Species: Elnin (Faenin subtype)
Category: Tail Style

Puca tails are furred tails with a bulb shape. These tails can show markings partially while eventually fading into an anima-colored tip or they can simply be an anima-colored bulb, often resembling a firefly bulb that is also capable of glowing thanks to luminous anima.

These tails cannot be larger than standard (1 MP) sized.

Trait Examples
puca-tail-1.jpgPuca w/ Colored Tip
puca-tail-2.jpgPuca Firefly Bulb
puca-tail-3.jpgPuca w/ Beetle Shell
puca-tail-4.jpgPuca w/ Starlit Suffusion


  • You can’t see the center of the puca tail and they aren't hollow with bubbles like anima is but fleshy instead. The color more or less is showing through a furred layer which means only the color adjacent mutations will affect them. For example:
    • Prismatic Anima
    • Dual-toned Anima
    • Mutations with two (2) colors evenly (like heterochromia, odd-eyed, chimeric anima) would function with either a 50/50 gradient of both colors or either one of the colors solidly through.
  • The bulb should follow the base anima color essentially.
  • What else affects puca tails?
    • Luminous Anima
    • Emberglow Suffusion
    • Starlit Suffusion
  • What doesn’t affect puca tails?
    • Fae Accent Color
    • Decora Anima
    • Starlit Anima
    • Emberglow Anima


If you switch out from a faenin tail style then you will not be able to opt back in later. You can swap to another faenin tail style if you prefer, though.

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