Species: Elnin (Faenin subtype)
Category: Tail Style

Imp tails are similar in appearance to chameleon or possum tails. It has been observed that the majority of imp tails have stripes along the tail's length. These tails are dexterous and prehensile, as well as capable of gripping items, hanging from things, etc. They're more stout than sylph tails and lack the extra winglets on the end that accompany them.

Trait Examples
imp-tail-1.jpgThick Imp
imp-tail-2.jpg Imp w/ Tight Curl
imp-tail-3.jpgImp w/ Big Curl


  • These tails should curl at the end like a chameleon tail.
  • These tails can have a split at the end of their tail similar to a snake's tongue. Tails with a split at the end are not required to curl at the end like their non-split counterparts.


If you switch out from a faenin tail style then you will not be able to opt back in later. You can swap to another faenin tail style if you prefer, though.

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