Starlit Suffusion

Starlit Suffusion

Species: Elnin
Type: Mutation
Rarity: Rare
Region: Silveil
Is Hereditary?: Yes

Fur is full of twinkling points of light as if full of tiny stars. Coat is self illuminating and actively gives off a softly shimmering radiance. Tiny stars and constellation markings will also float off of the elnin, often spreading into the hair and tail. When moving, starlight will trail behind momentarily before disappearing. Light and twinkling effect can be dimmed or hidden at will. "Starlit suffusion" also covers all constellation-like markings.

Mini Guides
starlit-suffusion-shapes-1.jpg Star Shapes
starlit-suffusion-shapes-2.jpg Constellations
starlit-suffusion-shapes-3.jpg Small Solid Star trails
starlit-suffusion-shapes-4.jpg Small Line Star Trails


  • Starlit suffusion adds small stars that float off the elnin's base coat and around their body, but the effect is general and should not localized to any one very small part of the body like just around the feet or near an elnin's head.
    • Avoid placing starlit suffusion near eyes/horns/anima colored paws and paw pads closely to avoid it being mistaken for starlit anima or phantom step.
  • Constellation markings only occur if starlit suffusion is present.
  • Some stars in starlit suffusion can have little trailing tails, but they should be kept relatively small.
  • Starlit suffusion does not add any sort of large solid glowing trail or after image behind an elnin's body as they move, only the small stars themselves can appear to trail behind an elnin when they move.
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