Shimmering Suffusion

Shimmering Suffusion

Species: Elnin
Type: Mutation
Rarity: Rare
Region: Ealei
Is Hereditary?: Yes

Imagine your elnin had glitter thrown on them, and you have Shimmering Suffusion! This mutation is defined by a sparkly shimmering quality to the coat or hair in reaction to a light source. Does not give off independent light. Please avoid "twinkle" effects or stylization since that could conflict with Starlit Suffusion.

Trait Examples
shimmering-suffusion-1.jpg Shimmering Suffusion
shimmering-suffusion-2.jpg Shimmering Suffusion
shimmering-suffusion-3.jpg Shimmering Suffusion


  • Varying the opacity of your dots and having them overlap in places is a good way to achieve this effect
    • If you do not have Shimmering Suffusion but want to have small dots on your elnin, please try to keep them to be all a the same opacity and not overlapping to avoid conflicting with Shimmering Suffusion
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