Tundra (Legacy)

Tundra (Legacy)

Species: Elnin
Category: Tail Style

This is a legacy tail style that is no longer obtainable. It cannot pass through breedings.

Trait Examples
tundra-tail-1.jpgMiniature Tundra
tundra-tail-2.jpgStandard Tundra
tundra-tail-3.jpgStandard Tundra
tundra-tail-4.jpgGiga Tundra


  • This tail style resembles a thick long-haired cat tail with a rounded tail tip! The tail should be uniformly fluffy.


  • Merged into Marsh.


If you wish to follow current tail guidelines, elnin with this tail style can be swapped to the Marsh tail style at no cost. This change would be permanent and cannot be undone.

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