1 MP Tail Size: Standard

1 MP Tail Size: Standard

Species: Elnin
Category: Tail Size

This tail size is considered the baseline shape/size for all tail types. Standard tails should feel like they're more or less balanced in size with the rest of the body.

Body size for elnin does not include the head! Body length would be measured roughly from the front of their shoulder to the back of their thigh, and body height would be from the top of an elnin's back to their toe tips.

Elongated Tail Sizing Guide
Round Tail Sizing Guide:


Tail styles fall into two categories! Those categories affect their size standards and are listed below:

  • Elongated:
    • Anything not listed in the "Round" category.
  • Round:
    • Warren
    • Canopy
    • Bulb
  • Either:
    • Welkin
      • If you have an elongated welkin tail then it should have a two (2) to one (1) body size ratio.
      • For example, a 1 MP elongated welkin tail will be a max of two (2) body lengths long and roughly no higher than one (1) body length tall. If you want a rounder look you would do a welkin tail that is one (1) body length long by one (1) body length tall.
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