places on Eyre. All that's needed is a higher than normal concentration of mana in the area, and the crystals will form naturally over time. These locations are sometimes called mana wells and are also marked by an obvious abundance of flourishing life [overgrown plants, unusually large animals or creatures appearing in colors that aren't normal for their species, etc]. Depict your elnin studying a mana well and its anima deposit. What does it look like and what kind of unusual effect is it having on the environment around it?

Generally, the color of anima will correspond to the region it's found in. Reference the Map of Eyre for ideas! (ie, Zevija's anima is usually on the warm spectrum while Strynhalde tends toward pale blue/white, etc). These naturally occuring anima crystal should be depicted in organic shapes, opposed to artificial shapes. (Example 1, Example 2)

[Unearthed Oddity] [☼ Must not be Ahza]
Eligible: ADULT ONLY
Everyone knows that Ahza is a treasure trove of fossils. Sometimes you literally trip over them on the way to the neighboring town as the shifting sands are constantly uncovering the remnants of long-extinct creatures. But while these fossils are a common occurrence in the desert realm, finding truly prehistoric bones anywhere else on Eyre is a rarity [theories suggest the desert was once a place where old or sick creatures of ancient Dusk used to go when it was their time fall into the long sleep]. That being said, your elnin has recently heard that a particularly large set of bones has been discovered far from the desert sands. They've decided to make their way to the dig site to assist with the survey. Depict your elnin showing up at the site, prepped and ready for some good old fashioned excavation and study. What do the bones look like? Is the excavation site well underway or are things still relatively untouched? In what region have they discovered the unusually placed specimen?