Species: Elnin (Faenin subtype)
Category: Tail Style

Sylph tails are flexible, whip-like tails that have a tapered shape and additional winglet plumage at the end.

Trait Examples
sylph-tail-1.jpgStandard Sylph
sylph-tail-2.jpgStandard Sylph
sylph-tail-3.jpgInfused Sylph


  • Sylph tails are flexible but they lack the extra muscle and dexterity that imp tails have.
  • Sylph tail sizing is measured from the base of the tail to the end of the main part of the winglet plumage at the end. Streamers are not included in this sizing but must be kept very thin if they’re extending past the main part of the plumage.


If you switch out from a faenin tail style then you will not be able to opt back in later. You can swap to another faenin tail style if you prefer, though.

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