5 MP Hybrid Tail

5 MP Hybrid Tail

Species: Elnin
Category: Tail Style

Hybrid tails have a wide variety of options. You can choose to design your own unique tail, or even combine existing tail styles into a whole new one.

Trait Examples
hybrid-tail-1.jpgGrove/Welkin w/ Streamers
hybrid-tail-2.jpgLower Twin Tail Split
hybrid-tail-3.jpgFurred w/ Streamers
hybrid-tail-4.jpgCanopy/Welkin w/ Streamers
hybrid-tail-5.jpgThick Grove-like Hybrid
hybrid-tail-6.jpgLower Twin Tail Split


  • All Hybrid tails must be furred.
  • Subtype tail styles (faenin, etc) cannot be used in a Hybrid tail.
  • Overwild tail styles cannot be turned into a Hybrid tail.
  • Hybrid tail styles should have no splits in the tail structure near the base in terms of bone and muscle. Any splitting tail structure should be clear and present further down the tail so nothing can be mistaken for a multiple tail mutation (like Twin, Trine, Tetra, Hydra Tail mutations).
    • We generally recommend any splits to the tail’s structure to be halfway down the tail, but if you do not wish to follow this recommendation you’re welcome to run a sketched hybrid tail idea through design approvals. We’ll give feedback if a split is too obscured or close to the tail base before you move on to lining!
  • Streamers on hybrid tail styles can appear near the base of the tail. These streamers should not mimic feathers. Streamers present on Hybrid tails do not have any bone or muscle present which means they will drape and follow gravity if no Featherlight Hair mutation is present. All strands of fur must originate from the single tail’s base structure in some way.
    • This is similar to how you might see longer fluffier areas near the base of Zephyr and Shoal tail styles.
5 MP Hybrid

5 MP Hybrid

Species: Elnin
Category: Crown

5 MP Hybrid Crown

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