Classic Sigil

Classic Sigil

Species: Elnin
Category: Crown

Crown MP: 1

Sigil crowns are symbols that usually represent an idea or emotion (exact interpretation can most often only be made by the elnin itself (the elnin's owner is welcome to interpret the meaning of a sigil crown however they would like). The crown itself is made of two types of runes:

  • Core Runes:
    • Each core rune is a single "stroke" or symbol, usually intersecting another rune, but they can also stand alone. Core runes can curve, but any distinct angles or direction shifts are limited to twice per rune. Any more than that will constitute the start of a new rune. You can have up to [4] core runes on the classic version of sigil crowns.
  • Inflection Runes:
    • Inflection runes are (optional) small dots or short dashes that can accompany a sigil. In elnin lore, these periphery runes act as accent or emphasis marks and are supposed to help with reading a rune's full meaning (but for art purposes they're mainly just for design flourish). You can have up to [5] inflection runes on the classic version of sigil crowns.
  • Examples: (ELN275ELN298ELN410)
Trait Examples
classic-sigil-crown-1.jpgClassic Sigil
classic-sigil-crown-2.jpgClassic Sigil
classic-sigil-crown-3.jpgClassic Sigil
Mini Guides
Correct Classic Sigil Crown Examples: crown-guide-sigil-examples.png

Crown #1 Crown #2 Crown #3 Crown #4
3 Core Runes 2 Core Runes 3 Core Runes 3 Core Runes
1 Inflection Rune 4 Inflection Runes 2 Inflection Runes 3 Inflection Runes
Incorrect Classic Sigil Crown Examples: crown-guide-sigils-incorrect.png


  • The imagery should always be very vague and the lines of a sigil crown should never look exactly like a drawing of some specific thing.
  • Sigil crowns can be any singular color or a gradient effect of up to two (2) colors as long as one of the two colors matches the elnin's anima.
  • The crown should not emit any sort of light.


  • Classic crowns are considered the original, truest versions of each crown type. These closely resemble the oldest forms of elnin crowns.


  • Previously Simple Glyphic.
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