Bosk (Legacy)

Bosk (Legacy)

Species: Elnin
Category: Tail Style

This is a legacy tail style that is no longer obtainable. It cannot pass through breedings.

Trait Examples
bosk-tail-1.jpgStandard Bosk
bosk-tail-2.jpgStandard Bosk
bosk-tail-3.jpgStandard Bosk


  • This tail style resembles a straighter German shepherd dog tail. The fur along the top side of Bosk tails lays mostly flat with only a few shorter strands sticking up and the bulk of the fur drapes down, layering over one another. Fur should be thicker at the tail base and middle of the tail and taper towards the tail tip! Tails can be held upright and perky or lower.


  • Merged into Meadow.


If you wish to follow current tail guidelines, elnin with this tail style can be swapped to the Meadow tail style at no cost. This change would be permanent and cannot be undone.

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