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General Info

Racial Presence: Kyunru [High] | Elnins | Humans | Sylvans

Population Density: Fairly populated. Most people live in the larger cities or in settlements near the shorelines. There are very few small towns inland due to the density of the forests and the high concentration of faefolk living in them.

Border Policies: Open. Kyendi is generally welcoming to all other races.

Notables: They say that the region of Kyendi must be the oldest of all the lands of Eyre because it feels almost as if the trees are quietly watching you, and the very earth you walk upon bears the memory of a thousand journeys.

The sprawling jungles of Kyendi are perilous if traveled alone due to the danger of wandering into a patch of Overwild territory and becoming lost. However, this also means that Kyendi is one of the best regions on Eyre for those treasure hunters seeking ruins of Dusk to explore. It is a bit of a wild region, and much of the land is considered haunted by fey creatures of all manners.

Despite what you might guess from looking at the map, the islands that wrap around Elenion and the northern region of Faerindell are truly lands belonging to Kyendi. However, the distance from the main kyunru populace and the interposing expanse of sylvan land has led the western reaches to adopt more of sylvan culture and architecture than anywhere else in Kyendi.

Major Cities

  • Sulapei: This city is probably better described as a collection of smaller towns in close proximity. Sulapei spans almost the entire northern bank of the Mistmere, and extends well into the fog shrouded foothills of the gently sloping Rajasana mountains.
  • Eiloen: The city of Eiloen is the capital of Kyendi. It is located at the edges of the shadow of Kyendi's eldertree, but is connected to many smaller towns ranging the shores of the nearby lake and the lower reaches of the great tree. Eiloen is very close to both the endless night escapades of Silveil and the mellow sleepy days of Palu'au, and has a healthy population of people who live here in order to have easy access to either place without having to actually live there (because have you seen the prices of real estate there, good gods).
  • Ilrian: Nestled atop one of the floating Sunshard Isles, Ilrian is the nearest rival to Il'durahn when it comes to the pursuit of knowledge. In fact there is somewhat of a long standing rivalry between the two similarly named cities fueled by their differing approaches to the employment of magic. Where Il'durahn focuses mainly on the use of mana as a pure form of living energy, Ilrian is the foremost authority on the use of the solid crystallized form of mana (anima shards) as a source of power. Ilrian has a lot of trade traffic with the airships of Weldwick due to their reliance on certain types of anima that have inherent floating properties.
  • The Silvergrace Sanctuary

Resources for Kyendi-specific backgrounds

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Inspiration Images Folder: [link]

NOTE The inspiration images are not going to be 100% accurate since well, these regions do not exist in the real world! A lot of the images will note what specifically the image is meant to be pointing to (a specific city, or nature feature, etc) so be sure to take note of what the images are named. It is possible that features that are small or in the background of the images may not be accurate to the region since it can be hard to find a perfect image for some regions, so take each image as a glimpse and not the full picture. You will need to read the region descriptions below and combine them with the inspiration images to get a full picture of the region!

Artist's note: Kyendi has a sort of Asian feel to its landscape and buildings, except for the western reaches that thematically follow more of Faerindell's European style fantasy.



Stuff to Keep in Mind

The forests of Kyendi are wild, full of mist, ruins, and forgotten spirits.

Iconic Land Features / Feature Combinations:

These characteristics are very distinctive, and can easily indicate the surrounding region. Including just one of these features / feature combinations in your piece should be enough to pinpoint your desired region.

Kyendi's Eldertree

Each region has it's own distinct eldertree. These trees are colossal, stretching for miles into the air. They can usually be seen from most anywhere within a region assuming there's line of sight. Finding a way to feature the region's eldertree of your scene can help establish your intended setting pretty effectively!

The eldertree that anchors Kyendi resembles a graceful weeping willow. The tree covers fully half of the region's largest lake in a perpetual dappled shade.

Floating Islands

These are the Sunshard Isles. The islands are being lifted by massive deposits of sunshard crystals (floating yellow/orange crystalline, optional to show).
1462_9xuCCinrsA.png 1791_JhlDIWC0G2.png 1275_pTdQn1M4Ta.png

Round-Topped Misty Hills & Mountains

Kyendi's inland mountain range is iconic for its distinctly rounded and mist-shrouded summits.
1790_a66jC5CJ1i.png 776_9s5PBXap4H.png 852_dUZ5mnzI2E.png

Dense Forest + Old / Overgrown Ruins

The combination of ancient overgrown ruins with a forest/mountain backdrop is found almost exclusively in Kyendi.
1463_ym5FfpZmBJ.png 402_AQn7RECe0h.png 2161_SY3kaJlEmU.png

Hidden Rivers & Waterfalls

Small waterfalls and rivers run the length of Kyendi's deep forests. Please note that Enmir is also known for rivers and streams, so making sure to add in the small waterfalls will help distinguish from Enmir's waterways which are generally flat and marshy.
1652_WKVoRxlTpA.png 2622_dJMQtEB6LK.jpg 1536_fwBJ5bcMqy.png

General Features:

These characteristics could potentially be harder to place if drawn by themselves. Please consider combining 2-3 of the following features together to help us quickly confirm your desired region. We've also noted where some features might have visual overlap with other regions.

Forests - Tropical or Dark / Heavily Shaded

Be careful of overlap with: Enmir, Faerindell!
1276_Dcn2SXy43G.png 1670_mg6IaPQSCq.png

Misty Mountains

Be careful of overlap with: Enmir, Faerindell! Kyendi's mountains tend to be towering and round-topped.
1311_6Uy3zd39no.png 453_WBJ2hlOtwy.png 757_Y41u1Iquos.png

Asian Themed Buildings

Be careful of overlap with: Many! Alhough Kyendi's buildings are primarily Asian-themed, this style does appear in other regions (just not as heavily).
1427_oGaEAhYEiv.png 724_r9u9LqfReh.jpg 2157_Tc4wiN3sXF.jpg


Be careful of overlap with: Faerindell (farmlands)!
1464_8uUrT9vtAL.png 2612_JThWHXpXzw.png 1305_XhBJzFG1Zi.png

The Three Fs: Fauna, Flora and Food

These creatures and plants occur naturally only in specific regions of Eyre. There are also unique cuisines found in each region! This is optional but you can try including one or more of these in your piece to give it some extra flair.


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111_cdLygACvPs.jpg 2443_1Un5wbyEyJ.jpg

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